Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 Days

2....NEVER stands alone!
2....MORE days until Tiffany gets here!
2....DAYS is all she'll be here for!
5....DAYS until Gabryelle turns 10!

Patience....WE ALL KNOW I have none.

I can't wait for Tiffany to get here!
I can't wait for Christmas!
I can't wait for December 7th (Cheryl's Birthday among other things)!
I can't wait for April to get here!
I can't wait for January either!
Did I say I don't have any patience?

It's a game of HURRY UP AND WAIT!

December is a busy month for us. That's probably the only thing that's gonna keep me sane. Is the staying busy part. Oh and did I say that I haven't started shopping yet? Yeah..I haven't. Won't be much going on I can tell you that now. {Insert what I was going to buy them here...they read it so I can't type it!}

We have Gabby's birthday on the 3rd and Cheryl's on the 7th.
Christmas is coming on the 25th and we usually go to Tom's side of the family in the afternoon. We usually have the Marlar Christmas on the morning of the 25th.
And the Schoonmaker rendition of Christmas (at Tess's this year) will be on the 29th...along with supper at Bruce and Irene's house that night!

Say a little prayer for me too! I applied for a couple jobs...that are a step up from what I'm doing now!! More information on that as I get it!

Happy Hump Day!
Love Ya'll,

Saturday, November 24, 2007


My van the morning of the freshly fallen snow!
Our first real stick to the ground snowfall...Thanksgiving morning...I had the flu so I didn't go with the rest of the family to Aunt Donna's house. They finally brought me a plate at 10:30 p.m.!
My new haircut...I cut 3-4 inches off the bottom...and wore it down all day today! Ya'll woulda been proud...I didn't even eat any of it for or with my lunch!
And the EVER SO SEXY Mr. Blue! Everytime I push his little hand down and turn him on..he says to me, "I'm on babe, I'm on!" When I turn him off though, he says, "Hey, who turned out the lights?" I don't know who did his voice, but he sure is my sexy Mr. Blue! I'm getting him tattooed on the right side of my chest....poking out of my bikini top even!!
We had fun at Tessie's today...all the cousin's except 2 were there! That don't usually happen just because of work schedules and such. Jason got his ass handed to him by Tessie on the pool table! Three times!!!! Don't mess with a Marlar, I'm telling you!!!
We had a great meal, complete with a picnic ham, scalloped corn, cherry fruit salad, buns, pies, brownies, etc. etc. etc. One thing this family don't good grub! We can grub with the best of them...and most everyone is an awesome Chef Pierre Bodere! AND we even had a punch fountain!!! Danna brought the fountain, the recipe, and the ingredients for a great punch! I did take pictures, but on Larry's camera (he's gonna email me pics I think).
Mark this down on your calendars.....TONJA FORGOT HER CAMERA!!!!
Have a great rest of your weekend...I love you all!!

Tattoo-The Song

Newly released by Jordin Sparks...the new American Idol...and one very gifted young lady! I love this song as it's so very true. People come into your life and leave an impression upon your heart...just like a tattoo. Life is too short...go live it!


No matter what you say about love
I keep coming back for more
Keep my hand in the fire
Sooner or later I get what I’m asking for

No matter what you say about life
I learn every time I bleed
The truth is a stranger
Soul is in danger I gotta let my spirit be free
To admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind
Sorry but I have to move on and leave you behind

I can’t waste time so give it a moment
I realized nothings broken
No need to worry about everything I’ve done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don’t look back got a new direction
I loved you once needed protection
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo
I’ll always have you (I'll always have you)

Sick of playing all of these games
It’s not about taking sides
When I looked in the mirror didn’t deliver
It hurt enough to think that I could stop
Admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind
Sorry but I’ve gotta be strong and leave you behind

I can’t waste time so give it a moment
I realize nothings broken
No need to worry about everything I’ve done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don’t look back got a new direction
I loved you once needed protection
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo
I’ll always have you (I'll always have you)

