Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Hiatus

Whew! This has been a very, very busy month and a half!!
The kids have started back at school in the Waterville district and Erik is playing both "B" squad and 9th grade football.

I have been working what feels like non-stop. I do have a day off or 2 or 3, but those days are consumed with my niece Ashley and entertaining her.
Tommy has started his CDL school and has attained his permit and gotten a pre-hire from Swift. We are excited to start that new chapter of our lives. It should be interesting to say the least!

We've also been helping Lynn and Quinn remodel her house. That's been a process in itself. It's almost over, thank goodness! It looks good too, I'll have to get over there and take photos soon!

I also attended my bi-annual scrapbooking retreat and got 43 pages done! It was interesting since almost all of my stuff is packed up still. I used alot of my Classy Scrapper kits and am SO going to be renewing my subscription there ASAP (after Tommy's externship and getting moved)! I missed last year's retreat...that ole one eyed Jack took his eyeball out and put it on Connie's forehead! EWWW!! This year on the "ice run", Jon Wilder graced us with his presence. That's all I'm sayin'. Heh.
Oh, and Sister Mary couldn't attend this year (Connie's sister), so we entertained each other very well. If I never scrapped a page, I would SURELY be entertained! It was a hoot and I can't wait until March to go back!

I'll post about our homecoming week soon...for now, I'm wiped out and going to bed!
The temp here is now 43 and we are in a frost advisory.
Happy Fall Y'all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

8/13/09 Blog Challenge

Today's topic is:
What Inspires You When Creating A Page

Many things inspire me when creating a page. It can be something as simple as a color in a photo or as complex as an ocean wave being the perfect shot for a layout.

I've also been inspired by M&M's believe it or not. Most people know I have an extensive collection that is dust worthy and very colorful. And edible.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/12/09 Blog Challenge

Torm's in charge today. Her question is:

"If you were doing a complete home makeover and could only save one piece of furniture - which one would it be, and why?"

This one is rather easy peasy since we really don't have much furniture anymore.
I'd keep Grandmother's Singer sewing machine.
Because it still works and I can use my knee to operate it.
And because I have fond memories of her sewing on it. And she made my quilt on it. And it's been a fixture in her house since the 1950's or 1960's. And I want to make a quilt on it someday.

Actually, I'd keep her stereo too. Everything else would have to be recycled, reused, or tossed.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Today Makes It 14

It was 14 years ago today we had our church wedding with the white dress, the guests, the whole kit n kaboodle.
We've done alot in our 14 years and I wouldn't take any of it back either.
We outlasted everyone else that got married that summer.

And done it with 4 children in tow.

And I'm pretty proud of that.
And even though I have to work today, we will celebrate it this weekend with a date night.

Happy Anniversary Tommy!
I love you!

8/11/09 Techie Tuesday Blog Challenge Post

OMG. I am caught up now!

Tami said:

"What do you say you'd like to do, but know you probably never could? Think of things like joking about laying in bed all day, or calling a corporate office on a rude employee, or leaving a bad waitress a penny. Things that sound good, but you know you'd never literally do."

Sorry Tami, I've done all those things honey. There's not much I wouldn't do, as I've found some guts within me and have become a little TOO bold over the past few years. I think though that is has strengthened me and given me some confidence as well. I do have to pull the reins back sometimes though, so I don't offend when I don't intend too.

BUT...I would talk about beating someone's ass and not do it (like Madea). Only because it's not legal and I don't want a record for beating up some mouthy chick that ain't worth it. As much as I love Madea and that whole character, I do know the difference between right and wrong. ;)


8/10/09 Blog Challenge

Make A List Monday

This week, it's a wish list. Mine will be pretty simple I know. I don't ask for much usually and I'm not very high maintenance like that.

I wish:

For a full time job that I like
For a 3 bedroom house to rent to own
For President Obama to re-evaluate the FICO system so I can get a loan
For Tom to get a full time job that pays well
For good health for my family
For happiness for my family
For a long and prosperous life.

Maybe one day, my wishes will come true. Everyday I pray they do.

Savory Sunday

Blog Challenge for 8/9/09.
What's on your Sunday dinner table?

This week it was a roast and potatos and carrots. We love us some Sunday dinner around here and usually spend it at my mom's house for lunch with my grandma joining us. Sometimes we barbecue too and then make S'mores afterwards.

When I was younger, we always had something good to eat on Sundays and usually if mom had to work, she'd put it in the crock pot or slow cook it in the oven. Sometimes it was ham dinner and other times it was beef roast. She'd even sneak in some bean soup when I wasn't looking. (It's why I don't eat bean soup these days.)

And Sunday was always for family gatherings. Usually just the 4 of us unless we had company for the weekend (which was every other weekend when we lived on the lake). I saw my relatives way more than I do now...sad but true. It's funny how we get older and busier and see each other less and less each year. I guess we have to change that and just MAKE TIME for family.

After everything is all said and done, it's what you have left over...your family. ;)


8/8/09 Blog Challenge

Forgive me, I'm still trying to catch up on blog posts here. I better get a crackalackin'!
SnapShot Saturday is what it's called. Find a photo from a year ago or 2 and post it and the story behind it.
So, this was taken last August during one of Erik's first football games. I happened to watch the girls go to the restroom and this is what I saw.
2 very happy little girls acting like best friends and not sisters.
No fighting or whining, just happy go lucky.
How I wish they'd stay like this forever.
Even if they do have a style all their own.
I love them still.
These are the days of our lives.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Challenge for 8/7/2009

What is something you remember about your childhood that makes you smile?

I have lots of childhood memories that make me smile. And with a short term memory condition that was drug induced as a child, it's a wonder that I can remember those childhood memories at all.

I remember the silly little things. Like climbing up the neighbor's tree and getting scared to come down and having my dad summoned to come rescue me. I remember riding a small bicycle down the hill to teach myself how to ride a bike..and not wiping out! I remember playing Smear the Queer with the neighbor boys, because there was only 2 other girls in our neighborhood besides me. I remember going to the Brother's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis after (or before) going to the Dayton's Christmas Display on the 8th floor. And being in AWE of said display each and every time I saw it. I remember my first Neil Diamond concert at the age of 6 (the first concert I remember, not the first one attended though).

All these memories (and more) make me smile. It was a magical time for me, those years were. Some days I wish I could be that age again and live it all over. I wouldn't change a thing.


Thursday August 6th Blog Challenge

Today's blog post is about perspective journaling. This photo of Erik at the Rice County Fair for instance can be journaled a few different ways.

Event Focused: Our day at the Rice County Fair ended at the Historical Society's village on the fairgrounds site with Erik mowing the lawn using an old manual push mower.

Relationship Focused: My son and I have alot in common and more than he knows or cares to admit. We both love to mow lawn, either with a rider mower or a push mower, even if it is an old manual one like the one I used to use and play with when I was 7 and living in Minneapolis on Aldrich Avenue.

My Own Perspective: My how time flies. Here you are at the age of 14 and mowing lawn is one of your favorite things to do. Some things just don't change over time. Even when you were 2 you loved to mow the lawn and use the weeder beater, or at least pretend to.

Historical Perspective: This photo is of you Erik Trump at the age of 14 at our annual trip to the Rice County Fair. Every year since you were born, we've gone to the fair to at least look around at the animal barns and get the freebies that vendors give away. You truly look forward to the farm animals and outdoor stuff the most.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Blog Challenge

Today's post is supposed to be a story you can just print out and scrap.
Sharyn Tormanen (to the right) is your loverly hostess with the mostess today.
(I'm really surprised she didn't get Monday's)

Onward Jackson....

Yesterday I finalized my decision to transfer schools. The final straw that broke my back was the email I received ONCE AGAIN from the Financial Aid department. For the last 2 months now, I've tried to get all my ducks in a row and get the financial aid done so I can just start class as usual. It's been pure hell to say the least.

