Thursday, July 31, 2008

One More Day!

One more day until school starts here!
The kidlins are excited...
So are we...I can actually buy them (the biggies) a Trapper Keeper type binder and don't have to have 3 seperate ones for each class!

BUT...Erik may have to miss the first day because the school in Morristown can't get off their ass and fax his records down...someone go rattle their cage and pick up those records please and fax them? I emailed the principal and the superintendent...apparently the prinicpal doesn't know the right fax number and gave me the wrong one as Ms. Thrift had to look up the fax from the girls' paperwork in their files.

I will call both schools today and confirm they received it. When you ask them to do something, why can't they just do it at the time you ask? DUH?

And I had to ORDER Erik's birth certificate...$42 bucks for expedited, credit card, and MDH fees. All that because of HIPPA...who made that Act anyway? Godparents have no rights...wait til I hit DC with that cause! I want the same rights as the natural born parent...cause when the parent is unable, the Godparent should be able to naturally step in. Anywho....enough venting for now.

It's Thursday...George is in Atlanta tonight...someone forgot to get my tickets for me! How dare you?! His last show is scheduled to be in Denmark on August 30th. It should have been at Wembley. *SIGH* I should be there still. I should move to Dallas too. One day I will I think...we'll!

One more day until the weekend...Oh Happy Day!

Monday, July 28, 2008


While today marks the 6th anniversary of my dad's death, I'm not going to dwell on that in this post.
Instead, here's what we did this weekend.

Erik took photos of his farm setup and yes, that's real sand from the ocean excursion earlier this summer. No, he doesn't need anymore farm stuff either. He has duplicates and I am trying to talk him into getting rid of the can back me up on this please. I like the last one he took looking into his shed. He doesn't know it yet, but he's turning into quite the photographer!

Hillbilly College Savings Fund...apparently those girls think they are getting to college on canadian coins...maybe if they sweet talk their Canuck Grandma Lucky, she'll fork over more of those!

Ashley's "18" album...18 pictures on 18 purple girls...turned out quite cool, if I do say so myself. I am working on the case for it now...I'll post that tomorrow most likely. Then I'll ship it off to watch your mail Ashley!

Happy Monday! Feels good to have a productive weekend finally! OH and George will be here in Atlanta on Saturday, if anyone wants to donate money for a ticket, I'll gladly take it!!! (I just can't watch him enough!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Tessie

This is Little Tessie...catching flies and all. I think she even has Tessie's lips. I had to snap this one quick this morning...little moments like these just seem to pass by too quickly these days. At any rate, Grandma always says she looks like my dad...maybe she's right!
On the agenda for today...after I watch the third installment of the George interview...and have my to clean my bedroom up and get rid of all those clothes baskets in there...and then clean my scrapdesk off and scrap for the rest of my weekend...I have fresh memories of hot old men that need to be put onto well as geriatric jokes! It's a good thing I love and respect the elders. I need to change the light bulb in here too.
Okay that's all for now...Happy Saturday to you!
And the 3rd installment of George....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Morning America

Ok I tried to post the interviews of George Michael on here...and maybe they will show up later, but for now if you missed the interviews with George, here are the links:

Very cool....
Very candid....
George...if you read's not about your brains honey, or your ability to connect with women...TRUST ME!
Happy Friday y'all!
Love me some George,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthdays, Photos, and More!

Decorated Mailbox...
Moe's Restaurant in the Cincinnati Airport
My's the red Marlboro bag on top!
Tom's birthday cake

M&M Vending machine...Cincinnati Airport
Palm Tree in the middle of CVG
And my Presidential plane...I did stop at the top and turn around and wave...the flight attendant said I wasn't the first...I didn't doubt her.
That's all for tonight...I'll write more tomorrow...Big Brother is on tonight!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond was awesome...
He sounded better than ever and still shakes what his momma gave him VERY well!!
It's hard to believe that he can still groove like that...and sing for 2 hours and not be out of breath and dying of dehydration.

