Monday, March 31, 2008

Gotta Have Faith

Well, I guess it would be nice....If I could touch your body.
I know not everybody has a body like you.
But I've gotta think twice, before I give my heart away.
And I know all the games you play, because I play them too.
'Cause I gotta have FAITH!

One reciept from ticket purchase, $286.38.

One Seating Chart of the Xcel Center, Free.

One George Michael 25Live Concert Ticket printed out, PRICELESS!!!

Let me tell you why. I had tried all day to print these out.

{Yes, I said these. I got 2 of little sister Tessie and I are going.} It finally took me doing a Windows Update and another Restart before they printed. I went and uninstalled Adobe Reader and then reinstalled it. Nope didn't work.I even emailed Ticketmaster. They sent another email with my tickets. I was frustrated...kinda, sorta, but not really. I had tickets, I just couldn't print them out today.

No worries. I had Faith. And Freedom. I just kept saying, "Don't feel Blue...give it One More Try...there has to be An Easier Affair."

Perserverence pays, I tell ya.

This wouldn't be such a big deal, except that it's been 20 years since he's been back to Minneapolis and when he was here in 1988, he SWORE he'd never be back. So I had given up on ever seeing him again. He was and still is my Teenage HeartThrob. Ever since those big honkin' t-shirts that said Choose Life came out. We didn't know what that was, and we didn't care either. We only knew that George was sporting one in that Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go video. Yeah, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for George. I even cut my hair like his. And had highlights put in too in 1988 (thank God for Beauty School and the free pricing for students!) And had that Diet Coke ad hanging in my dorm room the WHOLE time I was in St. Cloud. Yep, he's been through life with me. Somedays, I don't think I could have gotten through it without him. He's still as hot as ever, as you can see from the above pictures. The first was from the 80's, the second from the 90's and the last one, from the 2000's. I have the last one as my desktop background.

He looks really good in blue, I might add. I love how the A and E share a line...He is Greek you know. AND he was on Eli Stone last week...catch that at

Yes, I am one happy Momma TT today. I get to see George again.

A real dream come true for me.


A not-so-Blue anymore TT

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Summer Fun In March

The hot sultry Georgia weather got the best of the girls today as they broke out the Slip N Slide. The temperature as of right this very minute is 82 degrees and the sun did decide to peek out for the afternoon.

Oh, it didn't start out like this. FIRST, they were going to suntan. They have a wedding to tan for, you know. THEN all of a sudden...OOOO....BRIGHT IDEA...Let's break out that brand new, never used, Slip N Slide by WHAM-O. Needless to say, I went out and helped them set it up. Then I went back in the house for my camera sans shoes or plastic. UGH. I ended up taking 140 photos...I love that Sports mode!! I just push the button and it click, click, click's all by itself so I am SURE not to miss that perfect shot. be young and carefree again.
You can't do this in Minnesota in March........

Happy Slip N Slide, Wet N Wild Saturday!

Coming Up In April

A short reminder of a few things upcoming in April.

First, it's Autism Awareness Month. Please click on the Autism Speaks link to learn more about this crazy unknown phenom. We still need questions answered about this mystifying condition.

April 1--April Fool's Day--Also Mary Vela's Birthday...Happy Birthday Mary!!

April 3--Ashley's 18th Birthday--5 more days until then! I will be concocting up a special surprise for you Ash! I am your Fairy Godmother you know...I CAN and WILL make it happen girlfriend!!

April 6--George Michael Tickets on sale to the public! Fan Club Members (like myself) can get them March 31! {Don't bother me on MONDAY! I'll be in MISSION mode}

April 7--Pa Trump's Birthday...Happy Birthday in Heaven Pa!

April 15--TAX DAY! If you haven't done your taxes yet, now's the time to Git Er Done!
--Puppies are 6 weeks old and can be sold!! $250.00 per puppy!

April 23--We fly to Minnesota!!

April 25--Bruce and Irene's Wedding--SOOO looking forward to that! We have our plane tickets so all I have left to do is pack the suitcase and find someone to watch the dogs!

April 27--We fly back to home!!

April 30--33 days until Tommy and Erik come home for good! Let another Countdown begin!

And I plan on trying to find a job in between all that. Cause I can't stand to not so keeps me sane and grounded...and HAPPY!!

Happy Saturday everyone!
I'm off to get my scrapstuff organized...pure BLISS I tell ya!

Friday, March 28, 2008

6 Days

Yep, that's right, SIX (6) DAYS until Ashley turns 18!!!
She'll be legal to vote and buy cigarettes for her mother.
She'll be an adult.

Hard to believe that little baby who so struggled for her life when she was born has made it this far in her life.

They said...She'd never walk.
She walked at the age of 4 or 5. A little late, but hey, we aren't picky.
They said...She won't be able to talk very well with her Trache.
She talked a mile a minute and manipulated that hole oh so well.

They said...She won't live past 7.
She'll be 18 in 6 days making every day that much more precious for her.
They said...She'll be mentally challenged.
She's on the computer doing MySpace and Yahoo, among other things.
They said...She's partially blind.
She sees things as only Ashley can see...full of life.
They said...We lost her on the table, but we brought her back.
She's our Miracle Baby.

