Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Challenge for 8/7/2009

What is something you remember about your childhood that makes you smile?

I have lots of childhood memories that make me smile. And with a short term memory condition that was drug induced as a child, it's a wonder that I can remember those childhood memories at all.

I remember the silly little things. Like climbing up the neighbor's tree and getting scared to come down and having my dad summoned to come rescue me. I remember riding a small bicycle down the hill to teach myself how to ride a bike..and not wiping out! I remember playing Smear the Queer with the neighbor boys, because there was only 2 other girls in our neighborhood besides me. I remember going to the Brother's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis after (or before) going to the Dayton's Christmas Display on the 8th floor. And being in AWE of said display each and every time I saw it. I remember my first Neil Diamond concert at the age of 6 (the first concert I remember, not the first one attended though).

All these memories (and more) make me smile. It was a magical time for me, those years were. Some days I wish I could be that age again and live it all over. I wouldn't change a thing.


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