I must say though, we were in the Geriatric section of the arena. You had to show your Medicare card to get in. Please folks, if you attend a rock concert, PLEASE STAND UP AND DANCE even if your knees are bad. If they're that bad, STAY HOME! And if you don't like LOUD...STAY HOME TOO!
{One lady in front of us, was LITERALLY plugging her ears...HELLO!!!!}

I don't think I ever laughed so hard at a concert in my entire life...I sat between mom and Tess...NEVER AGAIN! We could have held wheelchair races...except that would have taken more time than we had.

Neil sang songs I haven't ever heard him sing in concert before...Street Life comes to mind...and oldies like Beautiful Noise and Brooklyn Roads...and Crunchy Granola Suite...along with some new ones from the Home Before Dark album like...Pretty Amazing Grace. VERY COOL to mix it up the way he did. And the band...PHENOMENAL as usual! Did I mention he's been doing this for 40 years? And the reason he does it..performs on tour like to see us, his fans, smile. Yes I felt very privileged to have been at my very first ever Neil Diamond Tour Opener. AWESOME.

Now I just have to research the years he was here. I'll be home tomorrow night and I'll get right on that Monday morning...or shortly thereafter.

Happy Neil Diamond Tour Opener!

Edited to add the set list compliments of the StarTribune:

1. Holly Holy (1969) 2. Beautiful Noise (1976) 3. Street Life (1976) 4. Love on the Rocks (1980) 5. Play Me (1972) 6. Cherry Cherry (1966) 7. Thank the Lord for the Nighttime (1967) 8. Home Before Dark (2008) 9. Don’t Go There (2008) 10. Pretty Amazing Grace (2008) 11. Crunchy Granola Suite (1972) 12. Done Too Soon (1970) 13. Brooklyn Roads (1968)14. I Am…I Said (1971) 15. Solitary Man (1970) 16. Forever in Blue Jeans (1979) 17. Sweet Caroline (w/ two reprises) (1969) 18. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (1978) 19. Song Sung Blue (1972) 20. I’m a Believer (1966) 21. Man of God (2005) 22. Hell Yeah (2005) ENCORE 23. Cracklin Rosie (1970) 24. America (1981)

Made It

I made it safe and sound...but not without incident.

First, I think I had some famous rock band on the plane with me. They looked really familiar...but you know I don't listen or pay attention to (I'm going to Google them..they got off the plane in Cincinnati.)

Then...sitting in the airport, waiting on Tess to pick me up at Door 2, a guy was sitting behind me and a police officer was questioning him. Then pretty soon here come the Rescue EMT's. Turns out he was taking a big drink of water and it went down the wrong tube and he passed out hitting his head and elbow on the floor. They checked his vitals, and all was well. They let him get on the plane...he was headed to Chicago...but I bet not for the CHA convention.

I finally made it to mom's house, safe and sound. Today we're having lunch at Perkin's with my aunt and uncle and whomever else shows up.

Thanks to the classmate that posted a comment! You made my day...and here I thought I had been forgotten! MUAH to you! {Now will you tell me your name? Lol!}

Off to get ready for my is up and she'll want her computer now. Look out Neil in trouble now mister!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekend Agenda

Ok so this will be the last blog post until Monday...
Here's the rundown of my weekend expectations...
Fly from Savannah to Atlanta to Cincinnati to Minneapolis...Tess will pick me up on her way home from work. I'll spend the night there or at mom's...kinda undecided although I did tell Ash I'd sleep there. Probably will have supper at Basilleo's with Cheryl...not much else planned after that.
Probably stop down and visit Lynn for a bit...see if Tom forgot anything...then get ready for our date with Neil...have supper somewhere...see the show...spend the night at mom's or Tess's.
Pack up and head to the airport for my flight to Detroit to Atlanta to Savannah. I'll get home around 1 a.m....get some shuteye for a few hours and be to work by 8 a.m.

