Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had dishes done by I headed to the back 40 and mowed it...unbeknownst to anyone else...until they heard the mower going. The Boy wanted his turn and is in his element outside anyway so I let him have a turn. I guess I gotta share now. Darn it all anyway!
Here's what's left of my wild rose bush...I meant to get out there the other day and shoot some photos of the blooms, but I got sidetracked no doubt and here ya go.
My grass was this tall...before The Boy cut it...he does have a name...sometimes we call him Erik.
Tom chopped a tree down and was trying to get the root out. Good luck I say with that!
This is Kylie Rose Brooks. She's visiting Mo from Minnesota. Yep she rode the plane by herself (with an Escort) and had a blast. She'll be here until I go back in July for my date with George...OooooLALA!! Anywho, she's having fun and next weekend we will take her and the rest of the crew to Tybee Island to see the Ocean...and have lunch at that Dolphin Reef Restaurant...and swim and have fun in the sun!
Tomorrow we will go to Tiffany's for Father's Day. We are grilling out burgers and dogs..and that Onion Dip...I may have to get some dippin' bread too to go with the chips. YUM!!
So..all you Father's out there...that read...Happy Father's Day...know that I am thinking of you!

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