Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Last Week In Review

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Yes, you guessed it. I am now an official employee of Lowe's.
Did I mention that I LOVE that store? We have been here for 6 weeks now and we have been to that store every single week since we arrived! The service we received there was exceptional and I am proud to be working at a store that is so clean and friendly. If you ever go there in the afternoons, go hunt down Justin. He has been our Customer Service Associate every time...and he knows his stuff! He giggled at me the other day when he saw that I am now an employee.
Actually, everyone in that store is very friendly and it's like a family in there. And as I get comfy in my new digs as the Credit/Special Order Sales Coordinator, they are very patient and forgiving with me. I have completed my computer training quizzes and am getting ready to jump in with both feet in my on the floor training. The current CSOSC will train me all next week. I think I'll like it once I get into the routine of things. The best part of my new hours will be from 7-4, Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch!
I love Lowe's!!!
So, if you haven't seen me around in a while, I have been busy. And I'm about to get busier I think. I believe Peanut is going to have puppies. Exactly when, now that's another story. I will have to research that further, but I believe our due date will be between March 2nd and March 7th. It should be fun anyway! This time I'll puppy midwife my own dog!
On that note, have a Happy Saturday y'all!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Only At Our House

Well, only at the Trump house will you ever see these things happening. I just doesn't get any better than this.
Seashells from our expedition on Saturday to Tybee Island.

Suntanning on the back deck in our skivvies. Yes, my children hate clothes. Mo thinks she is the Queen of Naked when she gets to run around outside like this. Yes, I'm a bad mom...but it was so warm outside!!

Gabby's new pet...or soon to be as soon as she comes and captures them. Some sort of lizard...not Chameleon though, I don't think it changes color.

Someone call Geico and tell them to come get their mascot please??

2 Dogs, 1 Bowl. You'd think they were in love or something...ahhh...Puppy Love.

Put another log on the fire.
Cook me up some bacon and some beans.
Gotta love roasted marshmellows in the fireplace. They were pretty tasty too!!
These girls are having fun, I tell you.
And they did all this in one day. Well, except the shells.
But the rest of it was all in a day for them.
I love how they come up with new adventures to embark on. It's always something with these two and they sure are bonding well while they do it.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tybee Island February 9, 2008

Our day at Tybee couldn't have been more perfect.
We had awesome weather and calm waves...and good kids too!
We were going to have snacks on the beach, until the birds flocked around us and snatched a Dorito right from my hand! We piled into the van and headed to Wendy's at that point.
All that beach excitement got us all hungry!
We decided that we would try to get there once a month. We're also going to try to schedule a day trip to somewhere once a month. I think our next stop is the Atlanta Aquarium.
We might even get to stay overnight up there!
Here is our day in pictures. I can't wait to scrap these on Friday! Enjoy.
Monique just couldn't stay out of the water. She absolutely LOVED it!
Cartwheels down the beach...leaving her trail in the sand.
Monique and Natalea collecting shells.

Their names in the their own handwriting of course AND with fancy art too!

I love this one of Natalea looking off into the heart of the ocean. SO cool!
Jumping the waves...and getting soaked...but having a BLAST!
I think her smile says it all!!
I love how the splash is captured here!
Running into the water...when we first got there!

Bringing our shoes up on the sense in holding them out there!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Layout February 8, 2008

Here are my layouts for this Friday...I haven't forgotten my challenge yet!
Journaling reads:
Happy 13th Birthday Erik!!
The last 13 years have been challenging and rewarding both at the same time. It was this day back in 1995 that I gave birth to my very first child, a son we named Erik.
As a mother, I can't complain about this child not one bit. He's not had any broken bones and only one major accident requiring stitches.
He's a great boy so far, and I can't wait to see how the next 13 years turn out for him.
So here is my boy, my Bucky, my Lil Man, Erik, in pictures.

The Last 13 Years

The last 13 years have been challenging and rewarding both at the same time. It was this day back in 1995 that I gave birth to my very first child, a son we named Erik. While I don't have any photos of him as an infant here, I did manage to find 13 photos of him on my computer and even got a couple from Irene this morning as well. {Thanks Irene!}
So here is my boy, my Bucky, my Lil Man, Erik, in pictures.

Erik at about 5 years old, all covered in mud. We hosed him down after this pose. He giggled the whole time!

Erik's very first Barbershop visit. Tom Brazil did the honors. He happens to be Aunt Colleen's brother, so it was all in the family at the barbershop.

With his baby sister Monique on Baptism Day, 1999. He was the first one to hold her after she was born and he was there for the birth as well.

Momma's big baby boy. He thought it was pretty funny that he posed for this shot. I bet he doesn't think it's funny today though!!