Yes, we think Ashley is pretty damn special.
Not because of all her trials and tribulations.
But because she is full of life and carefree.
She knows no boundaries, no social barriers, no judgements.
She dances through life like no one is watching.
She has defied all the things they said she couldn't do.
And for THAT, she is pretty damn special.

Yes, in just 6 days, we will truly celebrate the life of Ashley Marie Marlar.
We love you Ashley!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Many Things Today

Today I have so much to say and some cool things to show you as well, for I just realized what today is.

{A very special Happy Birthday today goes out to a very special set of twins. They are 17 this year...I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Those of you closest to me, know the story behind this. Enough said.}

More Concert News!

This will be the Summer of Hotties! Neil Diamond will tour the US this I will HAVE to fly to Minneapolis for THAT show...that's a family tradition! Get ready mom, this year you're going too!! He's still hot for being in his 60's too!

Some photos of George using Adobe Photoshop Elements to alter them a bit.

The first is the original.

I think this is the Neon one...I like a Blue George! Reminds me of his album BLUE!

And George...if I printed this out on my Bazzill paper, this is what it would look like, kinda sorta. YUM!

And if we painted this photo on a brick, he's still HOT!! Don't make me paint this on my bedroom wall...cause I am sure I could do that! (I'm thinking I might have to purchase this software...this could be alot of fun if I knew what I was doing!)

Tickets go on sale next week!

I'm so stalking the Ticketmaster website!

Happy Thursday everyone! Have a great day!



P.S....One more week and the Great Ashel Dashel Ding Dong turns 18!!! Let the countdown begin!! (Where IS my dad when I need him?)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farewell To Thee...HELLO GEORGE!!

Well, today I am Lowe's-less.
Yep, I quit yesterday.

While I'm not usually a quitter, they insisted on messing with my family life, so they had to go.
I didn't have any qualms about that decision either, as we can do this with one income for a bit.

I will pound the pavement and mail out resume's by Monday at the latest though. I do like to get out of the house sometimes...and I like to keep my sanity that way!

On a happier note, GEORGE IS COMING!!!

Yep, the concert dates for the USA were announced yesterday!

You can find all the details here:

While you're there, sit back and listen to some good tunage!
Now my big decision I attend the Minneapolis show (July 7) or the Atlanta show (July 31)? I think I will try to talk Tess into coming here and going to the Atlanta show. Then we can get a hotel room too! I'll update you more on that later as it transpires.
Tickets go on sale April 6 to the general public.

Did I say I hate my new computer? Well, not the new computer itself, but Vista as a whole...SUCKS! I want my XP!! {Where is that song when I need it...I Want My MTV?}
I will have to get the $60 together to have Dude get all my stuff off the other hard drive. This really sucks having to load it all back up into a new system...who has time for that anyway??

Puppy Picture Updated--Blondie

Bubba and Peanut {A.K.A. Peanut and M&M}

Monique and the Fort That Trump Built.

I swear these 2 are Freaks! They built a fort outside from the table, an umbrella, some shelves and miscellaneous textiles. Gotta love Mo in her jammies...and Gabby with a towel around her shorts. They are definitely my girls...we all have a style all our own!

Happy Tuesday...and to each your own Freak!



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Puppy Update

Chubby and Blondie snuggling....
This gives a new meaning to "DOGPILE"...Blondie on top of Chubbie and Diamond on the side.

All three puppies are trying to walk this week. And Chubbie has both eyes open and Diamond has her left eye open...and Blondie is pullin' for third place with her eyes!

38 days until the big Wedding....and 36 until we go to Minnesota!

And the living room is almost normal now...until we bring in the boxes from the porch. Them puppies will be out there in 2 I do have a deadline!

Blondie is sold for sure...and we plan on selling the other 2 as well. Then the next litter, will be the last, and we'll keep one out of that litter. Hopefully they'll give me a chocolate one.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catch Up

March 4, 2008

The puppies were born. It was an experience for all of us. 7 were birthed, 3 lived. This was Peanut and Midnight's first litter and both did very well for first timers. Chubby was first born, then Blondie, and then Diamond was number 4. The number 3 puppy died in the night.

Chubby--Male--First born Diamond--Female--Fourth born Blondie--Female--Second born

March 8, 2008

Tommy, Erik and Gabby came to visit. Gabby is staying and having a great time catching up with her sisters. She'll start school tomorrow. We took Tom and Erik to the Atlanta airport today. What a mess that is. Glad I don't drive that everyday!

They had fun as well and already have a list of projects they want to work on when they come back in June for good. Both of them loved the house and the property and can't wait to be here for good.

They got alot of projects done in the 2 days they were here to visit. They fixed the dog kennel, put up the mailbox, burned the leaves and garbage, unloaded the trailer and chopped wood up. Not bad for only being here a couple of days.

Now he just has to bring the rest of our stuff. He didn't think he'd need a bigger truck. But then if he woulda packed only what was NOT garage sale, he woulda had enough room. But Momma is happy, she's got her Scrappy Stuff...and what's more important than that?? NADA!!

Ooooo....and I got my Pampered Chef more burning the food in this damn gas stove! I swear it's of kilter or something! (I don't usually burn my suppers now...I DO have witnesses!). AND a toaster too!

Tom just called...they landed safe and sound.

Have a great night and I'll update more tomorrow morning!