Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Stoked

Ha! I just found out that my 20 year high school reunion is this year...August 9. Apparently nobody can find me. Hell, I don't know why...Ashley goes to the High School for pity's sake! THEY ALL KNOW...that is Tesse's daughter...and WHO AM I?? TESSE'S SISTER! DUHHHH!

You'd think they were hillbilly or something. I sent them an email...apparently they don't know how to use GOOGLE...and I stated that. They shoulda spent more time studying and less time drinking. Sad thing is, I graduated with Tommy's aunt's nephew...Keith Brazil...you'd think he would have asked Aunt Colleen...HELLLLL--O! In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a little frustrated with our class reunion planners. Apparently they are still the snobby, stuck up folks they were back then...and they haven't changed for the better. We don't come from a big metropolis and this isn't rocket science people!

Anywho, I probably won't go as nobody I hung with will go. Although it'd be fun to take Cheryl and make that class eat their words. Hmmm....we'll see.

Ugh...they just frustrate me so. One day, I'll let that go...until then...I'll keep stewing. Putzes.

George is calling my name...I hear it stronger and stronger every day. Won't be long now honeybunch! No takers on the ride home either...guess I'll have to make some phone calls tomorrow. Speaking of phone calls...

We got a call on a puppy today...I emailed the guy...say a prayer that we sell these pups!

Work has been crazy...you can tell it's summertime! OOOOOooo CHILD! (said in my bestest black southerner voice) And it's hot...and Erik is loving his new Boy Scout Troop...he goes to camp on the 29th of June for a week...Camp Thunder...google it!
{Guess I shoulda been a detective or something}

I better go to bed...I got a bad attitude tonight...and I don't want to share it that much!
Happy Tuesday!

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