Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Few Days

The last few days have been busy...I apologize for not having any contact with everyone...but you know how I get when I get in "MISSION MODE"...gotta accomplish one mission before I can start another one!

This weekend we went blueberry picking over in Baxley at the Scott White place...Great guy...totally with overalls on sans the shirt and on the 4 wheeler with a shotgun...gotta love it...I shoulda got a picture of him but didn't even think about time though! On the way there and back...I captured some cool day when I build mine, I will take all the things I love about each individual one..and make into one house...So cool to have a neat house like this one...

This one is my favorite...on the way to Reidsville...LOVE LOVE LOVE this house and the breezeways it has...the clean lines and design is just awesome... Saturday night we lit off some fireworks...Erik won't be here for the 4th so we lit some off for him...he is off at Camp Thunder...north of us...but south of Atlanta. I hope he's having a great time. The girls miss him already...they are camping out in his room.

Aunt Jan's Caramel Corn recipe...brought us this delectable treat! So easy to make and so deliciously pallatable! Yum...she was the best cook...her chicken wings and caramel corn and orange cookies will never be forgotten in this house!
These blueberries are the biggest we've ever seen...and the best we've tasted...they put Betty Crocker's to shame!

The kids had a great time out there...and now that we know to bring our own buckets, we will be more prepared next time! Definitely worth the drive out there!
Oh and just so you know I didn't forget...ONE MORE WEEK AND I SEE GEORGE!!!!!!! Now...I just have to get my plane ticket home today and I'll be set! Dreams really do come have NO IDEA what this concert means to me...NONE.
Oh and if you're up for a good read...Clean and Simple Scrapbooking...and C&S The Sequel by Cathy a hoot...even if you don't scrap! She's from St. Paul, Minnesota...and has a sense of humor to go with her scrapping style! Check out her blog to the right! Thanks Cathy for the inspiration and giggles!!
Happy Monday...shout out to Torm!


Anonymous said...

Geeze Louise......I thought Tessie was in that picture of the kids. When did Natalea start looking like Tess??????? Call me...please...i need to know some things.....your neglected mother

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying living WAYYYYYY over there.
We miss you
Hope to see you when u r here.
the kids have grown wow, must be the air in the south
Love ya. give our love to the family, especially my Huggy Bear

Anonymous said...

you are soooooo come i did not see it before???EVERYONE knows that when you go to pick your own fruits, you ALWAYS take a container or too lol!!!yikes!!