Saturday, August 30, 2008

Charlotte...Among Other Things

Apparently, Charlotte has moved in during the overnight hours. Tommy spotted this outside in the front yard...between a tree and the fence...triangular shaped with this circle pattern in the middle. Kinda cool that spiders can weave webs like this.
And a very Happy Birthday goes out to the best Best Man...Qui. I hope you have a great birthday darlin'! We miss you and love you very much!
{You already know that though!}
Funraiser update...
Erik is selling Little Debbie Snacks for Boy Scouts...2 weeks left on that...$3.50/Box (12)...Email or IM me for variety info. Those of you out of state...I will ship your orders too you!
The girls are selling things that can be found on Email or IM me for their student number so they get the credit!
Three days until my birthday Mother...This is your only reminder! Gift certificates can be purchased at in case you feel like giving...hehehe!
Plans are underway for Ashley's graduation. Tentative date for her party is June 13. They walk across the stage on the 7th...and I plan on being there for that AND the party! That's also Natalea's GOLDEN we'll be celebrating by the keg...1919 Ashley has specified NO ALCOHOL! I'll be working on another very special project for that as well.
OH...and she LOVED her "18" album! Wait until she sees her graduation stuff!
{I should have been a party planner}
I'm off to search for decorations...She is my only Godchild and my first-born niece...she's going to have the party of the year!
Happy Saturday...Relax this weekend...Have some fun!

Friday, August 29, 2008

High Heels, Tubas, and Cleats, OH MY!

Yep, only in the south do they wear high heels to a football game. Not sure what the reasoning is, but it's kinda ridiculously so not right. I had to get pictures as the folks back home would NEVER believe me. Ever. Hehehe.
Gabby and her Tuba. That thing is bigger than she is...too funny! She got the old, ancient one to bring home. Tom brought it home yesterday. Now she can toot her own horn. Hehehe.

The coin toss. You just can't even imagine the mother's pride I felt. Only Captain's participate in the coin toss. Usually. That's my the middle, left side. SO very cool.
LOVE this shot. I had the Mack Daddy Zoom on...with the sports settings...sitting on the top row of the bleachers...he was 50 yards or so away. Awesome.
The final score...28-6. We won. It was a great game for being 8th grade. Sure brought back alot of those 8th grade football memories for me....Take a knee fellas...I can still hear Coach Casper saying.
My 2 littles...on their way to the restroom...hand in hand, sisters forever.
Another perfect ending to a perfect day.
We didn't get home until about 7:30...we stopped at school and closed down the Open House...missed Mo's teacher even. But we got to chat with the HOTTIE Coach McNeely. He wants Erik to play basketball. Time will tell if Erik wants to play or not.
Supper was served at 8pm...I will have to adjust the schedule for the next week.
We play in Reidsville.
Looking forward to it.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Promised Photos

I apologize for the wait on these...
Here was Sunday brunch...Southern Style. Biscuits and sausage gravy with grits...YUM!
My Sunflower field...ok, not technically MINE...but it sure was pretty before Fay got ahold of it!

My new bathroom floor. It's got gold speckling in it.
It's really cool when the light hits the gold!
Ms. Salter's Birthday card....TOTALLY inspired by Torm's Cards page on her blog!
I used my Classy Coordinates kit...American Crafts along with some Prima flowers and Queen and Co. brads...oh and Bazzill ribbon! THANKS TORM!!
This is technically centered on the inside...not off center like it looks.
She did like her card did everyone else!
Tomorrow is Game Day. I'll post pics on Friday's edition of the Trump Times!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 25, 2008


This just in....

Tommy has gotten a job at Claxton Chicken!
He will be working 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Further details will be posted as they become available!

See previous post...Dreams really do come true, but you gotta have Faith!

{Lotsa Love}


I received an email yesterday from the Tyler Perry mailing list.
{Those of you who don't know who he is, can find him behind any Madea costume in all the Madea movies. He IS Madea.}
Since we're BIG fans, I subscribe to keep up on the new things coming out.
Anywho, here's what he said:

"I am a dreamer and sometimes when you have dreams you are met with obstacles, and your dreams will start to fade. But what I've found is that when God has given you a dream, no matter what it is, when you want togive up and believing becomes hard, and when you can't go any further, the dream itself will start to believe for you. The dream itself will start to carry you through with visions and hope and encouragement.

So, the new mantra for Tyler Perry Studios is "A Place Where Even Dreams Believe." Don't worry if you're met with opposition on your path to your goals. When you've done all you can, stand and surrender. God will allow your dream to motivate you.

