Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Weeks Post Op

Four weeks ago today I had my life changing bariatric surgery.  I took my measurements on November 16, 2011 and here's what they were:

Weight:  243 pounds
Hips:  54
Waist:  41
Bust:  41
Thigh:  33(R) and 34(L)
Arm:  17(R) and (L)

Today, December 15, 2011 I took my measurements and am happy to say they aren't the same as above!

Weight:  221 pounds
Hips:  51 inches
Waist:  38 inches
Bust:  41 inches  (Chest size is 37 inches)
Thigh:  31(R) and 32(L)
Arm:  16 (R + L)

So while progress is being made according to the numbers, I really haven't noticed too much.  My favorite pair of jeans still fit, but are just a tad bit loose.  I did notice right away that my bra can be clasped on the first set of hooks.  Maybe now I can go to Victoria's Secret! :)  I could never do that before.  I will try to take a photo today for my scrapbook to show the progress, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to see me in my underthings on here. :)
Thanks for all your support and love through all this.  Everyday I thank God for my family and friends!


On December 3, 1997 I gave birth to my Gabryelle.  She is my second daughter and has been a joy (for the most part) for the last 14 years.  (I apologize for the late post Gabby!)

So at 14 she plays basketball (00) and volleyball. She's quirky, sarcastic, and humorous. She can come up with a quip faster than a comedian on the Comedy channel and it's so natural.  She gets almost straight A's and doesn't have to even TRY hard.  She does her homework and chores without being told or nagged on.  She loves to hang with her friends, both in and out of school.  She loves to do artsy fartsy things and has a great imagination.  She makes her parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles proud everyday.  I can't wait to see what the next 14 years brings from this child.  She will succeed in whatever she chooses to do in her life!
We love you Gabby Girl!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Journey

Nine days ago I started a journey that I have been looking forward too for a very long time.  I had a bariatric procedure called Sleeve Gastrectomy.  It's where they cut away a portion of your stomach so that it's shaped like a banana.  YouTube has some good informational videos if you're interested in learning more.
You see all my life I've been a "big" girl.  I can remember being 9 years old and getting a pair of navy dress pants for a gift that were a size 14 juniors.  I also can remember how cool I thought it was that I was 9 and can fit into a 14, thinking I was 14 as I always thought the number correlated with your age. Silly me.  I also remember my senior year in high school weighing 195 and thinking, "Oh I'll never let myself get to 200!"  Yeah right.  When I started the process to have this surgery on December 14, 2010, I weighed 254.  46 pounds away from 300.  Now that's perspective.

I actually started this with my husband as a support for him and just for shits and giggles so to speak.  Who knew it'd be me having surgery first.  Back in August when he got ill, after he got out of the hospital we went to an informational class so that he could be less scared to have the procedure and well, get more information.  We decided to do this together since I qualifed with a BMI of 42%.  Now mind you, there are hoops to jump through.  We had to do a minimum of 6 dietician visits, a psychiatric evaluation, change our eating habits, and I had to lose 10 pounds on my own  (Tommy 25 since he weighed more).  Easy right?  Not even.  Those 10 pounds were the hardest thing to do.  And my weight had to be documented at the Dr.'s office, which meant many trips there (after constant weighing of myself at home to make sure I'd hit the mark).  I was so proud of myself when I hit that 10 pound mark. That meant I could schedule my surgery.  And my goal was to lose 100 pounds.  Half of me.  So that I could go to my sister's closet (who has been skinny all her life) and borrow her cute clothes that I could never fit into. 

As of today I have lost 24 pounds.  I weigh 230.  I am so excited.  And I'm so grateful to my family and friends for supporting me on this decision to be a healthier me.  I will try to post monthly updates here, along with measurments and weights, so that I can track my progress and make a scrapbook album about it (of course).  So stay tuned for progress reports!