Now let's back up a minute so I can explain how I like things to be flawless and smooth sailing.
Most of us anal planners do.
Don't get me wrong, I believe in a little flexibility, but come on now...2 months? Nope. Not happening. And if you don't call me back when I call you to fix it, not my problem. Your customer service stinks and guess what..you just lost a customer. I firmly believe in that.

So after meeting with my Irish Lad at Brown College on Friday, I finalized my decision to transfer there and concentrate on Photography. So far, so good. I meet with Financial Aid on Friday to settle up all that and start classes on October 12, with student orientation on the 10th.
AND I have to get a Mac Book Pro. Bummer. Sigh.
AND have it attached to my financial aid. Tough break I say.
Not sure on the camera yet, I may be able to use Mack Daddy, but may have to get a Mack Momma for him to marry. Bummer. Sigh.
Did I tell you I love my job? I mean school? I mean THIS profession I call scrapbooking?
(It's what got all this started in the first place!)

I'm excited and just taking it day by day and putting it all in God's Hands, well because I can and He likes it like that. ;)

Next up a place to live and a newer vehicle.
All in due time I'm sure.
(Sooner than later mother, for sure!)
Happy Wacky Wednesday!

Techie Tuesday

Happy Birthday Quinn!
I'm sure you had a good day!
(First and foremost)

Now, on to the techie part. Today's blog challenge is all about underlining

and strikethrough and how to do it in that ever so loverly HTML code. This is a definite challenge for me. Although I love that my Photoshop has that save for web option that can put it into code for me. Remember when I didn't even WANT to learn Photoshop...ahh...those were the days when I used to digital scrapbook. Now I love it. Totally. Don't know why I didn't learn it sooner. But anywho, on to other scrappy stuff.

My favorite time of the year is Retreat time. Twice a year (September and March) my CM Consultant hosts this retreat out at a camp (and I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember the dang name of it now) from Friday to Sunday. Bring all your scrappy stuff and your money 'cause she's got stuff for purchase. And lunch and supper are included in that price. Bring a snack to share and your bedroll, toiletries, and great conversation too. Let's see how many pages you can crank out while talking and eating. And the nature trails are awesome. And the Chapel is beautifully set on the lake. I love it. And I've missed it this last year and a half. Three times.

When we moved back from Georgia, I packed up my scrappy stuff with the intention of going to retreat. I packed up all my Classy Scrapper kits and I have my photos all in one bin, so I'm set! Now just to wait for that email to sign up. Hopefully by the middle of the month I'll see it. I'm looking for some scrappy women time. I have missed it the last couple months. And it's needed to keep my sanity.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Make A List Monday {8-3 Blog Challenge}

I asked my husband to write down some things to start our grocery list, and he couldn't find the paper. SO...I'm glad for today's challenge...and glad I remembered to check the board tonight!

Grocery List
Dawn Dishsoap
Toilet Paper
Dog Food
Whole Kernel Corn
Pork & Beans

Things To Do This Week
Tuesday-Register kids for school.
Give Cheryl a haircut.
Work on Wednesday.
Check in with my school advisor.
Friday-Go to appointment in Twin Cities.
Go school shopping (Erik and Gabby)

That's enough for right now I think...this list is subject to change though!

Blog Challenge For 8/2/09

First, let me explain the story behind the challenges.
Get It Scrapped...one of my frequented scrap boards, is doing a month long Blog Challenge for the whole month of August. They give you the topic, you blog it.
Now, since I only usually check the board early in the morning, I'll be a day behind in my challenges. Capiche`?

Okay then, that being said, today's challenge is Surreal Sunday. We're supposed to blog about a surreal or dream like moment.

Besides those dreams where you are falling off the cliff (those are very surreal for me when they DO occur), my life as I know it right now is surreal.

I never thought I'd move back to Minnesota from Georgia and the drive on the way back here was really surreal. I didn't believe I was really driving those 1100 miles back to the cold and snow country. Sometimes I just look around now, and just can't believe I'm home. It's weird to me, but eh, such is life.

The OTHER surreal moment...Meeting my brother for the first time. So many times I dreamt of our meeting, and when it finally happened on Mother's Day weekend, it was just awesome. The story of that meeting is in the "History Was Made" post back in May.

Happy Monday to you!
I have to go make my list now as I've got a ton of stuff do accomplish before Friday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 Things

Today's Blog Challenge:
Find or take 3 photos....
1. Something you love=The ocean and Natalea

2. Something yellow=Prima Flowers in a jar in the sunlight.

3. Something from above=Taking this shot of Mo writing in the sand
from above on the Tybee Pier.
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Brother

Happy Birthday to my oldest brother Dennis today!
Hopefully this will be the first of many birthday wishes and thoughts that we share!
Dad would have been proud that you grew up to be such a great man.
I hope you have a great day today and we love you very much!
These are the photos the girls took with my cell phone when we visited him over Mother's Day weekend.
He's a big Cowboys fan.
This is the decal in the back window of his truck.
He's the spittin' image of my dad.
We are blessed to have a brother like him.
The Minnesota Marlar's

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


All my troubles seemed so far away.
Love that song, but anywho.
Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of my father's death and while the day came and gone, I did think of him for a minute. I think of him all the time, but just for a bit yesterday.
I kept pretty busy at work, so I really didn't have time to think there.
But, eh, whatever.
I do miss my dad, but whining, crying, and carrying on about it won't bring him back.
So I think for a bit, and carry on. That's what he'd want me to do anyway. And I have the scrapbooks to remember by, even if I do get alzheimer's someday. ;)
Day 2 at the hotel...moving right along there...was a success. I spent the whole shift learning the computer program and am pretty confident I got it down pat. Thursday and Friday are 4 hour shifts by myself (with Cindy in the background) and Saturday I will be TOTALLY alone (with Cindy on telephone standby). I think I'll be ok though. We'll do a dry run on Friday.
Speaking of Friday, I have an appointment at Brown College. I want to transfer and study to be a photographer. I would love to work for National Geographic or something exotic like that, but I know that I must start out small with something like Sports Illustrated. Heh.
For now though, I'm enjoying my day off by sitting out on the patio at my mom's watching all her magazines burn. I suppose I should study them if that's what I want to do one day.
Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Job

I start a new job today at the Days Inn Hotel in Faribault.
For those of you who don't know, I went to school at the McConnell School in Minneapolis and graduated with Honors from there. So I'm highly trained.

I worked for 3 years for 2 families of Bhakta's and LOVE that I'll be once again working for another Bhakta family that is related to the previous families!

The difference here is that I'll have Corporate to learn. The previous hotels were not under a corporate chain for very long, so I didn't learn much there. It will be exciting and educational to say the least!

I also get hotel perks...including a discount at all Days Inns (we prefer those anyway, they're nice and cheap) and free pool perks. This is a must for the winter months. Maybe we'll have to have a staycation this winter and spend the night some weekend. Good stuff and lots of memories to be made there! ;)

Now to get Tommy a full time job. Then onto goal #2. A house.
Babysteps...as they say.

Happy Monday to y'all!
Holler out to my Georgia Girls!
It's 77 here...Turn the air on! ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Well it's been a week since I last blogged.
Lots of good stuff to read on the blogs to the right of you.
(Check out Ally's new space and Kim's cute ass tote!)

Nothing much happening here.
Tommy turned 43 on Wednesday.
We had a little impromptu party, complete with a little cake and ice cream.
Then a stop off to Godfather's where I filled out an application and picked up another.
Endless applications with a few interviews.

Hopefully something will pan out soon. I'm tired of sitting around already. It's not my nature.
I like to make money and be productive.

I'm thinking about starting back selling Mary Kay.
I totally believe in the product and am living proof that it works.
I have no wrinkles or laugh lines to prove it.
I'll be 39 in September. Heh.

