Sunday, June 8, 2008

48 Hours

Until my boys get home....if not sooner.
Tom and Erik will load up the truck today and I hope leave after that. I will be worried about them until they get here. UGH! I hate stress!

In any event, I still have the livingroom to clean up and my scraproom. I also have to get the fridge pulled out and vacuum the coils...that thing gives off way too much heat. I may scrub the floor, we'll see how ambitious I get.

All the laundry is done, until the girls get their room cleaned..then I'm SURE I'll have 4 loads at the very least. I should take a picture of my laundry looks nice in there. I need a shelf over my washer and dryer though, then I can eliminate the shelves that sit on the floor and then my hampers will fit nicely in there. Yep, I better take a'll never be that nice looking again.

Happy Sunday y'all.
Stay cool...high of 98 today!

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