Ah..yes...all in a weekend's jet-setting work.
{I'm tired already, but it'll be worth it, I'm sure!}

Ok, I printed out my maps and ticket information {while I was thinking of it}, so that's done. Now all I have left to do is pack.

Oh and my thought for the day...that actually woke me up this morning at 2:30...
Good thing I typed all Neal Fox's papers in school, so that he could become a principal. Shhh...don't tell Jack Knotz now! (He probably knew just from the look on my face everyday in class! I'm SURE I had a permagrin on my face in typing class with Neal!)

The thought of him being a prinicipal...kinda makes me self conscious about my grammar. Ha!

Sorry..I have been on a 1987-88 kick lately...has mucho to do with that damn class reunion too. Much as I hate to admit it, but I really wanted to go...even if some folks in my class are snobby bitches...and I say that truthfully. Some folks just won't ever appreciate human beings. Others, well, they have achieved much and I'm proud of them...and proud that our class co-valedictorian is who she is...You go girl...Be LOUD AND PROUD!! And Jesse Ostrom...who's mom used to own Ostrom's a lawyer...WHODA THUNK THAT ONE!!?? Some folks I'm proud of, others can kiss my white ass...they know who they are. Funny how 2 brothers can be total opposites...Here's a link if you want to read up on them (the classmates, not the brothers):

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Neil or Neal?

It helps to be friends with the Principal at school.
Hehehehe...Gotta love the name Neil either way it's spelled.

I got an email from Neal yesterday telling me to have fun with Neil even if it's spelled for making my day!

So..3 days and counting...should be interesting since the Twin Cities is the Tour Opener...should be quite the blast and energy-filled time! Am I expecting too much? Maybe...but I bet not!

Only 2 hours left to get in on the make up I'm tired. I think I'll bring that home tonight for an hour...have to stop at Tiffany's first for those Barney movies for mother...or Remmy rather...airport security will look at me funny, I'm sure.

Which reminds me...I need maps of the Cincinnati airport and the Detroit airport so I can navigate my way around...I only have an hour you know to get to the next plane...and I HATE being late...oh and I need to print out my itinerary too...or we won't be getting on any I love to fly. I need to check my seats...and pack...and the list goes on.

Big Brother on tonight again...elimination show. I wonder who'll go home...should be interesting!!I'll miss it Sunday though as I'll be in transit.

Ok enough of that...I'm off to do all that on my list and head to work!
Happy Wednesday to you...Be Good...someone once said.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 Days

That's the countdown to Neil Baby!

I can't believe I've been seeing him in concert for 35 years. I don't feel that old. The Minnesota State Fair will never be the same either. I must get that guitar pic from my mother too...with that photo of Neil in 1976...that's what happens when you sit on your daddy's get all the freebies!

I bet I don't dance like I did at the George concert...I don't think there will be enough room in the aisle...I'll let you know though! I must check that camera policy again...and then measure my camera lens and camera body...if I seperate them...they are less than 2 inches...hehehe!

Ok, I'm off to get ready for work and make up the hours I'll miss on Friday! Only 3.5 left!!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 14, 2008


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Ha! Thanks to Ally, I found out I would have made a SUPERIOR 1930's wife! Thanks to my Grandma and Grandpa and mom and dad for all your tips on being married and showing me what it's really about!!

Happy Monday!!



Sunday, July 13, 2008


Ha! I outsmarted the printer/scanner/copier that doesn't quite work well with Vista! Man I miss those curls!!With Neal Fox...2nd ONLY to George Michael...on Graduation Day! Talk about being in Heaven!
Neal Fox now...with his staff at Columbus Elementary in Forest Lake! I'm so proud of you sweetie! (Photo compliments of Columbus Elementary Website)Me and MY V!! Jon Velander...the Original V from a few posts fun was this! We were both nervous as hell...but still had fun even if we just went as friends!

