Monday, August 17, 2009

8/13/09 Blog Challenge

Today's topic is:
What Inspires You When Creating A Page

Many things inspire me when creating a page. It can be something as simple as a color in a photo or as complex as an ocean wave being the perfect shot for a layout.

I've also been inspired by M&M's believe it or not. Most people know I have an extensive collection that is dust worthy and very colorful. And edible.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/12/09 Blog Challenge

Torm's in charge today. Her question is:

"If you were doing a complete home makeover and could only save one piece of furniture - which one would it be, and why?"

This one is rather easy peasy since we really don't have much furniture anymore.
I'd keep Grandmother's Singer sewing machine.
Because it still works and I can use my knee to operate it.
And because I have fond memories of her sewing on it. And she made my quilt on it. And it's been a fixture in her house since the 1950's or 1960's. And I want to make a quilt on it someday.

Actually, I'd keep her stereo too. Everything else would have to be recycled, reused, or tossed.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Today Makes It 14

It was 14 years ago today we had our church wedding with the white dress, the guests, the whole kit n kaboodle.
We've done alot in our 14 years and I wouldn't take any of it back either.
We outlasted everyone else that got married that summer.

And done it with 4 children in tow.

And I'm pretty proud of that.
And even though I have to work today, we will celebrate it this weekend with a date night.

Happy Anniversary Tommy!
I love you!

8/11/09 Techie Tuesday Blog Challenge Post

OMG. I am caught up now!

Tami said:

"What do you say you'd like to do, but know you probably never could? Think of things like joking about laying in bed all day, or calling a corporate office on a rude employee, or leaving a bad waitress a penny. Things that sound good, but you know you'd never literally do."

Sorry Tami, I've done all those things honey. There's not much I wouldn't do, as I've found some guts within me and have become a little TOO bold over the past few years. I think though that is has strengthened me and given me some confidence as well. I do have to pull the reins back sometimes though, so I don't offend when I don't intend too.

BUT...I would talk about beating someone's ass and not do it (like Madea). Only because it's not legal and I don't want a record for beating up some mouthy chick that ain't worth it. As much as I love Madea and that whole character, I do know the difference between right and wrong. ;)


8/10/09 Blog Challenge

Make A List Monday

This week, it's a wish list. Mine will be pretty simple I know. I don't ask for much usually and I'm not very high maintenance like that.

I wish:

For a full time job that I like
For a 3 bedroom house to rent to own
For President Obama to re-evaluate the FICO system so I can get a loan
For Tom to get a full time job that pays well
For good health for my family
For happiness for my family
For a long and prosperous life.

Maybe one day, my wishes will come true. Everyday I pray they do.

Savory Sunday

Blog Challenge for 8/9/09.
What's on your Sunday dinner table?

This week it was a roast and potatos and carrots. We love us some Sunday dinner around here and usually spend it at my mom's house for lunch with my grandma joining us. Sometimes we barbecue too and then make S'mores afterwards.

When I was younger, we always had something good to eat on Sundays and usually if mom had to work, she'd put it in the crock pot or slow cook it in the oven. Sometimes it was ham dinner and other times it was beef roast. She'd even sneak in some bean soup when I wasn't looking. (It's why I don't eat bean soup these days.)

And Sunday was always for family gatherings. Usually just the 4 of us unless we had company for the weekend (which was every other weekend when we lived on the lake). I saw my relatives way more than I do now...sad but true. It's funny how we get older and busier and see each other less and less each year. I guess we have to change that and just MAKE TIME for family.

After everything is all said and done, it's what you have left over...your family. ;)


8/8/09 Blog Challenge

Forgive me, I'm still trying to catch up on blog posts here. I better get a crackalackin'!
SnapShot Saturday is what it's called. Find a photo from a year ago or 2 and post it and the story behind it.
So, this was taken last August during one of Erik's first football games. I happened to watch the girls go to the restroom and this is what I saw.
2 very happy little girls acting like best friends and not sisters.
No fighting or whining, just happy go lucky.
How I wish they'd stay like this forever.
Even if they do have a style all their own.
I love them still.
These are the days of our lives.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Challenge for 8/7/2009

What is something you remember about your childhood that makes you smile?

I have lots of childhood memories that make me smile. And with a short term memory condition that was drug induced as a child, it's a wonder that I can remember those childhood memories at all.

I remember the silly little things. Like climbing up the neighbor's tree and getting scared to come down and having my dad summoned to come rescue me. I remember riding a small bicycle down the hill to teach myself how to ride a bike..and not wiping out! I remember playing Smear the Queer with the neighbor boys, because there was only 2 other girls in our neighborhood besides me. I remember going to the Brother's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis after (or before) going to the Dayton's Christmas Display on the 8th floor. And being in AWE of said display each and every time I saw it. I remember my first Neil Diamond concert at the age of 6 (the first concert I remember, not the first one attended though).

All these memories (and more) make me smile. It was a magical time for me, those years were. Some days I wish I could be that age again and live it all over. I wouldn't change a thing.


Thursday August 6th Blog Challenge

Today's blog post is about perspective journaling. This photo of Erik at the Rice County Fair for instance can be journaled a few different ways.

Event Focused: Our day at the Rice County Fair ended at the Historical Society's village on the fairgrounds site with Erik mowing the lawn using an old manual push mower.

Relationship Focused: My son and I have alot in common and more than he knows or cares to admit. We both love to mow lawn, either with a rider mower or a push mower, even if it is an old manual one like the one I used to use and play with when I was 7 and living in Minneapolis on Aldrich Avenue.