If I live every moment
Won’t change any moment
Still a part of me in you
I will never regret you
Still the memory of you
Marks everything I do, oh

I can’t waste time so give it a moment
I realize nothings broken (yeah)
No need to worry about everything I’ve done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don’t look back got a new direction (don't look back)
I loved you once needed protection (no, no)
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo

I can’t waste time so give it a moment (i can't waste time)
I realized nothings broken
No need to worry about everything I’ve done (no need to worry)
Live every second like it was my last one
Don’t look back got a new direction (don't you ever look back)
I loved you once needed protection
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo
I’ll always have you

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hottie Alert!

Hotties to the left!!
I found this video finally, along with a few others.
I'll change it up a bit in the next few weeks!
Such a great piano tune...enjoy!

Aunt Jan

My Aunt Janice E. Olson passed away on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 around 12:30 p.m. after a very long battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed by her sons Jason and Josh, her mother, her sisters and brother in law, cousins, and all her nieces, nephews, and great-nieces and great-nephews. She had decided to donate her body to the Mayo Clinic for research purposes and after a year they will return her to her family for a proper burial.

My aunt Jan was a spitfire of a lady. She was feisty and never did things any other way but her own. She could be sweet as pumpkin pie with homemade whipped topping or she could be just as ornery and stubborn as a mule. But even with those extremes, she had a great sense of humor. Even in the end, at least on Friday night she did, when I went to visit her.

I was at work and had called my cousin only after my mom called and said, "She's not going to make it through the night." Jason said, "If you're gonna say your goodbye's, now's the time to do it." I was on my way I told him. I closed up shop and headed south on 35 and then 218 toward Austin where aunt Jan was hospitalized. Apparently, she had had quite a bit of medication throughout the day and was "snowed" (as we like to term it in the medical profession). I got there around 5:30-ish and stayed until about 10:30-ish and after I arrived Jan had started to wake up a bit more and actually have a conversation with us. After refusing her medication for about 3 hours, she was quite alert. Delusional, but alert enough to carry on conversations about that Green Machine she bought for Jason when he was about 6 or 7 and she lived with us (my mom put it together...with parts to spare). Then her nose itched from the nasal cannula they had on her. I jumped up (like a good nursing assistant would) and gloved up and found the lube for her nose. As I was trying to wet her nose so it wouldn't itch anymore (a common side effect from the nasal cannula), I recited to her this little ditty:

You can pick your friends,
You can pick your nose,
But you can't pick your friend's nose.

She said, "What?" So I recited it again and even a third time for her as she was trying to repeat it back to me. Then she said, "Thanks a lot. I'll be thinking about that damn thing all night now." We giggled and she giggled. That's the freshest memory I have of her and the last one that I'll ever have of her. And truly one of the funniest too.

After all she had been through, she still had a sense of humor. And I admired her for that. I hope when I lay on my deathbed like that, that I still have my sense of humor and can crack jokes for those that love me. That's how I will remember my Aunt Jan. That's how I'd want to be remembered.

Recently, we had had a conversation about the musical Unicorn that plays "Over the Rainbow" that she had given me for my confirmation. She was amazed that I still had it. I will forever cherish it and it meant alot to me before, but it means so much more now.

I know material things shouldn't matter to us and we shouldn't love our material possessions like we do, but I have my sentimental reasons for everything that has been given to me by my aunts. I still have the Opal earrings that my aunt Darlene sent me along with my birthday card for my 16Th birthday. And the little 1988 Graduate Ziggy from my aunt Danna that she gave me for my high school graduation. It's those little things that I will remember for the rest of my life. It's those little things that are most important to me.

My aunt's don't realize how much they are loved...even if they are less than pleasant...they are still loved. I have learned long ago to forgive, forget, and move on. You can't change the past, you can only decide what the future brings to you.