Tommy is exploring a truck driving school as I type, on the recommendation of a friend of ours.
Cross your fingers.

No plans for the weekend yet. I hope to do lunch at Al's today.
That Donnie Burger is calling my name.

Happy Friday to you!
Don't forget that ScrapSupply.com sale is still going on!
Everything must sell!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Morning

Well it's Monday and we've been here a week and so far no job prospects. A few acknowledgements, and a couple interviews, but no offers. So we sit and wait. I'll have to find somewhere to print off my resume and send it out (after I tweak it first).

I need to call the school today too. They may still be on vacation though, so I probably won't get the kids registered until late July or early August. School doesn't start up here until after Labor Day, so nobody is in the office yet. Although we do have summer school going on now, so someone should be in the offices.

That's what's happening in our world this week.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Head over to ScrapSupply.com and buy up everything.
Wendy is having a clearance sale and everything must go!
I am very sad to report that ScrapSupply will be closing its doors.
I loved this place.
Still love it.
I will still have my ScrapSupply Wall of Fame too, one day.
Now that I am back in Faribault, I can rent an overhead from the library and paint the logo on my canvas.
Alot of good times and good memories right there.
Alot of good tips and tricks too.
Too many to keep up with, in fact.
I wish I could win the lottery to throw some money their way.
I would.
Thank you Wendy and John White for a fabulous last 5 years, lots of friendships, lots of deals, and lots of fun and good times.
I love you dearly and wish you the best in your next adventures.
Embrace the change, it's for the better.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday's Musings

We took the truck back today, finally.
And found my "T" bag, the one I got from Susan for Christmas. ;)
And we found the phone chargers. Heh.
Everything is now nice and neatly stacked up in the corner until further notice.

We are still looking for jobs and a house.
The house we wanted was snatched up and the other one needs too much work.
So back to the drawing board. The Lord will provide. And we'll be just fine.

I've been getting up at 6am these days. I can't wait to get back to a schedule. And a routine.
I'm kinda anal like that. Routinely ya know.

Good news is, my old boss Steve Ecker has not hired anyone to replace me. So I'll be sending him an email for sure. ;)

We'll be ok. I'm not worried about it really. Our family has been really supportive and cooperative and we love them for that.

That's all for now....HOLLA to my GRITS! ;)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, we all made it to Minnesota safe and sound.
We didn't leave Vidalia until around 11:00 a.m. and got to Faribault at 1:3o p.m. We did stop in Hannibal, Missouri to sleep for 3 hours at the Welcome Center there. It was a fun drive and we got to go through St. Louis, MO to see the Arch. Of course we didn't stop like I wanted too, and I'm not even sure if we got any photos, but I'll be researching that after I get all my homework done for the week today.

Main thing is, we're here and now have to implement our plan of action. First on that list is getting jobs for us. Then finding us a house. I'll be making some phone calls as well as applying online and sending out my resume`.

I'll post photos when I get them edited.

Happy Sunday from Sunny Minnesota!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday's Musings

Today is bittersweet for me.
We are almost all packed up and ready to roll.
It's my last day at the FABULOUS Salter & Shook Law Office.
God Bless 'em, they're going to miss my comedic self.
I'm really going to miss them too.

Those girls kept me sane most days and on the other days listened to my rants and raves about the way good ol' Georgia does things. And how EVERY county is different and NOBODY is on the same page. It was a learning experience and it taught me some patience and flexibility.

I won't forget the way Amanda says, "Hey there" or "Sparky".
I won't forget the term of endearment "MF" that Jamie speaks of.
I won't forget the way Lynn says, "Look here, Sparky."
I won't forget the way Ann calls Toby Keith her husband.
I won't forget the recipes that Elaine has shared with me.
I won't forget the way Carolyn has to holler so W.L. can hear her.
I won't forget the way Ms. Betty looks at me when I ask her for money for this filing or that one.
I won't forget the stories that Mr. Salter tells. He's full of knowledge and BS, that one is.
I won't forget the sound of Susan's shoes in the hallway or her cute giggle.
I won't forget the sight of Mitch's chicken legs on golf day.
I won't forget how Lew putzes with the computers on a daily basis.

Yep, in the last year and 2 months, we've had some good times and many, many laughs and even some shed tears. They are my second family for sure. The kindness and generosity that they shared with me and my family is truly heartfelt and I'll never forget that. Ever.
And one day girls, when I win the lottery...we'll have us our party. You can bet on that! ;)

And as the band Poison once said, "I won't forget you baby!"
I love y'all with all my heart and you can bet your sweet ass I'm coming back to see you all!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I stayed home yesterday from work due to the awful sunburn I acquired at the beach on Saturday. I couldn't even put a bra on and well, we don't need to be subjecting the public to THAT, so I stayed home.

While I was there though, I cranked up my wattage for the cottage and started packing up my scraproom. I have ALOT of stuff. Period. While I didn't get it all packed up, I will by Thursday. Friday morning we are heading north and I hope we are on the road by 5am. I need to get as much driving done during the day so I don't have to drive so much at night. This is our plan anyway. We'll see how it all plays out.

Tommy helped the girls get their room packed up too, so that's done. Erik has his to pack and then we have to finish up the kitchen, dining, bedroom, and scraproom. And the odds n ends stuff. So we'll be on our way shortly!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 29, 2009


If you did not receive my email, please email me at tonjamarlartrump@yahoo.com and thank you for contacting me and reading my blog!

A Last Day At The Beach

Our last trip to Tybee Beach was on Saturday June 27, 2009. We had a blast and got too much sun, but it was so worth it.
We saw this.....
Mo tried body surfing....
They played nice together....
First timers (Brenda) took pictures....
And got buried in the sand (KayLea)....
Had a cool brewski and got a crab in his shorts(Mike).....
Saw alot of these...
And had a darn good sunburned helluva time.
We will be sad to go and leave this beautiful place, but we WILL be back one day.
We love you Tybee!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah and Michael

America lost two of its important icons from the 1970's.

Farrah Fawcett passed away today at the age of 62.
I admired her, like any other little girl of the 1970's. She was my hero then and she was married to my future husband, Lee Majors. I envied her. Her hair was perfect...always. I didn't care about her body, just the hair. I even begged for a Farrah doll head for Christmas. I ended up getting my cousin's. Awesome.
We will never forget her.
She'll forever be our #1 Angel.

Michael Jackson also passed away today at the age of 50.
He was an amazing musician and an 80's icon that will never be forgotten by the Class of 1988. We were the ones that bought the Thriller album and played it and listened to it.
He was loved and admired.

Yes, my world changed today, as did other people's I'm sure.
My prayers and thoughts are with these celebrities' families as they try to get through this hard time. They will be remembered and loved always.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, Mike, Brenda and KayLea made it safely here...it only took them about 24 hours to get here, but they are here. We spent the evening last night catching up on the goings on here and well, it's a wait and see situation.

The attorneys exchanged words yesterday and hopefully we'll hear from her attorney today or tomorrow. I'll continue to pack up this house in preparation to move though, I don't want to be scrambling at the last minute...that's not how I roll.

We'll see how it turns out. Like I said before, God has a plan and we just have to see the signs to know what it is. We'll go from there I guess.

Tonight we'll get to packin' and say our prayers.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Productive Weekend

We had a productive weekend. We really didn't have a choice in that.
You see on Friday when I got home there was a letter on the table saying that I have 7 days to vacate this house. Apparently the lady doesn't want to sell it now and Georgia has a 7 day eviction rule much like our 30 day eviction rule in Minnesota. Nice.
Thanks for that. I could have saved myself $10,000 but hindsight is 20/20.
Love the weather here, but hate the backwardness of this state. They don't have a "warm weather" rule either like our "cold weather" rule. Doesn't make sense to me, but whatever.

