Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Creative Stuff

I completed this album today...well almost.
I chose this photo for the front of the album...I am very happy with the results and I think that my Canuck friend will be too!
Here is the whole front of the album...ribbon and all! I tried to make it not so feminine...but yet, pretty.
Here's the inside page...where the guest will sign in...And on the flip side is a photo of Nicole and Troy...on each page.
This is the last page...I love this photo of them walking away. The first page...they are walking toward very cool! I hope thier photographer doesn't get upset that I printed them at Wal-Mart, but I think they'll understand that it was for personal use and not commercial.
I have one more thing to do with these pages, then it will be ready to ship out! I'm waiting on an email from Sue, then I can get it together and ship it up north to Canada!
Happy Sunday, I'm off to watch Big Brother 10!
Edited to add: Hell I forgot in the time it took to hit the edit button! If I remember, I'll post it tomorrow! Peace out!

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