My Own Perspective: My how time flies. Here you are at the age of 14 and mowing lawn is one of your favorite things to do. Some things just don't change over time. Even when you were 2 you loved to mow the lawn and use the weeder beater, or at least pretend to.

Historical Perspective: This photo is of you Erik Trump at the age of 14 at our annual trip to the Rice County Fair. Every year since you were born, we've gone to the fair to at least look around at the animal barns and get the freebies that vendors give away. You truly look forward to the farm animals and outdoor stuff the most.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Blog Challenge

Today's post is supposed to be a story you can just print out and scrap.
Sharyn Tormanen (to the right) is your loverly hostess with the mostess today.
(I'm really surprised she didn't get Monday's)

Onward Jackson....

Yesterday I finalized my decision to transfer schools. The final straw that broke my back was the email I received ONCE AGAIN from the Financial Aid department. For the last 2 months now, I've tried to get all my ducks in a row and get the financial aid done so I can just start class as usual. It's been pure hell to say the least.

Now let's back up a minute so I can explain how I like things to be flawless and smooth sailing.
Most of us anal planners do.
Don't get me wrong, I believe in a little flexibility, but come on now...2 months? Nope. Not happening. And if you don't call me back when I call you to fix it, not my problem. Your customer service stinks and guess just lost a customer. I firmly believe in that.

So after meeting with my Irish Lad at Brown College on Friday, I finalized my decision to transfer there and concentrate on Photography. So far, so good. I meet with Financial Aid on Friday to settle up all that and start classes on October 12, with student orientation on the 10th.
AND I have to get a Mac Book Pro. Bummer. Sigh.
AND have it attached to my financial aid. Tough break I say.
Not sure on the camera yet, I may be able to use Mack Daddy, but may have to get a Mack Momma for him to marry. Bummer. Sigh.
Did I tell you I love my job? I mean school? I mean THIS profession I call scrapbooking?
(It's what got all this started in the first place!)

I'm excited and just taking it day by day and putting it all in God's Hands, well because I can and He likes it like that. ;)

Next up a place to live and a newer vehicle.
All in due time I'm sure.
(Sooner than later mother, for sure!)
Happy Wacky Wednesday!

Techie Tuesday

Happy Birthday Quinn!
I'm sure you had a good day!
(First and foremost)

Now, on to the techie part. Today's blog challenge is all about underlining

and strikethrough and how to do it in that ever so loverly HTML code. This is a definite challenge for me. Although I love that my Photoshop has that save for web option that can put it into code for me. Remember when I didn't even WANT to learn Photoshop...ahh...those were the days when I used to digital scrapbook. Now I love it. Totally. Don't know why I didn't learn it sooner. But anywho, on to other scrappy stuff.

My favorite time of the year is Retreat time. Twice a year (September and March) my CM Consultant hosts this retreat out at a camp (and I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember the dang name of it now) from Friday to Sunday. Bring all your scrappy stuff and your money 'cause she's got stuff for purchase. And lunch and supper are included in that price. Bring a snack to share and your bedroll, toiletries, and great conversation too. Let's see how many pages you can crank out while talking and eating. And the nature trails are awesome. And the Chapel is beautifully set on the lake. I love it. And I've missed it this last year and a half. Three times.

When we moved back from Georgia, I packed up my scrappy stuff with the intention of going to retreat. I packed up all my Classy Scrapper kits and I have my photos all in one bin, so I'm set! Now just to wait for that email to sign up. Hopefully by the middle of the month I'll see it. I'm looking for some scrappy women time. I have missed it the last couple months. And it's needed to keep my sanity.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Make A List Monday {8-3 Blog Challenge}

I asked my husband to write down some things to start our grocery list, and he couldn't find the paper. SO...I'm glad for today's challenge...and glad I remembered to check the board tonight!

Grocery List
Dawn Dishsoap
Toilet Paper
Dog Food
Whole Kernel Corn
Pork & Beans

Things To Do This Week
Tuesday-Register kids for school.
Give Cheryl a haircut.
Work on Wednesday.
Check in with my school advisor.
Friday-Go to appointment in Twin Cities.
Go school shopping (Erik and Gabby)

That's enough for right now I think...this list is subject to change though!

Blog Challenge For 8/2/09

First, let me explain the story behind the challenges.
Get It of my frequented scrap boards, is doing a month long Blog Challenge for the whole month of August. They give you the topic, you blog it.
Now, since I only usually check the board early in the morning, I'll be a day behind in my challenges. Capiche`?

Okay then, that being said, today's challenge is Surreal Sunday. We're supposed to blog about a surreal or dream like moment.

Besides those dreams where you are falling off the cliff (those are very surreal for me when they DO occur), my life as I know it right now is surreal.

I never thought I'd move back to Minnesota from Georgia and the drive on the way back here was really surreal. I didn't believe I was really driving those 1100 miles back to the cold and snow country. Sometimes I just look around now, and just can't believe I'm home. It's weird to me, but eh, such is life.

The OTHER surreal moment...Meeting my brother for the first time. So many times I dreamt of our meeting, and when it finally happened on Mother's Day weekend, it was just awesome. The story of that meeting is in the "History Was Made" post back in May.

Happy Monday to you!
I have to go make my list now as I've got a ton of stuff do accomplish before Friday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 Things

Today's Blog Challenge:
Find or take 3 photos....
1. Something you love=The ocean and Natalea

2. Something yellow=Prima Flowers in a jar in the sunlight.

3. Something from above=Taking this shot of Mo writing in the sand
from above on the Tybee Pier.
Happy Sunday!