If you don't take away anything else from this LONG email take this,PLEASE TAKE THIS. Protect your dreams, get away from negative thinking, dark seekers. Keep your mind and spirit clean of the naysayers. Just believe. Only believe and it will come to pass."

This man is very inspiring.
He makes you see things you might not normally see.
He has gotten me to connect with my Spiratural Self. Something I have long neglected to do.
And he's right.
When "stand and surrender" to God, He will show you the way.
Always remember too, God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.
I believe. I have seen.

Tyler Perry's new movie comes out September 12. I can't wait to see it.
Happy Monday...Keep dreamin'.

Friday, August 22, 2008

OH Fay!

We are feeling the effects of Ms. Fay.
And if it were snow, it'd be a blizzard with white out conditions.
And in FEET.

And...I was so tickled the other day...
We, Tattnall County, were in a Hurricane Advisory.
Now THAT was funny.
The girls at the office were just laughin' at me.
I like this weather...and the excitement of it.

What's even funnier....
Totally almost peed my pants on this....
Erik forgot his book in Math class today.
The teacher did a book check...
He got silent lunch...BWHAAAAAHAAAHAAAAA!!!!

Gotta love teenagers!
Happy Friday to you.
Stay dry.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day News

Not much going on.
My son got in trouble in school yesterday and has to miss football until Friday.
My baby girl got in trouble today.
Gabby should have her Tuba by Friday.
Tom is still job hunting.
My computer is almost all the way restored.
Life is pretty good.

I'm excited for the weekend. I want to scrap. I signed up for a bunch of free classes at
Big Picture Scrapbooking.
Way cool....they are having a 30 hour crop on friday.
Can I just call in sick?
Since I don't have anyone to crop with down here, I want to participate in the challenges at least.
I LOVE a great challenge.
I know Tom will read this...don't make any're busy...hehehe.
Happy Hump Day

Monday, August 18, 2008

Manic Monday

I shoulda just stayed in bed, at home, away from people.
I have been in THE most fowl mood...and we ALL know how that is.

Yesterday, I did a system restore on my computer to get my tunes back.
Don't do that. Ever.
It messed up my network card somehow.
I spend 106 minutes on the phone with HP's Tech Girl.
Only for her to tell me that I would have to send it in to get it fixed.
She said, "Back up your files and we'll ship you the box."
I backed it up. At least I THOUGHT I did.
After I backed it up, I thought I would try to system restore back to the factory settings.
I succeeded.
I restored it. That fixed my internet issue. And erased everything off my hard drive.
I then put the backup discs in. The first one was blank. WTH?
The second one had photos on it from May until now. Cool...I still have George.
BUT I will have to go and re-add my favorites in. And all my links, etc.
And my music. Tess, send me those cd's.

And how was your Sunday?

This morning, I was fine until the dog decided she was going to do her duty on my bed.
NOT a pretty sight and she's lucky she's still alive.
So I stripped the bed and threw the sheets in..which were newly put on last night.
Yeah, not a good day.
There is more, but I'll spare you the gory details and stop right there.
Happy Monday.
TT...ain't no love today.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


to the newest member of our family....
Mr. Tuba.
He's the new possession of Gabby's.
She wants to play the Tuba.
You go Gabby Girl!
Best part of this...I don't have to buy it...the school will furnish at least 1 for her...2 if nobody else wants to play it. One for home, and one for school.
Pretty cool I thought.
It would seem that Tuba's have come a long way in their design.
I haven't researched much yet, but the days of the wrap around your body Tuba's would seem to be numbered...I only found 2 photos of those.
Monday Gabby will start playing so we'll see if she brings it home.
I'll get photos if she does for sure.
Other than that...not much going on at the Trump house. I sent Tom to Pooler to take a POST test this morning and I'm about to start on this scrap room and file. I just can't stand it no mo'.
Then it's dishes and packaging pears. We have pears outta the wazooo. And I ain't kiddin'...we have more on the trees.
Congrats to the US Olympic Teams...I'll have that on all day.
Also, please keep Tiffany in your thoughts and prayers...pray she gets some relief from this pain she's feeling.
And pray Tom gets a job this week.
Happy Saturday otherwise.
P.S. NOW the George interviews show up! Gotta love technology!

Friday, August 15, 2008

George Michael on Good Morning America 07/24

Part 2
I'll post Part 3 tonight!
I don't care how GAY he is, he's still HOT and I still LOVE that man!

