Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond was awesome...
He sounded better than ever and still shakes what his momma gave him VERY well!!
It's hard to believe that he can still groove like that...and sing for 2 hours and not be out of breath and dying of dehydration.

I must say though, we were in the Geriatric section of the arena. You had to show your Medicare card to get in. Please folks, if you attend a rock concert, PLEASE STAND UP AND DANCE even if your knees are bad. If they're that bad, STAY HOME! And if you don't like LOUD...STAY HOME TOO!
{One lady in front of us, was LITERALLY plugging her ears...HELLO!!!!}

I don't think I ever laughed so hard at a concert in my entire life...I sat between mom and Tess...NEVER AGAIN! We could have held wheelchair races...except that would have taken more time than we had.

Neil sang songs I haven't ever heard him sing in concert before...Street Life comes to mind...and oldies like Beautiful Noise and Brooklyn Roads...and Crunchy Granola Suite...along with some new ones from the Home Before Dark album like...Pretty Amazing Grace. VERY COOL to mix it up the way he did. And the band...PHENOMENAL as usual! Did I mention he's been doing this for 40 years? And the reason he does it..performs on tour like to see us, his fans, smile. Yes I felt very privileged to have been at my very first ever Neil Diamond Tour Opener. AWESOME.

Now I just have to research the years he was here. I'll be home tomorrow night and I'll get right on that Monday morning...or shortly thereafter.

Happy Neil Diamond Tour Opener!

Edited to add the set list compliments of the StarTribune:

1. Holly Holy (1969) 2. Beautiful Noise (1976) 3. Street Life (1976) 4. Love on the Rocks (1980) 5. Play Me (1972) 6. Cherry Cherry (1966) 7. Thank the Lord for the Nighttime (1967) 8. Home Before Dark (2008) 9. Don’t Go There (2008) 10. Pretty Amazing Grace (2008) 11. Crunchy Granola Suite (1972) 12. Done Too Soon (1970) 13. Brooklyn Roads (1968)14. I Am…I Said (1971) 15. Solitary Man (1970) 16. Forever in Blue Jeans (1979) 17. Sweet Caroline (w/ two reprises) (1969) 18. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (1978) 19. Song Sung Blue (1972) 20. I’m a Believer (1966) 21. Man of God (2005) 22. Hell Yeah (2005) ENCORE 23. Cracklin Rosie (1970) 24. America (1981)

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Anonymous said...

yes a good time was had by all i am sure.....except for those grey/white haired people who sat in front of us and did not move a muscle. how can u just sit there when music is playing???? he also sang sweet caroline for 10 minutes, cause the crowd would not let him end it. tonja and i were the only ones in our section...three rows down...three up...that knew the words to all his songs. something is wrong there. will miss you terrible to all and hugs and kisses to everyone.....your neglected mother