So we have until Friday to pack it all up and move it out. I still have to work and go to school in the meantime. But after my vacation, I can do this. I am woman, hear me roar. ;)

So I called my girlfriend up and said, "Look here, we have 7 days to get out." She said, "We're coming to get you." So they are in North Georgia as I type and on their way to come get us. Gotta love old friends and their spouses. We'll be in Minnesota again by July 1, 2009.

Mind you, we have no regrets about this. This was an awesome experience and I thank Tiffany for giving it to us as it's her grandmother's house. We enjoyed our time here and the people of the land, but for whatever reason living here is not in God's plan. There's a reason for everything and I put it in God's hands a while ago. We'll just roll with it and carry on.

So our plan is to head up north and get back to life as we knew it. We'll worry about jobs and such when we get there, but we'll be staying with Lynn for a bit until we find something of our own. I have been applying for jobs, so we'll see where that goes. We'll check out the temp services too when we get there.

Pray for a safe trip and say a prayer for my girl Petra as she treks across the country also with her 6 kiddos for her move.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Friday

I spent my lunch with the girls from work...Jamie, Lynn, Ann, and Amanda...and our rockin' waiter at Vallarte's, Saoul. He had us in and out in 45 minutes...done and paid for. Nice.

Chatted with my girl Brenda today. Should be an interesting weekend to say the least. She may be coming for a visit and we can't wait! I'll take photos and post I'm sure.

FINALLY got all my photos from Ashley's party on FaceBook...and then Tracy and Laina and Kayla tagged them for me...nice to have slavegirls like that. ;)

Erik comes back tomorrow from camp...he hasn't been here in 2 weeks! It has been quiet, but we sure miss him alot!

That's all I got for now...I'll holla when I can. I am off to get some homework done.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{June 16, 2009}

Happy Tuesday!
Things are settling down here now that we are back at the homestead.
The dogs and cat missed us bunches as they've been clingy since we got home.
Next time, we're taking them with us. ;)

Still no luck on a job for Tommy, so I'm sending him to school for 10 weeks to be a truck driver.
If and when he gets his CDL, he can use that anywhere, so it's beneficial and not a waste of time or money.
I do know that not having any money for anything is the pits. Totally.

So that's what's going on in our world today.
It's pretty quiet without Erik here and Natalea has been gone to her friend's house since Sunday night...so it's REALLY quiet. I'm liking that. It gives me a perspective on what it'll be like when they leave home in a few years. Heh.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Party Day 2009

It's officially Party Day here at the Marlar hometown. EVERYONE is having a party today and in fact we are having 2 just because we can!

First, Happy Golden 13th Birthday to my baby girl Natalea Rose Trump.
Natalea is my first born daughter and named after the nurse midwife Natalee Johnson that was part of my OB care when Dr. Howell and Dr. Barr couldn't be there. I loved how she spelled her name differently and I came up with my own version, even if folks pronounce it Nat-AL-e-Yah sometimes. Her middle name, Rose, is my and her grandma Trump's favorite flower and well I've always liked the name Rose.
These 13 years with her have been fun, exhilarating, and challenging to say the least. And I wouldn't change a thing about them, even when she was naughty.
Happy Birthday Natalea!
We love you very much!

Second, Happy Graduation Party Day to Ashley!
It's been a long time coming for my Goddaughter and we're so very proud and tickled that she did it. She's the second Marlar to cross the Faribault High School graduation stage and we couldn't be more pleased or proud of her! Even Mr. Turtle the principal was proud of her and had to help her down from the stage. ;)
Congratulations Ashley and we hope you have a great day today!!
We love you very much too!

It's been a fun week overall here this week hanging out with friends from long ago and getting free pizzas from even older friends. Making new BFF's (Hi Kayla! LOL!) and hanging out with my all time bestie Cheryl! Love the new hairdo girl!! ;)
I'll have to get pictures of us today...lots of photos to take today...I better get off here and charge up my camera! I have to finish editing and post graduation ones on Facebook too for those who forgot their camera on Sunday. ;)

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie Poster Assignment

Here was my assignment for this past week. I had to get it done on Sunday as I didn't have any photos until after the graduation ceremony. Cool stuff going on here.
I love blending the photos together to make a composition like this. It's like double exposing some film. Awesome stuff!
Happy Tuesday!

Graduation Photo Share

Here's our girl...the happiest day of her life thus far...for sure.
The 2nd Marlar to graduate from high school and to walk across that infamous stage.
Walking in for the Processional to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance.
The other girl is Jaliza Marlin. Thank goodness for a Commencement Program, Ashley pronounced it like "Jillisa."
In the sea of black caps...there is a girl anxiously awaiting the walk across the stage. You can see the nervousness on her face.
The walk across the stage and the pride just beams from this girl.
The Faribault School Board member congratulating our girl and handing her the Diploma Binder that will house her Faribault High School Diploma.
The Recessional...after Principal Turtle presented the class, they all tossed their hats...Ashley included. She lost her sash in the process and the blonde girl behind her here, Jessica Maas, helped her get her hat back on and found her sash for her.
And that's the story of a girl they said wouldn't live past the age of 7.
Congratulations Ashley Marie Marlar!!
We love you and are VERY proud of you!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Safe and Sound

Well, we made it safe and sound.
And I have internet thanks to my mom buying a wireless router.
AND that was easy enough to install after I installed her new printer.

Erik has his very own list of chores to complete this week compliments of grandma.
We'll see how much money he takes to camp with him when he's done...the list is quite long even if it's typed up!

Natalea is at her friend's house for the night and Ashley and Megan are spending the night again at grandma's with us. Should be an interesting week...when do I get to go somewhere and spend the night? Heh.

I'm way jet lagged and have homework to get done...so ttfn!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

As promised...photos of my Honor students in the paper.
Gabby and the other 5th graders...notice that her and C.J. Freeman are listed by each other...they're buddies. ;)
My son, the Bobcat! The principal stands to be 6'3" (I asked him) and my son is an inch shorter. He really sprouted up this past year and I'm sure isn't done growing taller.
We are really proud of our childrens. Erik, Gabby, and Mo all made the Honor roll at least once this past year and Natalea is bringing up the rear and will shoot for it next year!

The Little Mermaid is still on....after 20 years of existence. I know it's been 20 years because Ashley was just born when it came out on DVD.

My hair has curls. Again.
Now to let it grow out. Again.
One more day until FLYDAY!
No paycheck yet. I hope the PTO one isn't this much of a hassle.

I cleaned off my scrapdesk and put away the AWESOMENESS that Tania Willis sent me in exchange for the Legos I sent her. Man that girl gave me TONS of stuff! Her generosity and creativeness ROCKS! Check out her blog some awesome tutorials...we LOVE the Monkey one!!
Graduation party supplies are bought and paid for (Thanks Tess!) and I will make the Mint Patties when I get there...I have to make some graduation caps tonight! Should be easy since I'll use my Slice machine! Now the question is, is how many patties come to a package? I'll get those when I get there...that will give me something to do crafty while I'm there!
Toodles until tomorrow!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today is June 1, 2009.
Halfway through the year.

Packages were mailed at 11:00 a.m. my time...for those of you expecting them.
Hopefully my mattress will make it to the basement before I get there.
I still have some things to finish up and God willing, I'll get them done before Wednesday night.

This includes reading 100 pages in the Art History book. Ancient and Roman Art...get to the good stuff already...I want some Picasso and Van Gough. I have the online version at work and I'll try to get that read in my "down" time. Heh.

I think I have everything ready to go for the next 2 weeks here at work. My boss should be alright and I shouldn't have any phone calls. Key word being SHOULDN'T.

Anywho, on to the next Mission.
Toodles for today.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, FLYDAY!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation Surprise

This is my first assignment in my new class...
I killed 2 birds with 1 stone here...
I will print this out before I go so it can be framed for her party...
These are almost all of her school photos...
From Pre-K to Senior year.
Now I'm off to submit this assignment.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Change of Plans

A change of plans has happened due to the State of Georgia not getting the paperwork in on time. Tommy won't be able to go with us so we can save money on dog kennels and other expenses that won't happen when one is left behind.