Good Morning America 07/23

I want to be that dude interviewing George.

Good Morning America 07/23

I want to be that dude interviewing George.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Change It Up

Yep, I changed it up a bit.
Added a few things.
Deleted others.
Here are some pictures from last night's Court of Honor.
This is Erik and my boss, Lew Tippett.
They call Erik "MinnesOta" and giggle too.
Here is the whole troop. Julez (on the way right) was the leader. He's leaving for Utah this upcoming weekend.
Anthony (3rd from right) will be the new leader.
Those are a great lookin' bunch of guys. I think they'll turn out to be fine young men someday.

Okay, I'm off to's Wednesday and no Court for Lew today so he'll work me hard today.
Happy Hump Day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Remember Now

What it was I was going to say about that album.....

I actually sewed with the sewing machine, on those pages. That's how I got that cute little tabbed ribbon to stay in place....which is for when the guests sign the pages, they can pull it out of the page protector with the a lift the flap book...interactive even.

I was proud of myself...I've sewn on paper, but never machine stitched like that before...I can't wait to try that again...and I might even have to get a smaller tabletop machine for my scrapspace! Time for a garage sale!

Happy Monday...Hope you have a mah-velous day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Creative Stuff

I completed this album today...well almost.
I chose this photo for the front of the album...I am very happy with the results and I think that my Canuck friend will be too!
Here is the whole front of the album...ribbon and all! I tried to make it not so feminine...but yet, pretty.
Here's the inside page...where the guest will sign in...And on the flip side is a photo of Nicole and Troy...on each page.
This is the last page...I love this photo of them walking away. The first page...they are walking toward very cool! I hope thier photographer doesn't get upset that I printed them at Wal-Mart, but I think they'll understand that it was for personal use and not commercial.
I have one more thing to do with these pages, then it will be ready to ship out! I'm waiting on an email from Sue, then I can get it together and ship it up north to Canada!
Happy Sunday, I'm off to watch Big Brother 10!
Edited to add: Hell I forgot in the time it took to hit the edit button! If I remember, I'll post it tomorrow! Peace out!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good Stuff

I love Friday's.
It's payday.
It's the last workday.
It's grocery shopping day.

I got a dang good deal on laundry soap.
Saved $6 at least.
On a 100 oz. jug.
So I got 2.
Gain even.
At Thriftway.

You see, every week they have an ad. And this week's ad had Gain 50-100 oz for $3.98. Well, I happened to remember to look on my bottle in the laundry room and see that 100 oz. is what I usually get {and pay $9 for at Wal-Mart} and knew that was a STEAL! The cashier however, was not going to honor it until I said I'd come back and talk to a manager about it...well low and behold, there that manager was...and yes, I got the deal of the day! They are really sweet over there...and on my way out, another cashier hollered at me and remembered to give me next week's ad in advance. LOVE that friendly and they have great deals too! I picked up Hamburger Helper for $1 apiece even...they had them 5 for $5! Stockpiling...gotta love it.
Now, next week, I'll just have to get meat as I have everything else!

I'm off to set up the sewing machine and start my crafting day.
Happy Saturday to you!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy Birthday to Julian Vela!
20 years ago today, he was born.
He is the son of a high school friend...and named after Julian his dad is a big Beatles!
If anyone sees Pat or Mary, make sure you tell them about this post!
I'll have to get a card cranked out this weekend for him...he's a little cutie and always has been!

It's Friday.
There's work to be work and home.
Let's start with after work chores for today.
Sewing and once a year thing. Erik has his Court of Honor on Sunday so his sash needs to be current. Then I'll have a few more to sew on after that. Might as well sew up what else I have too...I suppose I could do those dresses my mom wanted 4 years ago...hehehe.

I will finish this album to be shipped out Monday to Canada. I think they will like it...a silly Brit and a silly Canuck are getting married and I am making thier guestbook...I should get those flags out...hehehe.

Scrapbooking, laundry, etc. etc. and MAYBE clean up my scrapspace mess. I am so enjoying just crafting...last night before Big Brother I even got some creative time in...I think I will try to scrap when I can and see how far I get that way, instead of making time on a weekend day...I may get more done if I scrap when I can!

Lynn's package should be here today. My Stampin' Up! ink swatches are in there. Apparently I didn't get that memo that they have renamed some colors and I need some refills or new stamp pads, so Lynn sent me a swatch.

