Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ahh...the smell of fresh rain and the sound of thunder and sirens greeted us this week.  Summertime is here. Finally.
We had some storms blow by last week and some more yesterday.  Hopefully the rest of the summer will be uneventful.
The kids are trying to keep busy with the library and other fun stuff to do while I work for my mom taking care of my brother during the daytime hours.  I see a trip to the zoo soon, along with some trips to the lake.
Tommy is still driving for Swift and still enjoying it.  Other than that, not much else going on at the Trump household.  We're just trying to stay cool and out of the sun for the most part.
Happy Thursday and Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Tribute

Thank You Dad
Thank you dad for all that you did for us as we were growing up in your house and under your guidance. 
Thank you dad for being so strict with us and trying to teach us the rights from the wrongs.
Thank you dad for listening when you should have and for speaking up when you shouldn't have.
Thank you dad for showing us that family is everything, even if you don't like some of your family members much.
Thank you dad for sharing with us your talents and abilities even if you weren't so proud of them.
Thank you dad for letting us be ourselves.
Thank you dad for being you.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Even though it may not always be said, know that you are loved very much by your children!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blake Beske 1996-2010

God Wanted You More

You had to be riding your bike
At that time and that place.
The accident happened so fast
And word traveled much too fast.
But God wanted you more.

We begged, pleaded, and prayed
For your life to spared,
To have just one more chance
To let you know we cared.
But God wanted you more.

You must have been an Angel
In the eyes of our Lord,
For when he called your name,
Like a good boy, you came.
Because God wanted you more.

Yes Blake Beske, you will be missed.
We'll always remember and love you
For the boy that you were and
We will always remember that
God wanted you more.

In Memory of Blake Beske
April 8, 1996-June 12, 2010

The Trump Family

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Since May 12, 2010

May 28, 2010 was my baby sister's 37th birthday. On the 29th her friends and husband threw her a suprise party.
The drive up north=4+ hours
Food and Drink=$200
The look on Tessie's face when she opened up the door to her kitchen with 30+ people staring back at her=

We went to Tessie's softball game a couple of weeks ago and I was fortunate enough to catch her swinging the bat at that ball. She made it to first and eventually rounded the rest of the bases to home plate. Her team lost, but not without a fight and not by much!

Ashley had a hairbrained idea to throw her mom a suprise party. So she planned and schemed and threw her one for the family the weekend before her birthday. Ashley even told a white lie to get money so she could pay for it! I was so proud of Ashley for doing this big project by herself with minimal help from me!
Way to go Ashley!!

Mother's Day 2010 was celebrated at my Aunt Danna's house with my Aunt Darlene, my mom, and my grandmother all in attendance. My uncle grilled brats and there were salads and beans and bars and good times as always.

Grandma and the girls. I made the girls huddle around grandma for this priceless photo. Ashley, Jaimee, Natalea, Gabby, and Monique all love their grandma and great-grandma. She's looking good!

Happy June y'all!