Saturday, July 19, 2008

Made It

I made it safe and sound...but not without incident.

First, I think I had some famous rock band on the plane with me. They looked really familiar...but you know I don't listen or pay attention to (I'm going to Google them..they got off the plane in Cincinnati.)

Then...sitting in the airport, waiting on Tess to pick me up at Door 2, a guy was sitting behind me and a police officer was questioning him. Then pretty soon here come the Rescue EMT's. Turns out he was taking a big drink of water and it went down the wrong tube and he passed out hitting his head and elbow on the floor. They checked his vitals, and all was well. They let him get on the plane...he was headed to Chicago...but I bet not for the CHA convention.

I finally made it to mom's house, safe and sound. Today we're having lunch at Perkin's with my aunt and uncle and whomever else shows up.

Thanks to the classmate that posted a comment! You made my day...and here I thought I had been forgotten! MUAH to you! {Now will you tell me your name? Lol!}

Off to get ready for my is up and she'll want her computer now. Look out Neil in trouble now mister!


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