Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thursday August 6th Blog Challenge

Today's blog post is about perspective journaling. This photo of Erik at the Rice County Fair for instance can be journaled a few different ways.

Event Focused: Our day at the Rice County Fair ended at the Historical Society's village on the fairgrounds site with Erik mowing the lawn using an old manual push mower.

Relationship Focused: My son and I have alot in common and more than he knows or cares to admit. We both love to mow lawn, either with a rider mower or a push mower, even if it is an old manual one like the one I used to use and play with when I was 7 and living in Minneapolis on Aldrich Avenue.

My Own Perspective: My how time flies. Here you are at the age of 14 and mowing lawn is one of your favorite things to do. Some things just don't change over time. Even when you were 2 you loved to mow the lawn and use the weeder beater, or at least pretend to.

Historical Perspective: This photo is of you Erik Trump at the age of 14 at our annual trip to the Rice County Fair. Every year since you were born, we've gone to the fair to at least look around at the animal barns and get the freebies that vendors give away. You truly look forward to the farm animals and outdoor stuff the most.

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