Easter Sunday 2003 with his sisters
{He really does love them, he just doesn't tell them that!}

First day of school, 6th Grade

Football photo, 6th Grade
At Grandma Marlar's house, 2006At Bruce's house, 2007
At Bruce and Irene's new apartment, summer of 2007
7th grade Football photoThat's my son, the one going offsides, #78. Way to get a head start Bucky!
Christmas 2007 at Bruce and Irene's apartment...The Infamous Dart Tournament!
As a mother, I can't complain about this child not one bit. He's not had any broken bones and only one major accident requiring stitches. He's a great boy so far, and I can't wait to see how the next 13 years turn out for him.
Happy 13th Birthday Erik!!
We love you and miss you and wish we could be there today!!
Have fun and we'll see you soon!!
Natalea & Monique

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Updates and Things

Happy Thursday!

We have Open House tonight for Monique. {Who is fine, by the way, after a bout with the flu}
Natalea's was Tuesday night. We picked up her report card and I met Principal Freeman too. Her grades are great for someone who was transplanted into a different school district mid-year and I was pretty proud of her. Here's how it broke down:

92--English/Language Arts
80--Social Studies

I'm sure that Monique's will be similar to this.
So the reward for the great grades will be a little daytrip to Tybee Island on Saturday. We'll leave as soon as we get up so we can beat traffic. Then stop at the Sugar Shack for breakfast...gotta love those $5 breakfasts...depending on how excited the girls are to see the ocean.

If they are super excited, we will just go to the ocean first. I'll let Natalea run the camera on the way there of course, then I'll take tons of pictures of them on the beach after we get there.

I told them they could get wet too if they wanted too. It's supposed to be nice on the 70' we'll see if they go swimming or not! I know they'll put their feet in at least.

I still have to finish up some things on the house. I haven't had the motivation lately, but I think today may be the day. It's been so warm here the last couple days, that I've had my air on...IN FEBRUARY!!!!! I just can't wrap my head around that quite yet. That just blows my mind.

I have to clean out window wells so I can open the windows up...I love the fresh Georgia air!
I still have to wash walls in the living room and move some furniture around to do it.
I need to move some furniture out of the dining room too and then finish up the kitchen.
It'd be nice to have some manpower around here once in a while, know what I mean?

But, alas, my mother taught me well...I don't need that manpower, I can do it by myself. I just need to git er done. And before Saturday so we can go to Tybee. Because what if we have company on Sunday? Yep, gotta get it done!!

Take care ya'll!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

You Might Be A Redneck If...

....Your youngest child AND BOTH big dogs fit in the kennel.
....Your children and Tiffany's children take great pleasure in the riding lawnmower.
....They figure out that you can hook them all together to make a Redneck 4 Wheeler!
Super Bowl Sunday we spent with Tiffany and her family at their house. We had good grub, good kids, and great entertainment. We arrived around 1:30 and didn't leave until around 9pm. I got the play by play from Tommy and had the Game Cast on as well (we don't get FOX at our house) so I was tickled to find out that the Giants had won!
Congratulations NY Giants!!
{I know my friend GettinGood is LOVIN' this!}
Happy Monday to Torm too...I already have one load washed....*wink*
Happy Monday to the rest of ya'll too!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Layout for Friday February 1, 2008

Here is the first of my Friday February Layouts! Enjoy!!
Journaling reads:
"It’s All About The M

For the longest time, I have loved the letter M. For me it stands for so many words that are very personal to me.

--Marlar. My maiden name. Where it all began for me. My beginning.

--Memories. Events and recollections that are very important to me and my family. Things I must pass on to my children for our Legacy to go on.

--M&M’s. Favorite candy in the whole universe hands down! Green ones make you horny, and blue ones are my favorite color. Hence my love for Mr. Blue and Ms. Green.

--More. There are so many more reasons to love the letter “M” like Megan and Monique and Mom."

February Fridays

Happy Friday, February First!!
{Say that 5 times really fast!}

February Fridays will be consumed with Scrapbooking. I am challenging myself to scrap every single Friday in February.

Friday, February 8 is Erik's 13th birthday. It's hard to believe that he will be 13. Five more years and he'll be graduating high that puts it into perspective for you!

Friday, February 29 is Leap Day. That's right, we get an extra day this year {as it was brought to my attention earlier.}

That's why the scrapbooking challenge on Fridays in February. I will start this morning and by the afternoon have a layout completed and uploaded. I will post them here and at my ScrapSupply gallery. I might even have to participate in the Gauntlet Challenge...just for shits and to speak....pardon the French. Check out the link to the left for more information...make sure to read that February Newsletter!!

Until we meet again...
Happy Friday!!