Monday, April 19, 2010

A Tribute To Jill

Dear Jill,
You're Facebook page description says you are JUST amazing. Sweetie, you were SO much more than JUST amazing. All the wishes and condolences on your page say so. You have touched the lives of so many people with your amazing selflessness, your amazing smile, and your amazing attitude. I never got to meet you and I'm sure that I missed out on something truly wonderful, but I feel like I know you so well and that we're family in a way. I want to thank you for being friends with Ashley and for going on vacation with her and giving her priceless memories and photographs to share with the rest of the world. She will never forget you and neither will we.
You've only been gone for 2 days and already people miss you immensely. No, I don't think you will ever be replaced, nor could you ever. You will leave a hole in so many hearts and many tears will shed for you, including mine. That's the power you have dear, sweet Jill. I never knew you and we are mostly strangers, but yet you have touched my heart. God will surely bless you in Heaven tonight for He is the lucky one to have you with Him now. We love you and miss you Jill. Rest In Peace my friend.
The Trump's

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catch Up

It seems that someone around here has been slacking on the ol' blog. It couldn't be because I've been busy working 2 part time jobs or buying and redecorating a house...nope...that didn't occupy all my time for sure. I wonder if it was the haulin' of the kidlins around that did it?, I don't think it was that either.

WHATEVER my reasons (and there are TONS), I apologize to my followers and blog readers for slacking off and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things this month...that is...if I can pull myself away from Facebook for a while. Dang thing has all those dumb games that I am addicted too. Shameful to be addicted, but at least I acknowledge it. Ha! :)

I've decided to open up shop and scrapbook and organize photos for others. Trump's Treasures is officially open for business. Now it's just a matter of GETTING the business. My concept is simple. I will make your scrapbooks for you. You provide the photos, I will provide the service and supplies for a reasonable fee. If you don't want a scrapbook, but still want your photos organized...I'll do that too. With graduations coming up and my niece going off to Europe this summer, it's a great time to start this adventure. I've already had a couple ladies interested, so we'll see what happens.

All that in addition to working at the Days Inn part time and working at Affinity Funding Group part time and probably working for my mother taking care of Remington part time. I DO like to stay busy sometimes ya know. Oh and Tommy is driving for Swift Transportation so if you see him on the road (truck 309xxx) give him a toot of your horn! :)

I'll try to update more later today. Right now though, I must put the breakfast out for the guests. Yep, I'm on my overnight shift and silly me agreed to work Friday nights overnight until June. Should be fun. NOT! :)

Love as always,