Saturday we'll be having the Schoonmaker Thanksgiving at Tessie's house and even though aunt Jan isn't there, I am most certain we will reminisce about her and how she touched our lives...both the good and the bad...we will remember the reasons why we are thankful for her and for each other as well. I will make certain of that. If not for us, then for my cousins Jason and Josh (who should have been brothers instead).

Rest in Peace Aunt Jan. We love you and you will be greatly missed.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have been blessed and am thankful for so many things and people in my life that I’m sure to miss somebody or something if I started listing them all one by one…so on that note…

I am thankful for my family, not only my immediate family, but my extended family as well. This includes my aunts, uncles, cousins and all the relatives I have yet to meet. Without your family, you have nothing. They set the cornerstone for your life and are the key to your past. You can’t pick your family…so you might as well be grateful for them!

I am thankful for great friends and acquaintances that have touched my heart in some way or another. I appreciate each and every one of you, with all my heart, for some reason or another. I might not tell you everyday or all the time, but know that you are always with me in my heart, and every day that I take a breath, I love you more and more.

Thanksgiving is a tough holiday for me. Always has been since my dad died.
It’s the one that I miss my dad the most on because it’s the one we spent together more often than not. Mom usually worked the holiday when we were younger, so that meant that dad had to take care of us girls. After we got older, we just spent the day with dad while mom worked. Even after we had our own families, we would continue on the tradition. We usually had our Thanksgiving as a family either the weekend before or after the actual holiday, but never on the day of.

For years it was like that. And we always had duck or ham. NEVER a turkey…not ever! Sometimes it was goose…but that turkey never graced our family table! And sweet potatoes or yams were the topic of discussion…and what exactly were they…and what their differences were. Oh yeah, many arguments ensued over those vegetables in our house. And don’t forget the gravy. MMMmmmmm….good stuff!!

For the last 14 years or so, I’ve had the opportunity to partake in the Pumper Thanksgiving dinner at Tom’s Aunt Donna and Uncle Ron’s house. There’s always turkey, stuffing, yams, and my favorite broccoli cheese casserole. I always love the food gatherings and try to sample a little bit of each food brought or made. I worked hard to get this body of mine, I’m not about to let it go to waste now!!

Tessie and John will have our family gathering at their house. I love the food that’s there too!! This year I am going to try to con my cousin, Jason, into making gravy. I swear he comes from a long line of good cooks!

I am going to try to take more pictures too…at least one of everybody…Dontcha know…It’s a Scrapbooking Moment…and a good thing…Martha SAID!

Travel safe…Return safe…I love you and I am grateful for you!


Monday, November 19, 2007

George Michael

Most of you who know me...know that George is an OBSESSION that stems from 1983-1984 when I was in the 8th grade and WHAM! was hot on the scene. I was in love with him then and I'm still loving him to this day. I went to see him in concert on September 10, 1987. I was a senior in high school and willing to drive through a snowstorm and against my parent's wishes for those tickets. Turns out, after the fit that I threw for my dad, he brought me up to the record store on Lake Street in Minneapolis to get my tickets. Two of them.

Mom said I couldn't drive my happy self up there by she "hired" Stephanie O' Dell to go with me. Steph drove my mom's car and we had a blast. I realized then that dreams do come true as I never thought in a million years that I'd be seeing my main man in concert ever in my lifetime.

It was and still is to this of THE best shows I have seen in my lifetime. And I've seen alot of concerts. The energy and charisma that George had was amazing. I was inspired....truly.

Those of you who have me on Yahoo IM know that I have been on a George kick this weekend...hence the inspiration for this post. His words inspire me to be...better and stronger and more loving. His voice soothes my soul...even in the worst of my days it still consoles.

So with that...I will leave you with the lyrics to Freedom '90...the current video to your left.

