Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today, I am the mother of a high school senior.Today, I am the mother of a high school junior.
Today, I am the mother of a high school freshman.
Today, I am the mother of a 7th grade girl.
Today, I am a size 8.
Today, it felt good trying on clothes in a store.
Today, it felt good getting my school work done for the week.
Today, I realized that I like being called "Skinny Minny" by my niece.
Today, I couldn't be more proud of my children, myself, and my family. 
We have accomplished things that people have said we NEVER, EVER would and well, as my dad would say, "Screw them."  Gotta love a Marlar's response like that.
Beware folks, there are more accomplishments to be had by us Marlar's and more things to cross off of our Bucket Lists.  I see an airplane in our futures.  Trips to Europe and Asia come to mind.  Skydiving with my brother, skiing and golfing (and drinking whilst chasing that damn ball around) with my sister, and traveling to my southern kinfolks' houses often so that we can bond like we should have been allowed.  Yes, good things are happening for us and they will only get better.  Of course we are chasing our dreams and going for it.  Life really is too short.
Tonja Marlar Trump

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prom 2012

Natalea went to the Faribault prom with her date Collin McFarlane (who is a senior).  They met at a church youth group so I was ok with them going together.  The story goes that he didn't have a date, and Natalea stepped up and volunteered to be his date.  She's only a sophomore, so it was a good practice for her for next year.  She had fun, but they kinda ditched each other at Valentino's and kinda paired up with another couple.  Such is the teenage life.  He went home after the prom and she went to the post-prom party with some friends and spent the night at Lexi's afterwards.  Thanks Lexi for letting her stay so we wouldn't have to go get her at 5am.  Appreciate that! :)  Natalea's dress only cost $20 and her shoes were $29.95.  Best investment I ever made.  Now to save up monies for next year when I have both going to WEM's prom.  Looking forward to it. :)
Erik took Briana Adank to WEM prom this year.  She told him he would have to be creative in how he asked her.  He came home and asked his sisters (of all people) for some ideas.  They came up with blow up a balloon, write PROM? on it with a box for yes and a box for no.  So that's what he did.  He put it in her locker and she attached a post-it note with a check mark on it and put it on the "Yes" box.  I have to take credit for the creativity of my children.  They come by it natural from both of my grandma's who were quite crafty.  They all had a great time at the Vintage Ballroom above Bernie's Grill in Faribault and then partied at the post-prom until 6am.  Erik's tuxedo was $98.  Sweet, simple, and he picked out the black shirt and wore his rebel flag suspenders under his vest.  Yes my kids clean up nicely when they want too.  I am super duper proud to have such great kids, even with all their flaws and backtalk, they are mine and I love them all!!!!!. :)