Instead, he and the dogs will remain home and have their own party AND he can continue to find a job. He did have an interview at the Toombs County Sheriff's Department and has paperwork to fill out, so he can finish that up and be available to start if they decide to hire him.

So THANK YOU State of Georgia for ruining our vacation and my niece's dreams of having ALL her family with her as she graduates!!

Happy Frickin' Saturday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 More Days

Happy Birthday to my sister Teressa who turns 36 today! I'll crank out a card for you and send it out tomorrow! (Better late than never!)

7 more days until we leave for Minnesota.
10 more days until Ashley graduates high school.
By the time I get done mounting all her photos to background papers and cardstock, she'll have 2 albums' worth. Those albums are 12 inches x 15 inches. 2 of them. I should be finished mounting the photos by Sunday so that I can ship a box of stuff up on Monday and it will get there by Thursday. It's all in the timing.

I went through our toiletries bags this morning. 2 of those and one is Erik's for camp. It's like I'm packing for 2 trips simultaneously...oh, that's right, I am. I need to get travel sized shampoo for him and I think he's set.

We'll start packing clothes this Sunday. After they all get washed, dried, and folded. I'll have the suitcase on my closet floor so it's out of the way...that'll be best I think.

Well I'm off to start my day at work now...and finalize my shopping list...not much on it actually...but enough anyway.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Let's talk about Legos for a second.
I didn't get my first set of Legos until I was 16. It was Christmas in fact. I received a blue furry robe from Grandma and Grandpa and Legos and I think the Corey Hart cassette tape too. I can remember running up the stairs with my new Legos and wearing my robe to go to my room to listen to my new tape and play Legos.

I recently sent a priority mail box FULL of Legos to Tania Willis' 2 girls, Ashlyn and Emma.
We had plenty to share and still have a big rubbermaid drawer full. She recently posted them on her blog (you can click on her name to the right) and it just tickled me because I remember how I felt getting my first set of Legos. Even though I was 16, I was giddy with excitement and it was my favorite present that year, along with my robe (which I STILL wear).

It truly is better to give than receive. Now to get that box up to Children's this week.
Speaking of this week, I'm just about done with Ashley's album and I have a feeling I'll need to get her another one as well. I'm off to check that out.

Don't forget to take time out to remember those who have served and who serve today.
THANK YOU to our Veterans out there!

Happy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank God For Mothers

Thank GOD for my mom.
Who, in her young age, came up with a brilliant idea and a way to save us dollars!
Thanks Mom!!

11 days and counting and we're super excited.
Morristown's Dam Days is that weekend and the kids love going to the parade...it's like a 200 unit deal and the biggest one in Southern Minnesota! So that is on our list of to do's. Along with:
(We're staying at Mom's)
And the infamous Ashley's Graduation Party of the YEAR!
I'm sure we'll find more to do and I will have some schoolwork to do while I'm there, so I'm not planning too much more than that!

Today I'm doing Ashley's album. I have all the photos sorted and hope to get ALL of them in this album. What I don't get in, I may have to figure out another album, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
This is my number one priority as it has to be shipped out on Friday and has to be completed by Wednesday as I start school again.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

8th Grade Promotion

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Collins Elementary/Middle School
Collins, Georgia
My son broke all the rules.
Here Principal/Coach Chris Freeman hands out the most ELITE and coveted award...
The Bobcat Award
to my son.
Only 2 per year are given, 1 male and 1 female. My son graciously accepted this award for doing what he does best.
Helping others.
He carried the sleepy little boy off the bus every day that he rode it.
He helped put chairs out and always did what was asked without complaint.
He is an example of what a model student is.
Usually this award goes to a student who has been at the school their whole academic career.
Not this year.
In one year, my son made a difference and an impact on the lives of these teachers and students at this school.
How many school Principals do you know of that hug their students?
This one does and the children remember that for the rest of their lives.
Erik is receiving his Promotion Certificate from Coach Freeman.
All the teachers that were present lined up like a reception line to congratulate all the 8th graders. Here, Ms. Randall, Erik's Special Ed. teacher (in the blue) is congratulating him.
That's Coach Eubanks to the right. He was Erik's football coach last year and just adores Erik.
All the teachers at this school are A+ teachers. They put their hearts into their work and teach every single student love for the subject and respect for other people. Ms. Rhoden even jumped up on chairs and desks to make it interesting.
They do what they HAVE to, to reach that child and teach that child.
That's what I love about this school.
Erik's Bobcat Award.
Happy Last Day of School Friday!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Husband For Hire

Well Tommy didn't pass his test yesterday and they terminated him. I guess 7 years of experience and an Associates's Degree doesn't get you anywhere.

What's that mean?
It means we are budget crunching. BIG TIME.
Nothing extra allowed.
Don't ask for anything at the store either.

This seriously couldn't have come at a worse time.
But I'm going to try to not let it put a damper on my upcoming trip.
But it will. Until that extra money comes back.
The State of Georgia doesn't have any welfare monies either...and help is very limited so he's actively applying for jobs and pounding the pavement.

I don't know what God's plan is...but I sure wish He'd tell me!
Say a prayer for us.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Grades

I did pretty dang good considering all the mini crisis' I had during this term. I hope the next term is better though!

College Writing II=93.57
Image Editing =76.68
Human Relations=92.50
Term Average===87.58

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother's 62nd birthday.
She is finally able to draw that Social Security check, should she decide to do so.
While I can't shout out that she's 62 from the car so she can hear me, I can shout it out right here:

"Happy 62nd Birthday Mom!"

We love you and miss you!!
Have a great day today!!


Monkeys and Tubas and Madness, OH MY!

The ever fabulous (and can be found to the right) Tania Willis has this cute monkey tutorial on her blog and this is what Gabby and Mo did with it....
They did make a video on Tom's cell phone and when he gets home, I'll get it on here! They have been having a blast with these monkey girls...so THANK YOU Tania for your creativity and inspiration!
Now on to the Band Concert....
A girl and her tuba...knowing that her momma is taking pictures...she even manages to crack a smile while playing...now THAT's true talent!

Erik sitting ever so nicely...one of the few well behaved boys in the 8th grade...

Coach McNeely...a.k.a. Coach McHottie...WAS NOT happy with Dalton and DJ...those 2 boys ended up sitting out in the middle of the floor seperated. How sad to be making trouble during an assembly and in the 8th grade too. I could go on...but I'll stop there. ;)
Natalea and her clarinet.
The CRCT Wall of Fame. Gabby is on there from last year exceeding in 3 areas of the test. This year however, she'll be one of the few that got all 5 areas mastered! Way to go Gabby!!
And actually all my kids did really well and it's safe to say that they will all progress to the next grade level.
I'm glad for the long weekend ahead...it gives me a chance to catch up on some things around here and get preparations done for Ashley's graduation.
Her invites turned out AWESOME!
I'll post those tomorrow...along with my Marlar layout I plan on doing tonight!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photos and Finals

My Final Project-Tide Ad Campaign
Font by Kelly Purkey
Check out her blog to the right.
Erik Trump-8th Grade-Spring, 2009

Natalea Trump-7th Grade-Spring, 2009
Gabryelle Trump-5th Grade-Spring, 2009

Monique Trump-3rd Grade-Spring, 2009

ScrapSupply Birthday!

My favorite online place to be is having a month long, 5th birthday celebration! Click on this link for more information:


Click on the link to the right...>>

Feel free to join us on the message board for games, fun, and prizes. They have the best shopping place online EVAH! And check out that Bazzill Swatch book for the best hands down way to match your papers up!! I have the Classic one and it's the most reached for supply I have and has saved me on more than 1 occasion! I actually have just won a newer version on the Get It Scrapped site...looking forward to that as well! (I'll pass my classic one on to my SIL if she wants it!)

