Thursday, June 12, 2008

They Made It!

Well, the boys FINALLY made it...
It only took them 27 hours...only because there was a detour in Missouri involved. Don't ask about the rest. They are glad to be home finally and we are glad they are here as well.

In a few short hours, Kylie will be here. Tom has to make a run up to Atlanta to get her from the airport. She'll fly back to Minnesota with me in July...check the George Michael Meter at the bottom of this page to know when that is..hehe.

Natalea turns 12 tomorrow. We are having a slumber birthday party and amongst the moving mess we have around here. It will take some unpacking and time to do so, but I think we'll git er done...after all...I'm the Git Er Done Girl.

I'll post more on our weekend plans tomorrow...I have to go get ready for work so Tom can drop me off at an unruly hour...

Happy Thursday!

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Mireille said...

hoping you will have an awesome day with lots of cake!