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Twelve years ago today at exactly 11:58 a.m. I gave birth to my last child Monique Louise Trump.  The history of her name is deep as she was named after my childhood friend Nicole Monique Johnson.  I loved Nicole's middle name and always told her I was naming my daughter after her.  Monique was supposed to be Monique Nicole after Nicole, but my mom was a little jealous that Gabby's middle name was after Tom's mom so we named Mo after my mom's middle name.  Turns out that Louise is an old family name and belongs to a great-great aunt, my cousin Janine, and my mother.  We couldn't be happier with our choice of a name for this baby girl.  She has nicknames like Mo, Mo-Lou, Louie, and MoniQue.  She has amazed us in ways that we could never imagine.  She was walking at 8 months old and talking shortly afterwards.  She is funny, silly, goofy, and beautiful all wrapped up in one.  She has had to fight for herself with her 2 sisters and brother.  Although she favors her brother over her sisters (when he's not picking on her).  This year she played football on the 6th grade boy's team.  She learned alot, played hard, and kicked ass and took names.  She is my blonde baby and sometimes shows it (Bless her heart!).  She is the good child still and doesn't sass back her parents yet.  Hopefully she never will.  At 12 she is in the 6th grade.  She gets good grades and still listens when we tell her to get her homework done.  She still loves on her momma and daddy.  She's still a little girly, but sometimes lets the tomboy out.  She is my pride and joy and my baby of all my babies.  She's everything we hoped she would be and much, much more!  We love you baby!!
Love Always,

Monday, June 13, 2011


On this day, June 13, 1996, I gave birth to this amazing, beautiful, and talented baby girl.  She has been fun and yet challenging to raise up so far.  She has a scream that can be heard by EVERYONE and it's so high pitched I bet she could break glasses with it.  She has the most beautiful handwriting ever and even got a Principal's Award for it when she was younger.  She is a typical teenage daughter, becoming defiant at times and her world includes much drama at this age, but I wouldn't trade her for anything.  She's a breath of fresh air and puts the whirl in my world.  We go around and around, her and I.  But I love her still.  She is my mini-me.

My Dearest Natalea,
This year I wish for you to live each day to the fullest, make decisions wisely, and experience what life has to offer you.  If opportunity knocks, open the door baby girl.  Remember that your family is here for you and that you have many Angels watching over you ALWAYS. 
If ever you're in doubt, look to the stars and Heaven and ask God for guidance.

Taylor Swift said it best:
'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen, don't forget to look before you fall
Ive found that time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you're supposed to be
I didn't know who I was supposed to be at fifteen.
Happy 15th Birthday Natalea Rose Trump!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

North Shore Trip

 I can't believe that I have never been to the North Shore of Minnesota until now.  My parents never took us up north this far that I can remember and I'm sure the lack of time and money were the reasons why.  We were clearly denied to opportunity to see God's beauty and creation.  The first stop we made was at the Sandstone Quarry.  On the side of the cliffs were the snow falls and because it's just starting to thaw out up here, there were small streams of water trickling down.  So very cool and peaceful and serene.  Until a big snow chunk fell off as we were walking away.  That was a cool sound and I was glad we decided to leave at that time.
The Duluth Harbor was so awesome to see and I was in such awe that once again a dream of mine had been realized that I shed a couple tears.  For those of you that don't know me, I don't cry so easy, but just the reality of FINALLY going to Duluth, MN was so overwhelming and emotional for me.  It was just AWESOME.  My niece Megan is thinking about going to college here, I sure hope she does so I can visit often.  It's beautiful up here and she would love it. 

