Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Teaser

Well...I did another layout last night...and then packed up the pictures, layouts, and DVD into a big honkin' box for UPS to pick up this morning and deliver to B&I tomorrow. There are still 4 films that I have to develop today and then finish that project next week. Here's a teaser on that 3rd layout...history in the making for sure!
Then...I got home from work...hooked up my battery, put gas in, put oil in and cranked up the mower. All I heard was click click click. So I called Tiffany...she asked Bobby and he said...check the connections...ok tightened em up...and cranked it over...and this was the result!
Yep, the back 40 got mowed...City Girl style...once I got used to the mower, I put her in 5th and away we mowed...not bad either for not having been on a rider in 14 years. We always had a push mower and a small yard with no need for a rider. It's not a perfect mow, but it'll do for now. The girls wanna go Redneck 4 Wheelin' too...I'll let them now for a little bit tonight...but I don't want the gas wasted as it cost me 20 bucks to fill up that 5 gallon gas can at the local BP.
Gabby took these photos...and one of herself...just in case I guess...she forgets what she looks like. She's my quirky kid....all kinds of quirks to that one there is. But I love her none the less.
Well it's Thursday...two more days of work left and then we can get on with our weekend. We'll be cleaning all weekend, now that I have the a/c working again we can get our groove on and not be dripping sweat in our eyes. Lord knows, I HATE to sweat. I don't mind doing the work, but man I hate that sweating part of it. But then, I always have, even as a little girl I didn't like to break a sweat. Quirky I am...Gabryelle comes by it natural...ask my mom on that one for sure.

I'll have to do a layout one day of all my quirks...that was a post last year sometime in the fall...I remember it vaguely...'tis why I I can write it down and remember.
Happy Thursday to y'all!

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