Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still High

I'm still recuperating from my night with George. Some things I want to remain fresh in my mind forever so I can relive them over and over again. *SIGH*

KS95's Staci Matthews captured it on least 2 minutes of it. She couldn't figure out how to send it to me though. Bummer. Check out for the video.

In the meantime, I have made a playlist of all the concert songs he sang that night and am listening to it as I type.

I do plan on making a George Michael Scrapbook...I think I need to make a Neil Diamond one too, long as I'm at it...and since I have been attending concerts since I was 3 years old..maybe I should just do a concert album...hmmmm...the possibilities are in my brain now! (GREAT IDEA TT!)

So in order to take those days off, I am working this weekend. I spend yesterday at the office for 8 hours cleaning and organizing and filing the shed...and another hour data entering the file names for 2005. This morning I finished up the shed and data entry for 2005 and am now at home on 2006.

Ok back to work!

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