I won't let you down
I will not give you up
Gotta have some faith in the sound
It's the one good thing that I've got
I won't let you down
So please don't give me up
cause I would really, really love to stick around,
oh yeah
Heaven knows I was just a young boy
Didn't know what I wanted to be
I was every little hungry schoolgirl's pride and joy
And I guess it was enough for me
To win the race?
A prettier face!
Brand new clothes and a big fat place
On your rock and roll TV
But today the way I play the game is not the same
No way
Think I'm gonna get myself happy
I think there's something you should know
I think it's time I told you so
There's something deep inside of me
There's someone else I've got to be
Take back your picture in a frame
Take back your singing in the rain
I just hope you understand
Sometimes the clothes do not make the man
All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that I don't belong to you
And you don't belong to me
yea yea
You've gotta give for what you take
You've gotta give for what you take
Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy
What a kick just a buddy and me
We had every big shot good-time band on the run boy
We were living in a fantasy
We won the race
Got out of the place
I went back home got a brand new face
For the boys on MTV
But today the way I play the game has got to change
Oh yeah
Now I'm gonna get myself happy
I think there's something you should know
I think it's time I stopped the show
There's something deep inside of me
There's someone I forgot to be
Take back your picture in a frame
Don't think that I'll be back again
I just hope you understand
Sometimes the clothes do not make the man
All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that I don't belong to you
And you don't belong to me,
yea yeaFreedom,
You've gotta give for what you take
You've gotta give for what you take
Well it looks like the road to heaven
But it feels like the road to hell
When I knew which side my bread was buttered
I took the knife as well
Posing for another picture
Everybody's got to sell
But when you shake your ass
They notice fast
And some mistakes were built to last
That's what you get,That's what you get,
That's what you get,
I say that's what you get
That's what you get for changing your mind
That's what you get for changing your mind
That's what you get,
That's what you get,
And after all this time
I just hope you understand
Sometimes the clothes
Do not make the man
All we have to do now is take these lies
And make them true somehow
All we have to see is that i don't belong to you
And you don't belong to me
yea yea
You've got to give for what you take
You've got to give for what you take
Yea you've got to give for what you, give for what you give
May not be what you want from me
Just the way it's got to be
Lose the face now I've got to live I've got to live

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 18, 2007



The daughter of a sovereign.
The wife of a Prince.

~~As defined by Webster's New World Dictionary/Thesaurus.

My dad used to call me Princess. In fact, I think he called all his granddaughters that as well. Monique even has pajamas that say Princess on them. Megan is so Diva that she is almost a Queen.

Recently, I was told that I was a Princess and that I should be treated as such every single day. How I wish that were true. Some days I feel like a Princess. But others are not Princess-y days. Some days, well...I just get CROWNED...and then I surely do feel like a Queen!

This week has been a tough one for our family. Thursday I found out that my dad's only niece, Diane, died at the Little Rock Hospital from injuries sustained in a house fire. She was 47. She was one of three cousins on my dad's side of the family. I am truly saddened by this tragedy and send prayers and thoughts out to my cousins in Arkansas.

That same day my mother called me at work to let me know that my Aunt Jan wasn't doing so hot. I did venture off to see her Friday after work and had quite the conversation with her even in her delirium. My Aunt Jan is holding her own, although it won't be long before she loses her battle with cancer.

With all this going on this weekend, life is truly too short and it ought to be lived and every opportunity seized. I have said it time and time again. I hope you all are listening to me when I speak.

That being said, watch for some important changes happening in our lives very soon! When I'm ready to go public with it, I'll let you know!

Tiffany will be here in 12 days....let the countdown to the reindeer games begin!!! She wants to see some snow while she is here...I'll see if I can't arrange for that to happen since she has possession of my Georgia Bulldog undies!! GO DAWGS!!!!
Hooters...WATCH OUT!! Minnesota will never be the same as Georgia still hasn't recovered from my visit!!

Thanks Tiffany and PC...for keeping me in check...and for the inspiration to do it all over again every day! MUAH!!

Happy Sunday!
I love you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Monique!

