Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthdays and M&M's

I received the best-so-far Birthday Greeting this morning on ScrapSupply.
It was a thread titled, "If the hotties can break out early, so can the M&M's."
Totally made my day and made me laugh out loud...LITERALLY!
Thanks Torm!!

Not much celebrating going on today...I do have to work today and I think we're having a ham dinner after Erik gets home from football practice. Then he's off to scouts.

The girls did make me some cards yesterday and Sunday night...I let them have free reign of my stamps and inks after I schooled Monique how to use them proper. I see some future artists in my family.

I had a good scrappy weekend...so good I ran out of my chosen cardstock. So I ordered more...Happy Birthday to me! I have a few more pages of my Concert Album to finish up. Lynn said she's getting me a ScrapSupply gift certificate (1-800-866-7348) for Christmas so I can get that Red AC Album for my Concert Album. I still have the George pages to do...and the Ozzy/GNR/Metallica pages as well. I will post pics later after I get home tonight...of the layouts that I have done so far and the cards the girls did.

Big Brother is on tonight...I'll make the caramel corn after supper. It's gonna be interesting from here on out...there's only 5 left.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!! hope your day goes well......your very neglected mother

Anonymous said...

You are almost catching up to me. Have a great time on your special day!--Your favorite aunt