Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie Experience

Wow. What a great show. Of course I went to this show with no expectations whatsoever and came out of it a new fan of both Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie.

Those of you who know me, know my favorite artist is George Michael and while I have a variety of artists I listen too, I stay in the pop category most days. So for me to attend this was out of the norm so to speak. Not that I haven't heard metal before (there was the summer of 91 when I went to see Metallica and Ozzy), but you know, it's just not my normal self.

I took these photos with my cell phone, but I really should have borrowed my niece's camera as everyone had one and nobody said a word to me or anyone else. The soundstage was to the left of us and you could see backstage and behind the scenes REALLY good from where we were sitting (section 115, Row N, Seats 1 & 2).

The special effects were so worth the $40 ticket. I was truly impressed to say the least.

The other thing that impressed me was how Alice Cooper helped his roadies pack the stage stuff away after his show was over. Most artists would have just went back to the dressing room and left them to fend for themselves. I think it shows an artist's true class when they can get in beside the hired help and get their hands dirty themselves.

Before last night, I had never heard a Rob Zombie song. I was suprised at how much I liked his music as well as the special effects of his show. And the spurts of fire were warm on my face even from our seats.

It was a great time and a great time was had by all. Joe thought he was going to leave in the middle of Zombie's performance until he saw I wasn't going anywhere (and the topless girls that were on stage at that moment)! I don't leave in the middle of shows...I might miss something important. And in fact, I like to hang around afterwards and let the crowd thin out and watch the guys tear down for a bit. I guess that comes from watching my dad tear down all those years. I've always liked the behind the scenes stuff most.
OH and my biggest epiphany at that show was when I saw the photographers down in front of the stage. OH YEAH I wanna be that photographer and take photos for tour books and artists. How cool would that be to go on tour with a band and do that.
Neil Diamond and Brett Michaels here I for my resume and portfolio!
Happy Hump Day y'all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Concert Under My Belt

Next Tuesday I'm going to see Alice Cooper with Rob Zombie. Yep, Alice.
This ain't no George Michael I know. But it should be a great time anyway. He did have some pop songs in the 80's that I remember. As for RZ...who the hell is he? LOL! :)

It's a small sacrifice to make yet another friend's birthday a little more special. I agreed to go because it's my buddy Joe's birthday (he'll be 42 and we went to Jr. High together) and he really wanted to go and has nobody else to go with. If he wouldn't have gotten the tickets, we (the kids and I) would have had a little birthday party for him. Everyone's birthday should be special, no matter who they are.

All my life, all my birthday's were and continue to be special. That's how it SHOULD be. That's YOUR day to celebrate YOUR life and life is a gift in itself and should be specially celebrated. Get my point yet? I *HEART* MY BIRTHDAY!

Tommy just laughed when I told him. He knows I'm no rocker chick...I'm all about George and M&M's for pity's sake! Throw in some Neil Diamond and hey you have my whole life in music!

Tommy comes home tomorrow. I can't wait to see him...I actually miss him for once! Life is good ya know. Except can someone please ask God to turn on the sunshine and heat? It's cold here at a very windy 56 right now. My fingers are almost too cold to type this up...such is life in MN. One day Dear Jesus I am going back south to Tybee. Speakin' of which, I need to order up my onions. Anyone else want any? HOLLA! :)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Many Things

So many things to talk about and while I have extra time this morning (due to a 2 hour late start at school) I'll update you.
First, the Brittney Landsverk Memorial Scholarship fundraiser was an awesome, overwhelming success. I was privileged enough to be asked to make the donation box for this event and it turned out beautifully! The event was held at Basilleo's Pizza in Faribault and will be a yearly event on the first Saturday in May in honor of Brittney who is presumed drowned and still missing. Everyday we pray for her to be found so that the family can finally have closure. I am honored to be a part of this as my niece Megan is on the Faribault Emeralds danceline team. The scholarship will go to a graduating member of the Emeralds danceline team as Brittney was on the danceline and a dancer for many years. She was only 20 when a car she was riding in went into the Cannon River.
For May Day, my sister and another danceline mom made a May Day basket with 20 roses in it and asked me to compose a poem that was sort of from the dancers. The family loved it.
Here's what I wrote:
Brittney Rose
20 years have gone by,
20 roses will wilt and die.
To our hearts we held you dear,
To our hearts you'll always be near.
15 years of song and dance,
15 years we've had the chance,
To watch and admire you grow and bloom,
And always never any gloom.
We'll never forget you
Our teammate and friend,
And we'll always remember to smile
Until the end.
Brittney Rose you'll always be,
A Faribault Emerald to our team.
And now it's time for you to shine,
For a team that's so much more divine.
Once again, I feel honored to be able to contribute my talents where they are needed. I may not be able to contribute money, but I can offer my services.
In other news Tommy was stuck on I-40 just outside of Nashville on Sunday. They shut all roads down going into and out of Nashville, so he (and many other truckers) had to park on the side of the highway until the police re-routed them to another road. He finally made it to his destination drop east of Nashville this morning. From there he'll pick up a load in Danville, TN and head to Wisconsin and then home for the Mother's Day weekend.
Speaking of Mother's Day weekend, I have to work Saturday night at the hotel. I still have that job, just on weekends now until school is out and then I can pick up more hours during the week. My part time day job will start winding down now and I continue to look for a law office job close by. Those are few and far between though. I may have to suck it up and start looking towards the Twin Cities or Rochester areas.
Not sure what we are doing on Mother's Day yet since I am working overnights, I may just stay home. We were invited to my aunt's house, so we'll see how I feel. Sleep is essential for the control of my seizures and my #1 priority.
Erik and I ripped out the front flower box weeds and I plan on planting some hostas and other stuff in there this weekend if it doesn't rain and the sun shines. It's supposed to be chilly out, so we'll see how far I get.
That's enough for today. I'll update more later on in the week. Happy Tuesday!