Monday, June 30, 2008

Mo Dirt

Mo...a NICE photo of her layered haircut...
And Joe Dirt's Cousin...Mo Dirt!
I couldn't remember if I posted these or I thought I'd do them I'm off to help Tom shell peas.

Last Few Days

The last few days have been busy...I apologize for not having any contact with everyone...but you know how I get when I get in "MISSION MODE"...gotta accomplish one mission before I can start another one!

This weekend we went blueberry picking over in Baxley at the Scott White place...Great guy...totally with overalls on sans the shirt and on the 4 wheeler with a shotgun...gotta love it...I shoulda got a picture of him but didn't even think about time though! On the way there and back...I captured some cool day when I build mine, I will take all the things I love about each individual one..and make into one house...So cool to have a neat house like this one...

This one is my favorite...on the way to Reidsville...LOVE LOVE LOVE this house and the breezeways it has...the clean lines and design is just awesome... Saturday night we lit off some fireworks...Erik won't be here for the 4th so we lit some off for him...he is off at Camp Thunder...north of us...but south of Atlanta. I hope he's having a great time. The girls miss him already...they are camping out in his room.

Aunt Jan's Caramel Corn recipe...brought us this delectable treat! So easy to make and so deliciously pallatable! Yum...she was the best cook...her chicken wings and caramel corn and orange cookies will never be forgotten in this house!
These blueberries are the biggest we've ever seen...and the best we've tasted...they put Betty Crocker's to shame!

The kids had a great time out there...and now that we know to bring our own buckets, we will be more prepared next time! Definitely worth the drive out there!
Oh and just so you know I didn't forget...ONE MORE WEEK AND I SEE GEORGE!!!!!!! Now...I just have to get my plane ticket home today and I'll be set! Dreams really do come have NO IDEA what this concert means to me...NONE.
Oh and if you're up for a good read...Clean and Simple Scrapbooking...and C&S The Sequel by Cathy a hoot...even if you don't scrap! She's from St. Paul, Minnesota...and has a sense of humor to go with her scrapping style! Check out her blog to the right! Thanks Cathy for the inspiration and giggles!!
Happy Monday...shout out to Torm!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ha. I got a ride.

And I'm spending the night at mom's house. And having lunch there too. With all the'd think they hadn't seen me in months and years....for pity's sake.
Don't make anymore plans for me now, I'm busy.

More it comes to me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Stoked

Ha! I just found out that my 20 year high school reunion is this year...August 9. Apparently nobody can find me. Hell, I don't know why...Ashley goes to the High School for pity's sake! THEY ALL KNOW...that is Tesse's daughter...and WHO AM I?? TESSE'S SISTER! DUHHHH!

You'd think they were hillbilly or something. I sent them an email...apparently they don't know how to use GOOGLE...and I stated that. They shoulda spent more time studying and less time drinking. Sad thing is, I graduated with Tommy's aunt's nephew...Keith'd think he would have asked Aunt Colleen...HELLLLL--O! In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a little frustrated with our class reunion planners. Apparently they are still the snobby, stuck up folks they were back then...and they haven't changed for the better. We don't come from a big metropolis and this isn't rocket science people!

Anywho, I probably won't go as nobody I hung with will go. Although it'd be fun to take Cheryl and make that class eat their words. Hmmm....we'll see.

Ugh...they just frustrate me so. One day, I'll let that go...until then...I'll keep stewing. Putzes.

George is calling my name...I hear it stronger and stronger every day. Won't be long now honeybunch! No takers on the ride home either...guess I'll have to make some phone calls tomorrow. Speaking of phone calls...

We got a call on a puppy today...I emailed the guy...say a prayer that we sell these pups!

Work has been can tell it's summertime! OOOOOooo CHILD! (said in my bestest black southerner voice) And it's hot...and Erik is loving his new Boy Scout Troop...he goes to camp on the 29th of June for a week...Camp it!
{Guess I shoulda been a detective or something}

I better go to bed...I got a bad attitude tonight...and I don't want to share it that much!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 20, 2008

29 Days

Until Neil Diamond.
I am STOKED about these concerts.
Is my work day over with yet?
I still have 2 puppies for sale...put another ad in the paper too...hope they go fast...we need a puppy break...and a new fence. Yeah, a new fence.
Anywho, I'm updating my Amicus files (lawyer it) and having a little Taco Bell for lunch. Nachos Grande. Yum!
Talked to Tess this morning, and she isn't picking us up. She's having a party instead. Guess I will have to find a ride to her house as I'm staying in Ashley's room...or Megan's...or BOTH!
So...if anyone plans on being awake at midnight, can you pick us up at MSP Lindbergh Terminal please on July 5th?
I'll check with baby's momma too.