Eight years ago today at 11:58 a.m. little Miss Monique Louise Trump was born. My water broke around 2 a.m. and we went right to the hospital with her being #4 and all we thought I'd go quicker than what I did. I still had to be induced at 6:30 a.m. The doctor came in and said he had a Timberwolves game to go to and could I have her by 4 p.m. I said she'll be here by then no problem. So at about a quarter til 12, she was well on her way. The nurse called the doctor and he walked in to the room, put on one glove, and delivered her in his street clothes and one gloved. Good thing his name is Thomas and not Michael. I would have had to call him Michael Jackson..oh one gloved one! He checked me over and went on to his game.

Erik was the first one to hold her as we had him and Cheryl and Alesha too in with us. Little did Cheryl know, she was going to have a surprise birthday party that night and I'd have to miss it. We flew her mom in for it...she had no clue...and was in tears...I got to see pictures.

So Monique's birthday is special for so many reasons. We truly were blessed this day 8 years ago with an Angel and little did we know, she'd end up being a little Miss Marlar with blonde hair and all.

Monique's cake from Sunday.
Opening her present from Tiffany.
Scooby Doo from Tiffany.Opening her present from Auntie Lynn.
Her new movie.
My baby is a monkey in disguise. She loves her bananas.
And her Princess jammies we bought her.
And Natalea's tiara from Halloween.
She is, and always will be, a Princess.
Grandpa Marlar said so.
I love you Mo!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Life Goals

I'm not a complicated person.
I don't want much from this lifetime.

But I woke up this morning at 2 a.m. with my Life Goals on my mind. I was thinking that if I were to list them all (or those I can think of right this moment), how many would I have? The thing is, is I'd have a never-ending list. I'm sure of this as life will carry on and I'll think of new goals to achieve as I achieve the ones on my list already.

Then I started thinking...These are MISSIONS...or they can be turned into MISSIONS.
And we ALL know what happens with the MISSIONS...they usually get accomplished.

So without further hindrance, here are some of my Life MISSIONS:

~To swim with the dolphins.
~To travel to London (and stalk George Michael...hehehe).
~To travel to the Carribbean (and not for Pirates either Mother!).
~To find my Prince Charming and have a true love like my parent's did.
~To travel to all 50 states, collecting a shot glass from each one (Line 'em up, I say!).
~To live by the Ocean (Either one is most beautiful! No earthquakes in Georgia though!).
~To live a full and extremely happy life with no regrets what so ever.
~To have my own house again, complete with my own ScrapRoom.
~To raise my children to be strong and productive human beings.
~To get that headstone on my uncle's grave.

All of these goals are attainable I believe. Some I will accomplish before others and some will definitely take time and perserverance. And I'm sure I'll add and subtract to my list over the years as MISSIONS are accomplished. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, so I hear.
{I must learn patience and soon!}

So on that note, Happy Monday to you! For those of you who don't already know, tomorrow is Monique's 8th birthday and I'll be posting her birthday pictures tomorrow!

{And I'm still in love with my new ChipMonitor!}


Edited to add: Happy Veteran's Day to you all. A BIG HONKIN' THANK YOU to our Veterans for serving our Country. I am especially appreciative as I could not ever serve!! I LOVE YOU!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Things You Don't See In Minnesota

My new ChipMonitor...I'm in love baby!! My pictures are so clear, crisp and colorful on have no idea how you rocked my world once again! Thank YOU Chipster!
I'll love you forever honey!! MUAH!
Now on to the things you don't see in Minnesota...more pictures from Georgia...I'm so in love!
Beach Chairs for Rent...they never rented us any!
Portable Lifeguard Stations.
BIG HONKIN' Anchors on the beach!
Dolphin Reef Restaurant...on the beach. This is the parking lot side.

