Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Many Things Today

Today I have so much to say and some cool things to show you as well, for I just realized what today is.

{A very special Happy Birthday today goes out to a very special set of twins. They are 17 this year...I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Those of you closest to me, know the story behind this. Enough said.}

More Concert News!

This will be the Summer of Hotties! Neil Diamond will tour the US this I will HAVE to fly to Minneapolis for THAT show...that's a family tradition! Get ready mom, this year you're going too!! He's still hot for being in his 60's too!

Some photos of George using Adobe Photoshop Elements to alter them a bit.

The first is the original.

I think this is the Neon one...I like a Blue George! Reminds me of his album BLUE!

And George...if I printed this out on my Bazzill paper, this is what it would look like, kinda sorta. YUM!

And if we painted this photo on a brick, he's still HOT!! Don't make me paint this on my bedroom wall...cause I am sure I could do that! (I'm thinking I might have to purchase this software...this could be alot of fun if I knew what I was doing!)

Tickets go on sale next week!

I'm so stalking the Ticketmaster website!

Happy Thursday everyone! Have a great day!



P.S....One more week and the Great Ashel Dashel Ding Dong turns 18!!! Let the countdown begin!! (Where IS my dad when I need him?)

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Mireille said...

oh my goodness!!! this is unreal!!!!

So darn good you found me!!! I am SO happy!!!!
How did you find me???
*big hugs to you*

oh.. and about my blog.. haha.. if you scroll down to the bottom of the posts.. there is the english translation .. so you should be able to read what's going on ;)