18 Days

Left until I see George.
I'm getting excited now.
I got my plane tickets yesterday.
Kylie will travel back with me.
We are arriving at midnight on Saturday, July 5.
Someone please tell Tess to pick us up.
I will try to call her today, again.
Don't make me wake her up now.
Although, now that she's a working girl, I bet she'll be up by 7...I'll call her then.
We're going to see George...Nananabooboo!
and Neil almost 2 weeks after that.
Trippy...if you're out there...PLEASE IM ME! (Nobody else tolerates my George rants)

Plans for the weekend?
~Organizing and cleaning my scrapspace. I will take a picture before...and you can see. I bet I post that on Monday.
~Getting more boxes and bins unpacked.
~Laundry, Dishes, the USUAL chores.
~Maybe roasting marshmallows if the rain holds off.
~Lounging, scrapping, staying home and being lazy hopefully on Sunday.
Other than that, nothing.

It's Friday...I hope to get done with work at 3...go to the bank and deposit my check...then hit WalMart for some grocery/supply shopping.
Happy Friday, y'all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Did It!

We took off and went to Tybee Island. We had lunch at the Dolphin Reef Restaurant and had a ball watching the umbrella's get swept away in the wind. We took 350+ is a small sample of those! This was Erik, Gabby, and Kylie's first time to an ocean I captured some good shots of them especially!
Kylie loved the ocean and was fascinated by the waves and how they carried her inland so much. She also loved the sand and how it was so soft and white and the fact that her feet prints disappeared with the surf.
Tommy started out with his shirt on...but I'm here to tell you, he's a little red on the back this am I!
Our pyramid...the older 3 didn't want any part of it as they were too embarrassed...their loss...we had fun doing it...Kylie, Mo, and I.
Erik loved that he could play trucks in the white sand. He wants that white sand at home to play in...he's still a kid at heart even if he is 13.
Gabby was digging up sand...not looking for shells like she was supposed to be. I got some good shots of her pretending though.
Our very first ever in real life Jellyfish...dead...but still real. There were 2 others over by the pier and we did see one in the was time to go then...I wasn't getting stung and then peed on.
Erik buried Mo in the sand...this was the result of that!
Natalea had a good time too...she wasn't having anything to do with that pyramid though.
We all had a wonderful time...and afterward on our way home stopped at Wendy's for a Frosty. We also stopped in Statesboro for some water...all that salt and heat can get one pretty thirsty down here. I don't think the Atlantic is as salty as the Pacific though...I know this because I've swam in both now. We even tried body surfing...but agreed that next time we will be bringing some floatation devices to catch the waves on! SURF'S UP!
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today I realized...
Life is not all about work.
Life is not all about proper.
Life is not all about unpacking.
Life is supposed to be lived.

As I was unpacking some boxes of kitchen stuff this morning, I realized this. Mind you, I have been up since 3 a.m...and not because I was lonely either, but because I was well rested. I have already washed 3 loads of clothes and dried 2 as well as washed and put away the supper dishes.

Yes, I have been busy. But it's the best time for me to get some things done without the constant "MOM! She this...." or "MOM! She that..."

Yes, it's peaceful this early in the mornings...and I love my "peace" time. Life is good. I have been reflecting on it today....I think I'll ask the Mrs. Boss if I can take today off and surprise my family with a little daytrip to the beach. The high is supposed to be 98 today...and after I file and serve my subpoenas this morning, I think I'll ask her.