I'm sending Tommy to a job fair today in Savannah. Something should pan out soon...I hope. I'll print out a bunch of resume's for him to take. Keep praying that he finds a job and soon!

Well the dryer has buzzed, I 've been doing laundry since 3 a.m.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I thought I'd update our doings on this post.

First and foremost...Happy Belated Birthday goes out to Quinn...Lynn make sure you tell him for us! Upon looking the calendar this morning, I happened to remember it was around this time.

Erik is liking football practice...even in this 100+ degree heat we've been getting. Last night was a challenge get him home, showered, fed, and off to Scouts by 7...Tom said he was falling asleep on the way to He'll get used to it though...and sleep good at night, no doubt.

Natalea...well she's enjoying the 7th grade. Their whole homeroom switches classes together, so I believe they have the same kids together all day long.

Gabryelle...she loves her class...and hasn't had much homework...she's liking that.

Monique...she's had homework too. So not right for a third grader, but start em early I guess.

Tom...well, he's still job hunting and my house isn't quite spotless yet...and well his list is long still of things to get done. First priority is that 2x4 for my keyboard tray at work.

And me...well, I'm still me and I'm still here. 3 days until that class reunion...wonder if I'll be missed? Ha...I doubt it very much. I'll be creating while they drink on Saturday...heck I may even have a couple Crown's and give em a toast! {I'll let you think that!}

So there you have it. Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Doing's

Ashley's Tin to house her "18" album is finally done!
Ham dinner with mashed potatoes, corn, and ham gravy...My cousin Jason would be oh-so-proud...he's a great teacher! Gravy boat is part of Grandma's dishware set...good times!
Miss Monique's new title...if her undies say it, it must be true!
Got Pears?? WE DO!! TONS of them...Erik was using the apple corer/slicer from Pampered Chef and Tom was cutting them up by hand...Erik made Pear Sauce...yum!!

And I started on the Wedding Guest Album I've been hired to should ship next Saturday or Monday at the very latest! An idea came to me today while I was trying to take a nap, so I ran with it...and well...didn't get my nap in either!
Shout out to Neil Olson if you're watchin'....Take care of my girl for me! *WINK, *WINK!
Happy Sunday to y'all...back to the grindy tomorrow!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Day of School

Miss Monique.
Sporting a NEW "brother" shirt. It says,
"I like my brother. I can blame him for everything." And it's purple. She likeys.
August 1, 2008
Age 8
Is as tall as the knobs on the cupboard.

Miss Natalea.
Sporting a red sports T. And wet hair. She likeys too.
Age 12
August 1, 2008
Is almost as tall as the bottom of the upper cupboards.

Miss Gabryelle.
Showing off her BLUE T and fake smile.
She's over halfway to the next set of cupboards.
Age 10.5
August 1, 2008

Mr. Erik.
Age 13.5 (already?)
Sporting his new Title..First Round Draft least Mr. Freeman thinks so.
August 1, 2008
1 foot from the ceiling...I will need a bigger house soon!

So school went well...Erik is bored already. He will start football on Monday after school...I am to pick him up at 5:45 at the school. He's not so sure about some of the teachers...although he likes the one that walks on the desks...she's wild...he loves it!
Natalea is pleased with her teacher, as is Gabby and Mo too. I knew the girls would like it...wasn't too sure about Erik, but I think he'll catch on in the next couple weeks. He's not sure about that rule book...some of them are a little extreme. All in all, they had a fantabulous day.
Happy Saturday...I have a list an arm's length long of "To Do's" so I'm off to start that!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August!

Happy First Day of School!
Happy Friday!
There's just a bunch of "HAPPY" going on here...the kids are up and dressed and's only 6:35 a.m. This only happens on the first day...and doesn't go much past the first week...we'll see though!
On my list of stuff to get yet...Trapper's for the biggies, shoelaces (black and white) and a couple of cami's for Natalea.
So as we begin the first day of school and the 2008-2009 school year, my children are in 8th grade, 7th grade, 5th grade, and 3rd grade.
9 more years I tell ya...
Those shot glasses are calling my name...and I don't have that many to acquire either...even better...but that's another post!
I think I'll have Tom bake a cake in celebration of the first day!
Finally my food bill will go down and I can stockpile again...which started yesterday as I found a great store that offers 5 for $5 deals...and 10 for $2 canned veggies...WOOOHOOOO!! My cans are stocked for a minute. Tom still has to get a job though. Like NOW. I don't want those dogs to get spoiled with someone home all day, ya know. Hehe!