Well I'm off now...Big Brother starts in a few minutes!!



Still High

I'm still recuperating from my night with George. Some things I want to remain fresh in my mind forever so I can relive them over and over again. *SIGH*

KS95's Staci Matthews captured it on least 2 minutes of it. She couldn't figure out how to send it to me though. Bummer. Check out for the video.

In the meantime, I have made a playlist of all the concert songs he sang that night and am listening to it as I type.

I do plan on making a George Michael Scrapbook...I think I need to make a Neil Diamond one too, long as I'm at it...and since I have been attending concerts since I was 3 years old..maybe I should just do a concert album...hmmmm...the possibilities are in my brain now! (GREAT IDEA TT!)

So in order to take those days off, I am working this weekend. I spend yesterday at the office for 8 hours cleaning and organizing and filing the shed...and another hour data entering the file names for 2005. This morning I finished up the shed and data entry for 2005 and am now at home on 2006.

Ok back to work!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh My George!!

Simply put in one word....AMAZING.
Mo heard it. Live via Tess's cell phone.
My George did NOT disappoint.
Even Tess was amazed.
And we met some new Canuck friends. From Winnipeg even.
(Hi Wham! and George and new Canuck friends from WPG!)
I was taken to the Edge of Heaven and back. Twice.
This was so worth the trip, money, and the heartache it took to get here. Not everyone knows the sacrifices made to get here...there were plenty.
A big honkin' THANK YOU to my family for making it possible too, I couldn't have done it without you guys!
I was so overwhelmed with emotion...those that know me, know I don't cry or tear up, but when the first song was played...Praying for was all so real then. I was here. He was here. WE were here. Tears were here.
We had great seats step off of the floor...100 feet from George. Very cool.
It was a very moving and emotional experience for me. I don't think folks realize exactly how much so. It was so surreal..dream like even. For those 2 hours, my dreams came true. George will probably never read this...and that's ok...but just in case...Thank you George for so having an impact on me and my family, for blessing us with your songs, music, talent, and courage. I don't care that you are gayer than a $3 bill, I love you still, unconditionally. Say it loud and proud.
I'm still tired from the evening's activities. Tess dropped me off at the airport which was pretty much shut down when I got there. I couldn't check in or even go through security. So I napped on the 3rd level of the MSP airport.
Below are some photos as well as the set list...which is not exactly in order but compliments of
XCEL Energy Center, 07/07/2008 SET LIST:
First Half
Waiting (Reprise)
Fast Love/Im Your Man
Father Figure
First Time Ever
Hard Day
Everything She Wants
One More Try
Different Corner
Easier Affair
Too Funky
IntervalJohn & Elvis video
Second Half
Spinning The Wheel
Feeling Good
Kissing A Fool
Praying For Time
Carless Whisper
Freedom 90
Freedom Reprise

Oh Canada! Here our Usher Rick took this of us and the Canucks.

Tour Buses...1-6..George is in there somewhere.
More George...such nice eye candy for us!
Great special effects too.
I'll post more after Tess gets them off her cell phone. I think those ones will be better. Her camera doesn't like the dark either...
Happy Tuesday, y'all.
Until we meet again young chap!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy George Michael Monday!

Happy George Michael Monday!! In 14 hours and 18 minutes the show will begin...and my heart will beat again!

You know, I have to reflect on this now.
I can't tell you when I fell for this Pop Musician...I can't even tell you why, it was so long ago. I can tell you that I remember being 14 and having that famous poster of him on stage with those shorts and preppy sweatshirt hanging on my wall...and taking a picture of it so that I could say I went and saw him.

Silly girl I was then. Still silly now 23 years later.
Little did I know that I'd see him 3 years later.

How blessed I was to have parents to make arrangements for me to go see him. My dad took me to get the tickets and my mom made arrangements for Stephanie O' Dell to go with and drive me there.