Gooseberry Falls was simply amazing.  And the ice chunks in the river were equally cool.  Again, God's beauty at it's best.
This is Lake Superior from the hotel room.  How cool to have a balcony overlooking the lake.  I can't wait to take my kids here and share all this with them.  I hope my love for these great sites will rub off on them and they can enjoy these beauties from now on and that they can pass this love on down to their children.  I want my kids to experience all that the North Shore has to offer.
I can't wait to go to Grand Marais today and explore more of this great beauty.  This certainly gives me a better appreciation of this great State of Minnesota and all its beauty it has to offer.
I'll post more tomorrow.
Until then....Love, TT

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today is a remarkable day in the lives of the Minnesota Marlar's and especially for one Ashley Marie Marlar.  You see 21 years ago today Ashley Marie Marlar was born and weighed in around 4 pounds 12 ounces (or very close) and with an enlarged heart defect they call Epstein's Anomaly.  This was very scary not only for her teenage parents, but the grandparents and rest of the family as well.  We didn't know if she would live or die.  The Dr.'s didn't know either as this was a very rare condition.  They didn't think she'd live past the age of 7.  They didn't know if she'd ever talk, walk, anything.  They just didn't know enough about this condition.  I didn't know she was even born until after the fact because of her fragile condition and daily fight for life.  When I got the call from my mom saying Tessie had had a baby girl and that baby was in the NICU, the first thing I said was, "Have dad come and get me!" 
You see I was living an hour south in Austin, MN at the time and had no vehicle.  My dad rocked at being the family taxi.  Anytime we needed a ride, he was there.  So he ventured south on very little sleep to come get his oldest baby girl.  He knew how important it was for me to be there with my new baby niece who was fighting for the very breath she was taking. 
We arrived at Minneapolis Children's 2 1/2 hours later and he brought me in to see her.  But before I went in my mom warned me of all the tubes and monitors hooked up to the baby.  I was prepared to see all that, but I wasn't prepared to fall in love at first sight. 
From the very moment that I saw that baby girl laying in the NICU bassinette she took my breath away and I knew she was going to be a special person in my life forever.  I immediately stood there and prayed and smiled for I knew an Angel had been sent from Heaven and God wasn't taking her anywhere anytime soon.  But still I prayed. And talked to her.  And loved on her.  And planned her whole life for us around our Auntie/Niece relationship.  And all the fun things we would do when she got out of the hospital.  Because she WAS coming home, I just didn't know it would take 2 1/2 months and a couple or so surgeries to get her there.   I also didn't know that we'd have MANY more stays in the hospital and many more surgeries to endure.
But through all her trials and tribulations, Ashley has rarely complained and ALWAYS smiled.  And we've tried to make it as fun as possible for her.  And she's always pulled through, prevailed and amazed her Dr.'s and accomplished the impossible.
Last night Tessie threw a surprise birthday party for her (because this is such a HUGE accomplishment)complete with a DJ (Rick Webb), friends, and families (Marlar's, Drache's, and Winjum's).  She had no clue and was absolutely tickled that we would all come together for her.  She danced and sang her little heart out and had a blast with everyone there.  She said hi and talked to just about everyone that came and went.  She'll have those memories for a long time to come. 
And she again took my breath away as she turned 21 today. 
And I couldn't be a prouder Auntie and Godmother.
I love you Ashley Marie Marlar!! 
Happy 21st Birthday Baby Girl!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Much Going On

So I don't think I've blogged this yet, but I started a new job in February with the State of Minnesota as a Human Services Technician in a group home in Northfield.  My schedule is kind of wonky and all over the place and not really a set schedule at that.  I'm ok with that.  For awhile I was getting every other weekend off and a 3 day weekend at that, but on the next schedule that's not the case.  I'm ok with that since I love my job.  I take care of 3 elderly individuals (who shall remain nameless for confidentiality purposes), one of whom is Jewish...and my one to one....which means I get to learn about Judaism and participate in the Jewish faith.  Matter of fact, in April we get to go to a Passover Seder dinner.  Where there's food, we will travel to St. Louis Park.  I actually asked to be scheduled that night so I could take my guy.  I'll have to research proper procedures and all before I go so I know what to expect, but it should be fun!

Ashley turns 21 in 5 days.  Hard to believe that this day will soon be here.  I'll blog about her on Sunday...complete with photos. :)

Gabby made the B honor roll this quarter.  Way to go my little bookworm scholar!!  Now if we can just get Natalea to follow your example, we'll be good in the grade section!!  :)

More going on that I'll holla about later on after the details are finalized. 
All my love to you, my faithful readers and newcomers as well!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Son

Just a quick note...

