Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tybee Island February 9, 2008

Our day at Tybee couldn't have been more perfect.
We had awesome weather and calm waves...and good kids too!
We were going to have snacks on the beach, until the birds flocked around us and snatched a Dorito right from my hand! We piled into the van and headed to Wendy's at that point.
All that beach excitement got us all hungry!
We decided that we would try to get there once a month. We're also going to try to schedule a day trip to somewhere once a month. I think our next stop is the Atlanta Aquarium.
We might even get to stay overnight up there!
Here is our day in pictures. I can't wait to scrap these on Friday! Enjoy.
Monique just couldn't stay out of the water. She absolutely LOVED it!
Cartwheels down the beach...leaving her trail in the sand.
Monique and Natalea collecting shells.

Their names in the their own handwriting of course AND with fancy art too!

I love this one of Natalea looking off into the heart of the ocean. SO cool!
Jumping the waves...and getting soaked...but having a BLAST!
I think her smile says it all!!
I love how the splash is captured here!
Running into the water...when we first got there!

Bringing our shoes up on the sense in holding them out there!

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