Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/11/09 Techie Tuesday Blog Challenge Post

OMG. I am caught up now!

Tami said:

"What do you say you'd like to do, but know you probably never could? Think of things like joking about laying in bed all day, or calling a corporate office on a rude employee, or leaving a bad waitress a penny. Things that sound good, but you know you'd never literally do."

Sorry Tami, I've done all those things honey. There's not much I wouldn't do, as I've found some guts within me and have become a little TOO bold over the past few years. I think though that is has strengthened me and given me some confidence as well. I do have to pull the reins back sometimes though, so I don't offend when I don't intend too.

BUT...I would talk about beating someone's ass and not do it (like Madea). Only because it's not legal and I don't want a record for beating up some mouthy chick that ain't worth it. As much as I love Madea and that whole character, I do know the difference between right and wrong. ;)


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