20 years later, I'm still blessed. My sister and I are going tonight because our husbands let us...not that they had a choice, but still with their blessings.

So, George, if you ever read this, know this: You made an impact on a little girl's life and heart and you'll always be loved and thought of fondly! She don't care how gay you are either.

I'll try to "Be Good" tonight...after the concert, Tess is taking me to the airport as my flight leaves at 5:30 a.m. I'm sure I'll still be high from the adrenaline rush I'm about to endure!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Silly Dogs and Lit Up Skies

This is the product of Monique and Kylie's "Dress Up The Dog" day. Peanut was the proud model on the runway sporting a purple knit stretch skirt and pink knit t-shirt...sans the socks she already had off by the time I got my camera. This dog will let Mo do anything to her, I swear! She just lets her do what she wants....and loves every minute of it too. Silly Girls. Silly Dog.
We did go to Reidsville to see the fireworks at the State Park over there. Neat park and really cool fireworks too. These photos aren't perfect as I haven't quite figured out how to get those perfect night shots yet, but they work for me. The kids had a great time too.

In less than 12 hours I will be at the airport...I'll update you on that tomorrow morning if I get up before Glenda! I'll have to use her or Tess's computer to update...but I'll keep ya posted for sure!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

First and foremost, Happy 4th of July!! I hope y'all have a safe and happy holiday. Take a minute to remember why we are the home of the brave and the land of the free! And never forget your history lessons about this day and the song that Francis Scott Key wrote...sing it loud and proud y'all!

Random and there...
1 more day...til I get on the plane to the cities.
3 days until George and I meet again. Steph O' Dell would be proud...wonder if she's going?? I may try to find her just to ask her!

Funny how people interweave in your life...if you would have asked me 20 years ago would I be sharing relatives with my classmates from high school..I'd a told ya a BIG HONKIN' HELL NO!!
But as it turns out...Brian Drache and I share nieces and a Godchild..we are Godparents to Ashley. Keith Brazil and I share Aunt Colleen (Tommy's aunt and now my favorite of his aunt's!)

Still thinking about that class reunion...should I go or not. A part of me wants too..but a part of me says HELL NO. I just know in my gut that some of those folks still haven't grown...and that's sad...that we can't all get along. I still have some forgiving to do...Eric Fox at the top of that list. Some folks have been harder to forgive than others..depending on the scars they left on my heart..but I'm working it out, slow but's my own therapy minus the big Those who were most cruel top that list. At the 40th, I am bringing Cheryl for sure...we already discussed that last night!

Speaking of Cheryl, Miss Alesha got her permit..and is having a blast with Tom's car that we sold them. Way to go kiddo! We have been waiting a long time for this day, you'll be just fine and parnelli-ing around in no time just like your mom and I used to in grandma Lil's candy apple red car!
And there's an anniversary coming up 13 days! I'll be back in Minnesota for that weekend...move over Matt, you gotta share her dude!! Neil Diamond is callin' my name!
(Thanks mom for my plane ticket too!)

Well I'm off to get my scraproom cleaned up...hopefully get some scrappin' in today. Thank goodness I don't have to pack much for the trip!! (I haven't even started...prolly won't til tomorrow anyway!)

Chip...if you read this while you're on vacation...I hope you have fun and I want a detailed report on my desk when you get back!

Happy 4th of July Friday!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Annonymous Comments

Would y'all please sign in or at least sign your name to the message? I can't always tell who it is...and I sure nuff don't have e.s.p. now..{said in my best Mrs. Johnson voice}

That being said...6 days until I see MY MAN! He was thinking of me when he wrote "I'm Your Man!" Dontchaknow!

So that being said...Happy Tuesday! I have a short work week this week because of the holiday and I still have to pack. Erik comes home on Saturday and we leave Saturday night. Should be interesting with lil Blondie!

Until tomorrow folks!