Monday, November 5, 2007


About a year ago or so, when I first met Tiffany and we started playing poker together, I found out she knew how to make grits. Now mind you, I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and my dad was from the south, so the southern food was always there in our house on most days. I didn't have my first taste of grits until I was 24 and went to the local Cracker Barrel. Dad never fixed
So I found out that Tiffany was from Georgia. And it became a standing joke on Sunday's when she'd come to the table to play poker, I'd ask her what's she cooking me for breakfast this week and she'd say, "Grits." Then pretty soon, I would just say to her, "You got my grits on this mornin'?" She'd say, "Come on, they're ready!"
Little did she know...that I would come on...and have me some grits on a Sunday morning at her house in real life. Yesterday as I was blogging, she was cooking these for me along with Bobby's grilled steak that was left over. I haven't eaten that good in a long time and I surely loved it and can't wait to be there for Sunday Grits again!
So thank you Tiffany...for cooking me Grits on that fine Sunday morning. I was glad that it finally became a reality instead of just a running joke between us. My dad surely woulda been tickled at your southern hospitality...I know I was!
I love you girl...and your beautiful family too!

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Tiffany said...

Well Im glad you finally got to have your grits!! Hope it was worth the wait. I know it was well worth the wait for me....I would fix ya some more right now if you would come on back down. You let me know and I will have it ready! And btw that southern hospitality is just how you treat your family....YOU KNOW THAT!! I love you