Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Tessie

This is Little Tessie...catching flies and all. I think she even has Tessie's lips. I had to snap this one quick this morning...little moments like these just seem to pass by too quickly these days. At any rate, Grandma always says she looks like my dad...maybe she's right!
On the agenda for today...after I watch the third installment of the George interview...and have my to clean my bedroom up and get rid of all those clothes baskets in there...and then clean my scrapdesk off and scrap for the rest of my weekend...I have fresh memories of hot old men that need to be put onto well as geriatric jokes! It's a good thing I love and respect the elders. I need to change the light bulb in here too.
Okay that's all for now...Happy Saturday to you!
And the 3rd installment of George....

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