That's after I take Erik to the Department of Health to get certified to register for school. That's first thing this morning at 8 a.m. when they open up.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had dishes done by I headed to the back 40 and mowed it...unbeknownst to anyone else...until they heard the mower going. The Boy wanted his turn and is in his element outside anyway so I let him have a turn. I guess I gotta share now. Darn it all anyway!
Here's what's left of my wild rose bush...I meant to get out there the other day and shoot some photos of the blooms, but I got sidetracked no doubt and here ya go.
My grass was this tall...before The Boy cut it...he does have a name...sometimes we call him Erik.
Tom chopped a tree down and was trying to get the root out. Good luck I say with that!
This is Kylie Rose Brooks. She's visiting Mo from Minnesota. Yep she rode the plane by herself (with an Escort) and had a blast. She'll be here until I go back in July for my date with George...OooooLALA!! Anywho, she's having fun and next weekend we will take her and the rest of the crew to Tybee Island to see the Ocean...and have lunch at that Dolphin Reef Restaurant...and swim and have fun in the sun!
Tomorrow we will go to Tiffany's for Father's Day. We are grilling out burgers and dogs..and that Onion Dip...I may have to get some dippin' bread too to go with the chips. YUM!!
So..all you Father's out there...that read...Happy Father's Day...know that I am thinking of you!


We had a little family party for Natalea on Friday night with this cake...Triple Chocolate from Wal-Mart...and some ice cream on the side to cut the richness of it all. Y-U-M.
It's hard to believe that my baby girl is 12 already...seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital in that cute little Minnie Mouse dress with matching booties. She was the easiest birth out of them all...and the smallest of my babies at 6 pounds 3 ounces.

It's been fun to watch her grow from that little infant girl into this young lady she's becoming today. With a few more years and some Southern Belle charm, I think she'll turn into a fine young lady one day.
Happy Birthday to you, Natalea!
12 candles for 12 chocolate frosting kisses.
Blow those candles out girl!
We'll have her friend's party next weekend...a slumber party at that.
I'm sure I'll have more photos for that too!
Until then, I have to dig out from under all these boxes and get this house ready for that party!
Happy Saturday y'all!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

They Made It!

Well, the boys FINALLY made it...
It only took them 27 hours...only because there was a detour in Missouri involved. Don't ask about the rest. They are glad to be home finally and we are glad they are here as well.

In a few short hours, Kylie will be here. Tom has to make a run up to Atlanta to get her from the airport. She'll fly back to Minnesota with me in July...check the George Michael Meter at the bottom of this page to know when that is..hehe.

Natalea turns 12 tomorrow. We are having a slumber birthday party and amongst the moving mess we have around here. It will take some unpacking and time to do so, but I think we'll git er done...after all...I'm the Git Er Done Girl.

I'll post more on our weekend plans tomorrow...I have to go get ready for work so Tom can drop me off at an unruly hour...

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memphis and Life Art

Well, the boys were in Memphis last I talked to them at 3 a.m. Don't ask. Seriously.
Tom took the Missouri route and along with that came detours and improvisations.
It will be another long day here.
Good news is, they were only 6 hours from Atlanta and then it's another 3-4 to our house from there.
Stress is abundant now.
If he can make it to Atlanta on that tank of gas, he'll make it home with the funds he has.
Thanks Mom for the are so smart sometimes!

My life as I know it has finally been defined. I am a Life Artist. I scrap more than events. I scrap life. My life (OUR LIFE) is an open book. I scrap the good and the bad. I just finished reading this book....

SOOOOO inspiring...I wanted to just scrap right then and there! But...I was too tired...still inspiring and I plan on rereading it...along with Ali's other 2 books I own...and write down all the challenges and make a list...then cross them off as I do them...I will conquer these books...after this weekend...which Friday is Natalea's birthday.

She'll be 12. A preteen even. Doesn't seem possible, but yet here we are. So Friday night is a slumber party with Taylor and Caitlin and then off to Tybee on Saturday for lunch at the Dolphin Reef and the ops are abundant...only have 2 staged photos planned. I love the beach...sand and surf...ocean waves crashing onto the beach...a perfect day to me sounds like!

Sunday is Father's Day...we have no plans except to spend the day together. I think we'll work on some special projects for Tom and the other fathers in our life this week.

Ok, I'm off to explore the links in the back of that book...if you want to know more about on the Ali E link to the left. She is SO rockin' the scrapworld! (She's a great BINGO caller too!)

Happy Tuesday...



