Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Months

This is me.  Friday the 13th.  2012.
Today I weigh 165.6 pounds (down 78 pounds since surgery, 88 total).
I still wear a size 8/10 (down from a 22).
My hips are 40.5 (down 13.5 inches).
My waist is 32.5 (down 8.5 inches).
My bust is 35.5 (down 7.5 inches).
My chest is 34 (down 4 inches).
My thighs are L-25.5 and R-26 (down 8.5 and 7 inches).
My arms are L-13 and R-13 (down 4 inches each).
And the BEST PART of all of this?? 
I got to raid my sister's closet on Tuesday to find a shirt for the Neil Diamond concert!!!!!
Yes, another goal accomplished!!!

When I went to see Dr. Leslie and my dietician Liz for my 6 month post op check-up, they informed me that my procedure was one of the first that insurance approved for the doctor to do and so they weren't sure where I should be exactly since they had nobody really to compare me too.  But they both agreed I was doing fantastic and the good Dr. did say I needed to lift weights to build up my strength, so I will be working on that.  He also said I could skip my 9 month post-op visit and just come back in November for my yearly.  Nice.  And Liz told me I was no longer OBESE, but just overweight and if I lost another 20 pounds I would be in the HEALTHY BMI range.  Seriously, I don't think I've ever been in the healthy BMI range EVER. 

Now on to the Neil Diamond concert.  July 11, 2012 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. 
Neil Diamond Tickets--$120 (Thanks to my mother for the best Christmas present EVER!)
Dinner before the show at the Eagle Street Grille--$10 (Thanks to my sister for splitting the meal!)
Stealing our State Representative Patti Fritz's table--PRICELESS (Thanks Patti for asking if we wanted a table!)
That concert celebrated 40 years of me attending ND concerts.  Since I was 2 years old at the MN State Fair, I have been seeing this man live in concert.  It's also the 40th anniversary of Hot August Night.  Get your anniversary gear at NeilDiamond.com if you dare!
My mom, sister, and I had a blast and of course I sat next to the fuddy duddy's and the people in front of us couldn't dance their way out of a paper bag if they wanted too, but it was all good.
My dad was there in spirit and I wore his rings that night to make sure of that. 

More good things happening at the end of the month to honor my father as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of his passing this year.  My sister is throwing a celebration BBQ party on the 28th of July from 6pm-2am if you're interested in attending.  833 Home Place and monetary donations for a marble garden stone are welcome, but not required.  Come reminisce with us and have a shot of Christian Brothers in honor of my dad.

Today I found out some sad news.  My friend Lucky PegLeg Christopher Graham passed away last night of a heartattack.  I will forever miss him and the way he called me "Brat" all the time.  He was a good, kind hearted man and he will be forever missed and never forgotten.  Ride the wind forever my friend!

I guess that's about all for now.  More next month, I'm sure! :)