Let me tell you MY ScrapSupply story....

It all began with ScrappersAnonymous.Com. One day I decided I needed a 12 step program for my newfound addiction to all things paper and brad. So I did a search (Pre-Google Era) for Scrapbooking Anonymous and found this message board. Well they sucked me in, hook, line, and sinker and before I knew it I had over 1000 posts. Great, another addiction for me to overcome. Pretty soon they had a celebration crop of some sort and well I won a $20 gift certificate to ScrapSupply.com. So I mosied on over there...looked around...she didn't have much then I remember. So I got this:
That's right...Order #21 on June 12, 2004. Shipped to me on June 13th. With M&M's too. I was hooked from that day forward. I don't have a bad thing to say about Wendy and John (Tech Support) White. They have rocked my scrappin' world for 5 years and I've never regretted it and love them and their store dearly with all my heart! I even painted their logo on my wall for inspiration. Soon, I'll have that same logo on a canvas to carry with me should I decide to move ever again. ;)

It's fun to see this place grow so much...my latest order placed on April 26, 2009 was order number 10,857! And the ladies on this board ROCK!! Not only are they full of great advice and inspiration, but they are some of the MOST creative ladies I've come across in my life and are great mentors in my crafty world!!

I won a contest once for the Most Obsessed ScrapSupply member...the Design Team scrapped my photos for me...all of them will hang one day on a Wall of Fame...right now I have Kim Kesti and Wendy's layouts up there. The others are safely tucked away until we can get frames and ribbon. ;)

While you're there, pick me up a gift certificate for MY birthday in 3 months...hehehe!! Just call 1-800-866-7348 and Wendy will hook you up. She's got all my information on her computer and even has access to my wishlist!!

Happy Saturday...Go get your ScrapSupply on!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Back on April 21, 2009 I posted some verses to the song "As" and would like to bring you back to that post to reflect on those lyrics.
Listen to the song...I mean REALLY listen to the message in it.
It's quite uplifting and spiritual.
Of course, I'm biased and all of George is spiritual for me. ;)
And know, I'll be loving you always...

One day...I'll meet him...and we'll say MISSION GEORGE: Accomplished. Hehehe.

Thursday's going's on....
Work and school...I have a paper to finish up and an Ad Campaign to master. I'll post after it gets graded, but here's a hint...it involves Tide and the ocean...heh...imagine that!
Everything is due Sunday by midnight, so I'll immerse myself in that.
I'm thinkin' I may call my brother and meet up with him since the next weekend he was talking about going home for the long weekend.

I'm registered for next term. And books are on their way for Art History and Advanced Image Editing. This oughta be fun. I decided to take 2 classes this term and I'll get back on track after this term, but for now since we have a vacay upcoming, I'm not spending my WHOLE vacay in school. We start back on the 27th. So that will be crunch week to get as much done as I can ahead of time.
Know what I mean Vern?

One day I'll do a post about what I've learned so far in life. But for now I'll leave you with this:

Happy Tip of The Day
Don't waste your life being angry and bitter.
It ain't pretty for all involved and life will pass you by.
Learn to forgive and move on.

Happy Thursday Y'all.
Love you much,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday's Word From The Wise

Learn from this and grow.
Don't make someone pay for somebody else's mistake.
Especially if they didn't ask for it or have anything to do with it.

You see my father was not perfect. In fact he never claimed to be.
He made mistakes that he had to live with until the day he died.
He hurt his children in the process and now we have to live with that.
While I vowed to find my brothers, I knew it wouldn't be easy on any of us.
I knew some things would come out and some feelings would hurt and while I can't change any of that NOW, I can move forward and try to mend.

And I can recite the Serenity Prayer.
Accept the things I cannot change.
And I can find strength in the Lord. And pray.every.single.day.
And ask Him to help heal those that were hurt most by this.
And have faith that it will all work out for the best and we can all bond like we should.
Yes, you gotta have Faith.
Pray, Have Faith, and Believe.

So say a little prayer for us as we get through all these emotions.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday's Musings

I have a paper to start and finish up by Sunday. It's supposed to be 7-10 pages. I'm trying to find the wind in me and I think today that will happen.

The girls have a band concert this afternoon, so I'm off at 1pm today. After that I'll come home and crank out an outline, list my references (most are already listed), and start there for a couple hours (while I prepare supper).

Erik has scouts tonight and he has to be there at 6. I think the girls and I are going to the Library...not sure I want to be roped into something I don't want to do. They are having a recruiting event. I'll have Erik call Anthony and find out for sure though.

I'm still tickled about my brother. I have some layouts in mind for a couple of those photos we took too. And I can't wait to get photos scanned and dad's album started. And before I forget this...Mother..when you read this, I need to scan in the cards from the funeral when I get home too please!

I can't wait to meet my other brother as well. And eventually all my nieces and nephews. And great nieces and great nephews. I still can't believe that I'm a GREAT AUNT. Let's hope that happens before I get too old...hint, hint...like SOON!
God surely works in mysterious ways and Miracles happen.
Lord knows, I have alot of proof of that in my life!
As a matter of fact, I think we ALL do.
Everyday is a Miracle, if you look at it the right way. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday!

I don't think I can top the last 2 posts. It surely was a great weekend!
This week's goings on include boy scouts, library, and last week of school for this term (for me, not the kiddos).

Tommy is in his last full week of training camp with graduation scheduled for the 21st. Hopefully it will go by fast.

Only 3.5 weeks until we leave for Minnesota. That should be interesting as well. I'll have so much to do, I won't have time to relax!! Ahhh...the fun of it all though. Hopefully it'll be somewhat warm and I won't have to pack my parka.

I'm off to start my day....I may have more to say later!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

History Was Made

History was made on May 9, 2009.
Perseverance pays off and dreams really do come true.
Divine intervention happens for whatever reason.
I'd like to introduce to you, my brother Dennis Lynn Marlar.
We like to call him Rick Jr.
Not only for obvious reasons, but the unobvious as well.
We arrived around 2:15 p.m. and didn't leave until about 9:30 p.m. Of course 7 hours wasn't enough time to catch up the last 30 years, but we got a great start. And honestly, it was like catching up with an old friend AND talking to a ghost at the same time.
Gabby wanted in this one, for whatever reason. It would have been the best photo.
My brother and I are very much alike. It's weird having a sibling that's like me as Tessie and I are complete opposites and never had any real interests together. Dennis and I though, are definitely cut from the same cloth...we even organize our closets the same OCD way! It's funny and amazing how you can be like someone and not have been raised with them. It's like genetics takes over and that's just how it is. Dennis does some of the same things dad used to do and only got to spend the first 10 years or so with dad in his life. It amazed both of us.
We couldn't stop laughing and giggling about it.
The kids and their uncle Dennis and I. The kids were over the moon thrilled to have another uncle in their lives. Mo took right to Dennis and made herself right at home. I think she's his favorite so far. He even gave Erik some good uncle to nephew advice...always agree with your parents even though they may be wrong. I think I'm gonna like this guy. Heh.
Our first family photo. Marlar's United. Wait til my other brother gets here.
Dennis' job will keep him here in Georgia for the next 6 months to 2 years and will hopefully bring our other brother Eddie Duane here as well.
During that time, we'll exchange photos and stories and catch up and make up for those 30 years and more. He can tell me stories about dad before I was born and I can fill in the blanks after dad left their lives. It's so nice to know that I have family here in Georgia after all.
Karma really comes around and really happens.
We both believe that.
At this point, we don't have a choice.
Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Marlar Chronicles...Lengthy Post...Grab Tissue!