Monday, June 9, 2008

4 Wheelin'

This is what I woke up to on Sunday...apparently, Gabby lost a tooth--A MOLAR EVEN--at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday night. I, of course was toes up.
She (Gabby) snapped this just before we were going 4 Wheelin'. I was on the phone with Tom trying to convince him to leave that night.
This is the result of taking a photo on a riding lawnmower...A.K.A...4 Wheeler. These 3 girls were anxiously awaiting my arrival as I turned the corner and came to a halt...for their turn to "drive". Monique even got dressed for the THAT says something!
Because gas prices are outrageous, they only got one turn around the back 40...Here's Nat's hot roddin' style...
And Mo's...she's got a style ALL her own...
Gabby had to go park the 4 she was happy...Where else can you see flip flops and flannel on the same page?
Happy Monday...The boys should be home tonight in the middle of the night...say a prayer for a safe trip for them...I see there is nasty weather hanging out in Illinois.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

48 Hours

Until my boys get home....if not sooner.
Tom and Erik will load up the truck today and I hope leave after that. I will be worried about them until they get here. UGH! I hate stress!

In any event, I still have the livingroom to clean up and my scraproom. I also have to get the fridge pulled out and vacuum the coils...that thing gives off way too much heat. I may scrub the floor, we'll see how ambitious I get.

All the laundry is done, until the girls get their room cleaned..then I'm SURE I'll have 4 loads at the very least. I should take a picture of my laundry looks nice in there. I need a shelf over my washer and dryer though, then I can eliminate the shelves that sit on the floor and then my hampers will fit nicely in there. Yep, I better take a'll never be that nice looking again.

Happy Sunday y'all.
Stay cool...high of 98 today!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

30 Days Hath September

April, June and November...Remember that poem? I had to memorize it and write it in 1st or 2nd grade. It's been one of my favorites ever since. That's how I learned and remember how many days are in our months. Works like a charm when you're trying to remember which months have only 30 days...And who made that calendar up anyway? They must have had some good drugs or alcohol too...shoulda made the days all evenly dispersed...with the same amount of days per month. Apparently, it was a man. Need I say more?

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
February has twenty eight alone
All the rest have thirty-one
Except in Leap Year, that's the time
When February's Days are twenty-nine

Need I say MORE?

I'm off to shower and head to Wal-Mart to load up that card so my boys can make the trip home. Tommy wants to leave Monday morning...sans the car and tow dolly...I'll drive it home in July...or sell it or junk it...whichever we decide.

Happy Saturday...

Friday, June 6, 2008


It's official...I'm a Georgia Peach now....Friday I went and got my Georgia Driver's License...they printed it up right there...very cool...Here are my layouts I shipped to B&I......they loved them...except the broken frame from the Flowergirl layout...but not bad for marking all over the box "FRAGILE"....

I used a sketch for inspiration on these...well all of them I can't take credit for the design...but I did pick out the elements and colors.
Of course...with such a beautiful couple and stunning pictures...I couldn't go wrong creatively...
And of course, they loved them!

Not bad for an amateur...have a great weekend!

A While Back

A while back, I mentioned Grandma's Breadbox in a post. I promised a photo...and well, here it is. Now mind you, I don't use the dang thing for keeping our bread in. It just sits on top of our microwave and looks to speak. But as I type this up, I realize it might look even better in my scraproom as a storage store something-or-another. Heh. You scrappers know what I'm thinking there...We will see, after I get the rest of my stuff here and situated in 5 days or so...I'll update next week, I'm sure!
My diningroom table...will never look this way again. It was so beautifully clean until I did up the layouts and projects earlier this week. The girls and I actually liked eating here for a couple days...but we decided that we needed chair we're taking donations if anyone has any they can me...hehe. Do you see the creamer and sugar bowl? THOSE are the INFAMOUS Grandma's Dishes...A single 10" plate runs about $12 on the net. They are PRE 1960...and I have eaten off of these things thousands of times in my lifetime. They are THE dishes we ate off of at Grandma's exceptions. They were the only dishes they owned until my silly (and favorite) aunt bought them some new ones circa 1995 or so. They unpacked the new ones and packed up these for's the only thing I begged for to my Grandma...I kept telling her...when you die, I want your dishes...that's all I want....until I saw the {As family historian, I should by rites have} I love these things...even if they are green and kinda ugly looking...I still love them....they hold so many memories and family gathering if they could only TALK...I'd be set!
These...are Tommy's Grandparent's dishes...Fine porcelain China at that...complete with a ceramic China pie server. I couldn't tell you how old they were, just that they were used at Thanksgiving and Christmas at G&G Pumper's every year. They are pretty and when we unpacked them, I told the girls we'll be eating off these for Christmas.
Nanny's a beautiful piece of furniture...don't look at the streaks...I haven't perfected my Windex skillz I so don't do windows...{this could be WHY}. But after we dusted and Windexed, Nanny's hutch was all pretty once I'm sure she intended for it to be.
So that's my China story, and I'm stickin' to it....and it's Friday y'all...TGIF!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Teaser

