Saturday, August 30, 2008

Charlotte...Among Other Things

Apparently, Charlotte has moved in during the overnight hours. Tommy spotted this outside in the front yard...between a tree and the fence...triangular shaped with this circle pattern in the middle. Kinda cool that spiders can weave webs like this.
And a very Happy Birthday goes out to the best Best Man...Qui. I hope you have a great birthday darlin'! We miss you and love you very much!
{You already know that though!}
Funraiser update...
Erik is selling Little Debbie Snacks for Boy Scouts...2 weeks left on that...$3.50/Box (12)...Email or IM me for variety info. Those of you out of state...I will ship your orders too you!
The girls are selling things that can be found on Email or IM me for their student number so they get the credit!
Three days until my birthday Mother...This is your only reminder! Gift certificates can be purchased at in case you feel like giving...hehehe!
Plans are underway for Ashley's graduation. Tentative date for her party is June 13. They walk across the stage on the 7th...and I plan on being there for that AND the party! That's also Natalea's GOLDEN we'll be celebrating by the keg...1919 Ashley has specified NO ALCOHOL! I'll be working on another very special project for that as well.
OH...and she LOVED her "18" album! Wait until she sees her graduation stuff!
{I should have been a party planner}
I'm off to search for decorations...She is my only Godchild and my first-born niece...she's going to have the party of the year!
Happy Saturday...Relax this weekend...Have some fun!

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Mireille said...

awesome "charlotte" pic! Have a super weekend!