Today my son got his drivers license.  He used my mother's car for his test as this has come to be a tradition in our family to use the grandparents' car for the driver's test.  He is 16 years and 29 days old.  I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see how he does on his own.  Awesome, I'm sure. 

Congratulations Erik!!  I love you very much!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


17 years ago today I was blessed to see the birth of my niece Megan Lea Marlar.  I even got to cut the cord.  It was so cool to be able to experience that. The love and the pride that you feel when a child is born is so overwhelming, it's no wonder people cry when babies are born.  Today that pride and love is even stronger and more overwhelming than it was on that cold, snowy night.  If you would have asked me 17 or even 15 years ago if Megan would have turned out to be so perfect, I would have told you hell no, she is Tessie's child.  But she's nothing like Tessie was as a teenager.  She is perfect.  We are truly blessed to have such a good girl with a good head on her shoulders.  Her parents have sure done well raising her up.  Even if she did know how to throw a temper tantrum like her mom. You'll always be my Oscar no matter how old you get!
Happy 17th Birthday Megan Lea!! 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


16 years ago today I gave birth to my first born, a boy we named Erik Michel Trump.  It's hard to believe that this time has passed and this day is finally here.  I've tried to mold and shape you, learn and teach you and prepare you for this day.  You'll get your driver's license and I'll have to let you take the car for the first time.  I'll hope and pray that I've taught you well to know right from wrong and to be safe while you are out there driving on these roads with all these crazy people.  My dad said to me on more than one occassion, it's not you I worry about, it's the other drivers.  Watch out for the other drivers...always Son.

So today at 16:

You still love your John Deere tractors and tinkering with them.
You love to build things with any tools you can get your hands on.
You love to dream up concoctions to cook up in the kitchen.
You still haven't done dishes since you were about 4, but you'll do laundry.
Your chore is to take out the garbage.
You can drive a vehicle.
You get B's and C's in the 10th grade...with a GPA of 2.97.
Math is easy for you, but English is a little tougher.
You love football and will be the starting Center in the fall of 2011.
You love to pick on your sisters and get them riled up.
You are shy to tell your momma that you love her, although she knows you do.
You love your momma's lasagna.

I love you Erik.  Thank you for being such a great son. 
You make me so proud to be your mother!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day.
It's been awhile since I've last blogged for you.  Sorry for the delay folks.  So much has been going on, I feel as if my life is in a whirlwind.  I'm sure I'm not alone either.

As most of you know, Tom and I took on a position as Resident Managers of 3 apartment buildings.  It's been an interesting and fun time here at Spring Court.  Lots of repairs are being made and we are seeing progress finally.  The residents love us and the Somali residents have been so patient and gracious in teaching us their customs and culture.  They've even cooked for us!  YUM!

Tom and I are on our way to weight loss surgery success.  Our tentative goal for surgery is June sometime, probably the middle to end.  I'm down from 254 to 248.2.  Love that! :)

I start my new job at MSOCS on Monday...SO excited to be working for the State of MN.  My longterm goal is to retire from there in 25 years.  I'll put my time in and get 'er done.

Erik turns 16 on Tuesday.  Seriously, where did THAT time go?  I remember the night he was born so vividly still.  I'll blog more on that next week. :)
Natalea is 14 and full of school girl drama.  I love my teen girls. :)  She hates me one minute, loves me the next.  What's a momma to do. *sigh*
Gabryelle (13) is not quite as bad and enjoying her 7th grade season of basketball.  She's improving. :)
And Monique is 11 and trying to not be like either of her sisters.  She wants to play football.  Have at it kiddo! :)

More changes in our lives will be happening this year.  This is the year of change for me.   I'll blog more when I know more.  Until then my friends, live your life to the fulllest of each day!