Saturday, July 5, 2008

Silly Dogs and Lit Up Skies

This is the product of Monique and Kylie's "Dress Up The Dog" day. Peanut was the proud model on the runway sporting a purple knit stretch skirt and pink knit t-shirt...sans the socks she already had off by the time I got my camera. This dog will let Mo do anything to her, I swear! She just lets her do what she wants....and loves every minute of it too. Silly Girls. Silly Dog.
We did go to Reidsville to see the fireworks at the State Park over there. Neat park and really cool fireworks too. These photos aren't perfect as I haven't quite figured out how to get those perfect night shots yet, but they work for me. The kids had a great time too.

In less than 12 hours I will be at the airport...I'll update you on that tomorrow morning if I get up before Glenda! I'll have to use her or Tess's computer to update...but I'll keep ya posted for sure!
Happy Saturday!

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