Friday, June 20, 2008

29 Days

Until Neil Diamond.
I am STOKED about these concerts.
Is my work day over with yet?
I still have 2 puppies for sale...put another ad in the paper too...hope they go fast...we need a puppy break...and a new fence. Yeah, a new fence.
Anywho, I'm updating my Amicus files (lawyer it) and having a little Taco Bell for lunch. Nachos Grande. Yum!
Talked to Tess this morning, and she isn't picking us up. She's having a party instead. Guess I will have to find a ride to her house as I'm staying in Ashley's room...or Megan's...or BOTH!
So...if anyone plans on being awake at midnight, can you pick us up at MSP Lindbergh Terminal please on July 5th?
I'll check with baby's momma too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there is an airport service.....i will pay for it....1-866-444-9696 and u have to call right away for a ride. they need flight number and phone number.......let me know....u might have to spend the night here so i can pay him lol.....your neglected mother