Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thinking Outloud

Tonja Trump, B.S.
Tonja Trump, M.A.
Tonja Trump, Ph.D.
Nice, huh.

While I am contemplating school, it's come down to a Bachelor's program or the cheaper Associates degree. I'm leaning toward the Bachelor's. Then, depending on how I do, a Master's. I'd love to be the first grandchild to become a Doctorate. Heh. Goals are good. And Grandma would be floored. And VERY proud.

Tom said, "Go for it."
Bachelor's in 2.5 years.
My previous credits would transfer.
Online and accessed from any computer in the U.S.
I can go on for my Master's.
That means I can still attend Ashley's graduation festivities and not miss school.
No brainer, I think.
But I'd like to know what you think?
Please leave me a comment or send me an email.

I plan on applying on Friday. I'm waiting for that Money Tree to grow the $100 fee.
Then I can apply for financial aid and start on October 14.
I can still work at the office. And access school on my lunch.
Family has to pitch in more. We're working on that.
10-week quarters.
I get art supplies. (SO in my element.) Shipped to me directly.
I'd get to create. End result will be I get to get paid for creating. SO cool.
I could work from home. Eventually.
Goals are good.
Babysteps are better.
Honors would be excellent.
I'm Visual.
I'm Communcation.
I'm ready to start. Now.

I think I'm going to create today.
And upload to the computer my creations.
I have to finish up that Concert Album.
Journal for George. Yum.

Perspective is good. Help me to keep it right here.
Happy Saturday.
Pray for IKE to die out.
And for gas to go back down to $3.68 a gallon.

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