Friday, June 20, 2008

18 Days

Left until I see George.
I'm getting excited now.
I got my plane tickets yesterday.
Kylie will travel back with me.
We are arriving at midnight on Saturday, July 5.
Someone please tell Tess to pick us up.
I will try to call her today, again.
Don't make me wake her up now.
Although, now that she's a working girl, I bet she'll be up by 7...I'll call her then.
We're going to see George...Nananabooboo!
and Neil almost 2 weeks after that.
Trippy...if you're out there...PLEASE IM ME! (Nobody else tolerates my George rants)

Plans for the weekend?
~Organizing and cleaning my scrapspace. I will take a picture before...and you can see. I bet I post that on Monday.
~Getting more boxes and bins unpacked.
~Laundry, Dishes, the USUAL chores.
~Maybe roasting marshmallows if the rain holds off.
~Lounging, scrapping, staying home and being lazy hopefully on Sunday.
Other than that, nothing.

It's Friday...I hope to get done with work at 3...go to the bank and deposit my check...then hit WalMart for some grocery/supply shopping.
Happy Friday, y'all.

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