It started when I was 9. Living in Brooklyn Center, MN with my parents and sister. I think (this part is foggy) that my parents sat us down and explained that we had 3 other siblings, 2 brothers and a sister. And then my sister arrived for a 2 week or so visit over the summer. Ok cool, I'm not really the oldest child. And I adored my sister Robin. And loved getting to meet her even though our time was short. And still remember wanting to be like her. She taught me how to crack my neck via rotation. Thanks sis, it feels great now!

So ok, when do we get to meet our brothers? Don't ask. Ever. That was a forbidden subject and because their mother had brainwashed them into hating our father, they didn't want anything to do with him or us (so we were told by him).

Ok, fast fowared to the teen years. Something is missing from my life and my heart, but what the hell is it? What is this incomplete feeling about anyway? I want to find my brothers and reunite my dad with them. No way Jackson, don't even think about it, do NOT pass Go and collect your $200, it is NOT happening. AND DON'T BRING IT UP AGAIN.
Fine then I won't. But I never forgot or stopped trying behind dad's back. Ever.

Fast forward to 21. I get a phone call from my mom. She says, "Dad's heart is acting up and he's not doing so hot, you better get over here to Fairview." He suffered from P.A.T.'s. I think that's Pulmonary Aortic Tachycardia. He spends several days and nights in the hospital to try to get his heart back to normal. No meds are working.
I write a letter. And ship it to Dallas, TX. Where I think I have found my brother. No response.
That I know of.

Dad finally get out of the hospital and I come home one day. He says, "Did you write a letter to the boys?" I said, "What boys?" (I had forgotten I wrote the letter by then) He said, "Dennis and Duane." "Oh yeah, I did because you were so sick." And it started. The rant and rave of my father. God Bless Him, but he had a temper and DO NOT PISS HIM OFF. 1000 reasons why I shouldn't have written that letter were rattled off to me in a matter of seconds.

Fast forward to after Monique was born...the year 2000. I do a family tree via a Creative Memories consultant and started asking my dad about his side (and scrapbooking was born). Enter the internet into my life.

Hello world. Hello other Marlar's of it. I search and search and search. I find my Aunt Thelma Marlar. My dad's only living aunt. And lucky for me, his favorite. I tell dad waiting to get my butt chewed again. Not this time. He calls her. And catches up with her. And raves about her cast iron skillet cornbread. And her Aunt Jemima collection. I talk him into going to Rosston, Arkansas to see her, to reunite with her. HE DID! While he was down there I think he mended some fences. Those fenceposts were getting pretty rotten. He had the opportunity to visit with my Aunt Mat as she was in the hospital. She ended up dying not to long after that, like days afterwards. In August of 2000, I decide to go down and visit my new found cousins and meet my new Aunt Thelma. 6 months after that, Aunt Thelma passed away quietly in her sleep. He was glad he went down there. And thanked me for reuniting them and perservering.

In the meantime, I'm still searching for relatives. And family history. And geneology. No luck finding the boys. Or anyone immediate for that matter. There's still a void in my life, even though I have my own children now and am married. Something's missing. WHERE the hell is it?

Fast forward to the fall of 2007. Dad has been gone awhile now. And I still feel guilty that I didn't get to tell his other children, Dennis, Duane, and Robin. THEY.NEED.TO.KNOW. It's their biological right, even if they didn't have anything to do with him, he was still their father. I write another letter. This time to Robin. No response. Fine, I've done my duty and let y'all know. I was at peace then. I had come to terms with never finding or seeing my brothers and any and all Marlar's. I put my name all over the internet, freely. Tonja Marlar Trump. Just in case. Google me, I dare you. I'm all OVER this electronic world. For good reason. This EXACT reason.

Fast forward to May 7, 2009. I'm at work, trying to look busy and work hard. I get a message on Facebook. It's from a lady named Jeannette. Hey Tonja, you don't know me but....and the story unfolds. She is married to my brother's half brother, Mike. (Dad was married twice before my mom. Margaret is the biological mom to my siblings and Mike) NO FRICKING WAY.
PLEASE DON'T MESS WITH MY HEART GOD. I read, I jump up and go share with the office girls my newly found news. I go back to my desk and read some more. My brother is WORKING in SAVANNAH. (Almost passed out here) Jumped up and ran to the office and cried as I told the girls. PRAY he wants to meet me. PRAY he wants to move past the hurt. Another email with pictures. OMG that is my dad in those photos. EARS and all!! Phone numbers are exchanged and I send some photos (all that Yahoo will allow me). I call Jeannette and Mike. We talked for an hour and 42 minutes. It was like talking to my best friend. Like we knew each other forever. Come to find out, I have a BUTTLOAD of nieces and nephews and I'm a GREAT AUNT!!!! Y'all know I ain't old enough for that shit. Seriously. A GREAT AUNT.

9:30-ish, May 7, 2009. The phone rings. It's a Florida number. I answer. It's my brother Dennis. Where do we begin? First I have to tell him I'm too young to be a Great Aunt. He's got to control his children. We laughed. And giggled. And explained. His story and my story had come together in the middle. He had the same feeling. That void. That emptiness. We are more alike than either of us knows. He laughs like dad. And sounds like dad. ALOT. If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was talking to my dad.
30 years I've waited and tried and tried and tried and waited and tried. 30 YEARS.
It was an episode made for Oprah. (Who treated me to lunch yesterday as well, thanks O!)
We will meet for the very first time ever tomorrow, as we both have to work today. Dennis is actually in Hinesville, which is about 45 minutes away from us here in Collins. That's the closest I've EVER been to my brother. (He's lucky I didn't have the Ford, or I woulda gotten the address from Jeannette and surprised him. And went there. Like immediately, I was that stoked and excited.) We talked a while longer, and he said, "Love you sis" before we hung up the phone. It's been a long time coming. But that void is gone now. I don't think I've cried this much ever. Mission accomplished. My life's Mission and a lifelong dream will be accomplished and realized tomorrow when we meet for the first time. (Duane, don't think you're getting out of any of this either..you're next on my list!)

Truly, God had a hand in all this. He sent an Angel named Jeannette to reach out to me and to reunite us. It truly is another Miracle and Blessing.
Happy Friday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

Man, am I glad it's Thursday!!
Now what that means for us is.....
Tommy comes home tomorrow night...only 2 weeks to go!
Exactly 4 weeks from now, we'll be flying to Minnesota.
Payday is tomorrow.
3 more days until the last week of school for this term.
If I work hard tonight and tomorrow, I can have the weekend for scrapping.
I get to make a list of things to do before the trip, what to pack, etc.

The girls have a band concert on Tuesday...and it's WaterPlay day. I'll be there with Mack Daddy.

I need to get a memory card for my phone. It takes semi-great photos. Heh. I even snapped one of Amanda actually working. Somehow I think I can USB it to the computer. One day I'll learn how to use all the things it can do.

As soon as the school figures out my 2 class schedule, I can confirm and get my books. Even though I'll be on vacation from work, there is not rest from school. I couldn't just take a term off without having to reapply. Hopefully they'll get it right soon.

Toodles for now...
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Dear Husband

After I nearly ran over the Man In Brown...I opened up my package to find 2 new cell phones in it. I can't believe my dear husband did that on his own. I still think it's a fluke. But it sure is fun playing with a new gadget and getting everything set up.
It was so much fun, I kiked his Vikings cell phone holder until I can find one I like!
AND I can change the faceplates. TOO cool...so I can have a different look every 3 months if I wanted. Heh. That's a great idea!!

I think I may go to the Alltel store and browse around a bit on my lunch hour. Heh.

Tommy is doing well in his training. They get to go over to the prison today and do searches. Just pray his knee holds out until AFTER graduation. I'm making him RICE it until then.
(Man, I miss Dr. Urbi.)
Then I'll get him in to the specialist.
Until then, we'll baby it.

