Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memphis and Life Art

Well, the boys were in Memphis last I talked to them at 3 a.m. Don't ask. Seriously.
Tom took the Missouri route and along with that came detours and improvisations.
It will be another long day here.
Good news is, they were only 6 hours from Atlanta and then it's another 3-4 to our house from there.
Stress is abundant now.
If he can make it to Atlanta on that tank of gas, he'll make it home with the funds he has.
Thanks Mom for the food...you are so smart sometimes!

My life as I know it has finally been defined. I am a Life Artist. I scrap more than events. I scrap life. My life (OUR LIFE) is an open book. I scrap the good and the bad. I just finished reading this book....

SOOOOO inspiring...I wanted to just scrap right then and there! But...I was too tired...still inspiring and I plan on rereading it...along with Ali's other 2 books I own...and write down all the challenges and make a list...then cross them off as I do them...I will conquer these books...after this weekend...which Friday is Natalea's birthday.

She'll be 12. A preteen even. Doesn't seem possible, but yet here we are. So Friday night is a slumber party with Taylor and Caitlin and then off to Tybee on Saturday for lunch at the Dolphin Reef and the beach...photo ops are abundant...only have 2 staged photos planned. I love the beach...sand and surf...ocean waves crashing onto the beach...a perfect day to me sounds like!

Sunday is Father's Day...we have no plans except to spend the day together. I think we'll work on some special projects for Tom and the other fathers in our life this week.

Ok, I'm off to explore the links in the back of that book...if you want to know more about it...click on the Ali E link to the left. She is SO rockin' the scrapworld! (She's a great BINGO caller too!)

Happy Tuesday...



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