Atlantic Ocean Waves...shot consecutively with Mack Daddy...I am definitely in love with this Ocean too!
One day...and soon...I will have my Ocean View and live by this beautiful love of mine.
Until we meet again my love...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My tattoo...strategically placed to peek out of my bikini top tan line. I had it put on my left breast over my heart. The red rose is for love and the blue rose is for our favorite color. The stems are in the shape of T's and it's all locked together with a heart shaped lock. Tiffany's is up higher on her chest above her heart also. She picked this out from Johnny Tattoo. We both think it turned out beautifully and are glad we got them done together. The guy that did them was very professional and barely cracked a smile at all my demented jokes.
Happy Hump Day!



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Pictures...Imagine That!

Tybee Island Lighthouse, Tybee Island, GA.
View from the top of the Tybee Lighthouse.
I-16 West to Macon, GA. {LOOK at ALL the TREES!}
Tybee Pier, Tybee Island, GA.
Jetties on the shore {Like wave breakers, kinda-sorta-maybe}
Close up of the Jetties.
Flawless Blue Polished the sand...TT!
Turtle Art at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.
Dolphin Crossing Sign!! {A MUST-HAVE for my house!}
What was left of that Crown and Coke that Tiffany drank.
Calling Jim on the phone in the bathroom at the bar. So appropro!
Palm tree by the beach at Tybee Island, GA.

So, at my mother's request there are some more pictures of my weekend get away to Georgia!
I'll post some Ocean Waves tomorrow! Those get their own entry!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pictures of You....

Pictures of you...
Pictures of me...
Reminds us all...
Of what could be...
Them Georgians LOVE their Bulldogs!!! I saw this and was SO amazed!!
MN sunset...flying into MSP on Sunday night. We hit the clouds and it was night time.
Spanish Moss...hanging from the trees over the boulevard!
Flowers still blooming on November 2, 2007!
Top of the Tybee Lighthouse from inside! 178 steps later!
Tiffany holding up the Tybee Pier...and sinking in the sand too!
Popcorn at the bar on Thursday was DELISH!
Flowers picked by tiny...just like her!

Me getting purified in the Atlantic Ocean. The Sunrise at Tybee Pier, Tybee, GA.
Tiffany looking for shells on the beach.
Ocean waves crashing's up!
Good picture of Chip and I.
Kim's pic of Chip and I. {See what you missed?}
TMT...Tonja, Morgan, Tiffany.
Ocean View painted on the window of our room at the Commitment Facility.
As I reflect back about my trip to Georgia, I realize that a few of my Life Goals have been achieved.
I got to eat REAL homemade grits.
I got to see the Atlantic Ocean.
I got to see the sunrise at the ocean.
I got to go to Georgia and get that shot glass too!
I got to climb to the top of the lighthouse and see the ocean view.
I got to meet my Best Bridesmaid and her family.
And as a bonus...I got to meet the man behind the emails that make me bust out in laughter!

Stay tuned...more pictures to come as I took 551 of them! I just have to edit...and that will take a while I'm sure.

Happy Monday Ya'll!!


About a year ago or so, when I first met Tiffany and we started playing poker together, I found out she knew how to make grits. Now mind you, I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and my dad was from the south, so the southern food was always there in our house on most days. I didn't have my first taste of grits until I was 24 and went to the local Cracker Barrel. Dad never fixed
So I found out that Tiffany was from Georgia. And it became a standing joke on Sunday's when she'd come to the table to play poker, I'd ask her what's she cooking me for breakfast this week and she'd say, "Grits." Then pretty soon, I would just say to her, "You got my grits on this mornin'?" She'd say, "Come on, they're ready!"
Little did she know...that I would come on...and have me some grits on a Sunday morning at her house in real life. Yesterday as I was blogging, she was cooking these for me along with Bobby's grilled steak that was left over. I haven't eaten that good in a long time and I surely loved it and can't wait to be there for Sunday Grits again!
So thank you Tiffany...for cooking me Grits on that fine Sunday morning. I was glad that it finally became a reality instead of just a running joke between us. My dad surely woulda been tickled at your southern hospitality...I know I was!
I love you girl...and your beautiful family too!