So..on that happy note,
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stalking The Man In Brown

I'll be stalking the Man In Brown today.
You see, Tommy told me he ordered me something for Mother's Day and left me with nothing but a tracking number. Now that's evil. I am DYING here to find out WHAT it is...and dying to get it! I'll be hovering around the front office today...waiting, waiting, stalking, pacing, waiting.
To see what my dear husband got me.
I love surprises and I hate surprises. It's bittersweet for me.
I love the excitement, but don't want to be disappointed.
I do have some things to do at work today to try to take my mind off of this...for a minute.
On another note...I have a huge box almost full of stuff to donate to Children's. I made 2 albums this weekend and will make a few more this weekend. I really need to use up some stash!! And it's all for a great cause. I'm thinking maybe 2 boxes will go out, although I'm going to try to get it into one!
I also have to sort through Miss Ashley's photos this weekend and put them in some sort of order, sift through the doubles, you know, the usual. THEN I can put them into the album. Which reminds me I need to hit the CM website for those really cool layouts with cut up photos. I have some ideas brewing. Heh.
Speaking of Heh. Head over to Kim Kesti's blog to take her 30 day challenge. (See the link to the right) Ashley's project is part of MY 30 day challenge. AND she's giving away a $100 Target gift card! Which if I win, I will donate ALSO to Children's so they can go get adhesive and scissors and crafty things to go with all the scrappy stuff they are getting.
I just need to win that Mega Millions. I'd donate as much as I could then, whatever the limit. I'd only need 2 million, everyone else can have the rest.
On yet another note...
Today is my parent's anniversary. Even though dad is gone, I still count it. This would have been their 30th I think...I'm sure mom will correct me if I'm wrong. I need to see the invitation to remember the actual year...it was '78 or '79...so it could be the 31st.
But anyway, Happy Anniversary.
I'm thinking of you today mother.
And Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Week...And I'm Feelin' So Good!

It's a new Monday.
A fresh week.
I've cleared my mind and working on clearing my soul.
I'm ready for the week.
Assignments are printed out.
Library trip is planned.
2 weeks to go before a week off.
Then next term I am taking only 2 classes. After that I may bump back to 3. I didn't want to be doing a bunch of work on vacation though. ;)
500 photos to sort through on Saturday.
All doubles I will get to keep.
The rest will try to make it into that album.
I have a box packed up (not sealed yet though) for Minneapolis Children's.
I have more albums to make for them. (2 were done on Sunday morning.)
I'm trying to use up some stash.
I have to start my dad's rememberance album.
(Read more photo sorting...after graduation though)
So much to do, so little time to do it in.
Where is Willy Wonka when I need him?
Enough ranting today.
Happy Monday.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cool Tools

Oh and by the way...it's awesome to see where my readers come from in the Feedjit Live tool!
I know you're reading and you're out there (and can pretty much tell who's who by where you are..very cool!)...so "Hey, how ya doin'?" *waving*

And I got the blinkies for my scrapbooking classes I'm taking up...thanks to Tania Willis for that!
Toodles...I'm off to shower now and then get kiddos up and clean up my scrap desk in preparation for the weekend.

This Weekend

This weekend, I am making time for a date with George and some patterened paper.
Yes, it's that time again folks.
National (or International) Scrapbooking Day is here!!
I have several projects to complete or at least get a good grip on, starting with these:
1. Ashley's album
2. Dad's album
3. Mini-Albums for Mpls. Children's

I plan on scrapping my stress away and forgetting about the legal battle I'm in the middle of. But that's another post someday.

I think a trip to Hobby Lobby tonight is in order. I need to find that piano paper and they may have it. If not, then I'll order it online. Maybe I'll get sheet music of the songs I most remember my dad singing...that would be cool, now wouldn't it! I can't wait to get this rememberance album started. There's so many things I don't want to forget and even though Alzheimer's isn't genetically a part of my family, I'm always afraid it'll hit me (like everything else).

I already have short term memory issues...so it wouldn't surprise me. But I'll save the rest of it for my paper I'm going to be starting on Sunday regarding the importance of memory keeping. It's all tied together and it's all good.

Peanut gets her shots today and Tommy will be home tonight. I'm hoping Bubba will be out of his pail by Sunday. Poor baby. I'll take photos and post this weekend.
Until then,
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stress Relief

Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management technique used traditionally in Sicily .
The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile:

1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.
2. Then, picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.
3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.
4. No one knows your secret place.
5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.
6. The soothing sound of a gentle water fall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
7.. The water is so crystal clear that you can easily make out the face of the person you are holding underwater.

It really does work.
You're smiling already.

Today and Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow is all I have to wait until Tommy gets home. It gets boring around here without that other adult.

I wish I could call in today and work on my school stuff, but I can't or I don't get paid.
I'll be off soon enough.

Tomorrow I take Peanut to the vet for her shots. Then she'll be done and ready for the kennel when June rolls around.

I hate being overwhelmed. The feeling of anxiety overtakes me sometimes. I need an Ativan I think. Heck, I'd probably like that too much...maybe that's not such a great idea!

Oh and check out FaceBook...Laina has her own show that I'm producing! The Laina Show...first guests are Tessie Winjum and Tracy Sunde...T-N-T as they are called!!
That's some funny stuff right there, I tell ya!

Happy Thursday Folks!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


First off....
Happy Anniversary to Bruce and Irene Cumber!
I hope you have a mah-velous day and enjoy that top cake! ;)

Now for the subject at hand.
I'm feeling the stress and am about to vent right here. So exit now or keep reading, the choice is yours. ;)

I am overwhelmed this week with school and Bubba and kids and work and everything. I know I should take baby steps, but where do I begin?

Bubba. Poor Bubba has to wear that 5 gallon pail while he's kennelled up, but we put that cone on him while he's out. I feel bad for him, but what can I do? He has to have sitz baths and medication. The medicine is the easy part, just stick it inside a strawberry and he chows it down. The sitz baths twice daily is the hardest part because of time. We just don't have time in the mornings before work and school to get it done. I think I will try to have Erik do it after school and before bedtime. He's just gotta heal before June 3. That's the main goal right now.

Kids. Well they are kids and with Tommy gone during the week, and especially THIS week, it's tough. They don't want to help with chores and keep the house picked up, which makes more work for me. And honestly, at the end of my day I'm wiped out. Too tired for chores and even school. But my anally meticulous ways kick in and I have a fit cause my house is out of order. Believe ME, if I could stay at home and be a SAHM, I would. Just to clean house and KEEP it that way. It's a dream to say the least.

Work. That's easy. I have a lot to get done, but I have to wait for one certain attorney to email me the proofs back so I can get it done. Again, ANALLY METICULOUS. Or OCD. Whatever.
I am very routine oriented. That's something that is in the stars for me, so I just can't get over that.

School. We are in week 7 which means 2 more weeks after this one. I have some 2 or 3 projects due as well as weekly assignments and NO TIME or energy for any of them. To be honest, I'm getting tired of spending my weekends doing school work to catch up and I feel like just throwing in the towel right now and doing this in about 10 years. I wish I had a part-time job and then I could have more time during the day to get it done. But I don't. Like I said under the Kids category, I'm wiped out by the time I get home and lucky to have enough energy for supper.

Everything. And during the week while Tommy is at training, I've got no extra hands here to help. I need a clone. Really. Or to start getting rid of things on my plate. Kids and work are a must. School is my only option, as Bubba is family and we're not getting rid of him after I have all that time and effort into him.
I know this is just temporary until Tommy is done training and it will all be worth it when he's done. His graduation date is set for May 22. The day before school gets out. I just now remembered that Erik has 8th grade graduation sometime that month. Tom will miss it, but I will take LOTS of pictures. I may have Erik figure out that video camera even!
Yeah, more stress, just what I need!

I need to win the Mega Millions. Or something. So I can be a SAHM and clean and scrap all day.

Happy Tuesday.