Well...I did another layout last night...and then packed up the pictures, layouts, and DVD into a big honkin' box for UPS to pick up this morning and deliver to B&I tomorrow. There are still 4 films that I have to develop today and then finish that project next week. Here's a teaser on that 3rd layout...history in the making for sure!
Then...I got home from work...hooked up my battery, put gas in, put oil in and cranked up the mower. All I heard was click click click. So I called Tiffany...she asked Bobby and he said...check the connections...ok tightened em up...and cranked it over...and this was the result!
Yep, the back 40 got mowed...City Girl style...once I got used to the mower, I put her in 5th and away we mowed...not bad either for not having been on a rider in 14 years. We always had a push mower and a small yard with no need for a rider. It's not a perfect mow, but it'll do for now. The girls wanna go Redneck 4 Wheelin' too...I'll let them now for a little bit tonight...but I don't want the gas wasted as it cost me 20 bucks to fill up that 5 gallon gas can at the local BP.
Gabby took these photos...and one of herself...just in case I guess...she forgets what she looks like. She's my quirky kid....all kinds of quirks to that one there is. But I love her none the less.
Well it's Thursday...two more days of work left and then we can get on with our weekend. We'll be cleaning all weekend, now that I have the a/c working again we can get our groove on and not be dripping sweat in our eyes. Lord knows, I HATE to sweat. I don't mind doing the work, but man I hate that sweating part of it. But then, I always have, even as a little girl I didn't like to break a sweat. Quirky I am...Gabryelle comes by it natural...ask my mom on that one for sure.

I'll have to do a layout one day of all my quirks...that was a post last year sometime in the fall...I remember it vaguely...'tis why I I can write it down and remember.
Happy Thursday to y'all!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hump Day Sneak Peek

I got my Creative on last night...Matter of fact, I didn't get to bed until 11:00 p.m. I was so in a groove! Here's a little glimpse of what I did...for B&I...I will post in it's entirety on Friday when they are scheduled to recieve it!

So Monique comes in the other day with a flower....and she says..."Mom, will you be my Valentine?" and hands me this yellow flower...I said yes of course...and she went and picked me another and we put them in this cool looking water/wine carafe/vase with my decorative cool that she still loves and thinks of her momma like that.
Tonight I'll be busy printing out Snapfish's mistakes...I hate ordering prints online, seems like they always cut some off where you don't want them too...and I have 1 other layout to do for B&I I'll not be on tonight...I'll be getting my CREATIVE on!

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Saturday Photos

Let me set the scene for you....
Saturday morning...9a.m....90 degrees....
Saturday afternoon....3p.m....98 degrees....
And I'm not talking about the BOY BAND either....
So I tell the girls...Let's go get some Happy Sonic...and THIS is my new favorite drink...
Mocha Java Chiller...Sonic Style...
AND...on our way home.....we FINALLY capture the Perfect Palm the yard of the Georgia Department of Transportation...GDOT. So here is the before picture....
And here is the same tree...edited in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6...pretty cool huh? I think this is the new background paper for a layout about that perfect tree!! I love how the color pops...but I think I can make it pop up top in my banner.
Here is the FULL VIEW of said tree....I drive by this tree twice a day...and it reminds me that there is a God and he created beauty in this tree...and it reminds me to respect nature.
And my road home...Georgia 292...from Vidalia to Collins...Everyday I get to see that valley view...and most days it's sunny and gorgeous...and breathtaking. All these trees...are EVERYWHERE...awesome, I tell ya.
And finally....REDNECK PICNIC....You don't see this in Minnesota hey....they hide that up there....but down here in Georgia Peach Country, well they love their rivers...just ask Alan Jackson about that Chattahoochee....This was the remnant of what we passed on the way to Vidalia...which was a couple of trucks...tailgates down...sitting on that sandbar and huddles of people swimming and drinking and laughing...truly good times. And nooooo that's not my kid in that picture...I don't know these folks...I'm not sure I can do that...there are water moccasins here...and I ain't too keen up on my snake bite first aid...although I should take an internet course sometime...hehehe.
OH....and it's MONDAY...My friend Torm's favorite day of the week...and the countdown begins for the boys to get here...6 days and anxiously counting.
Happy Monday!