Friday, March 28, 2008

6 Days

Yep, that's right, SIX (6) DAYS until Ashley turns 18!!!
She'll be legal to vote and buy cigarettes for her mother.
She'll be an adult.

Hard to believe that little baby who so struggled for her life when she was born has made it this far in her life.

They said...She'd never walk.
She walked at the age of 4 or 5. A little late, but hey, we aren't picky.
They said...She won't be able to talk very well with her Trache.
She talked a mile a minute and manipulated that hole oh so well.

They said...She won't live past 7.
She'll be 18 in 6 days making every day that much more precious for her.
They said...She'll be mentally challenged.
She's on the computer doing MySpace and Yahoo, among other things.
They said...She's partially blind.
She sees things as only Ashley can see...full of life.
They said...We lost her on the table, but we brought her back.
She's our Miracle Baby.

Yes, we think Ashley is pretty damn special.
Not because of all her trials and tribulations.
But because she is full of life and carefree.
She knows no boundaries, no social barriers, no judgements.
She dances through life like no one is watching.
She has defied all the things they said she couldn't do.
And for THAT, she is pretty damn special.

Yes, in just 6 days, we will truly celebrate the life of Ashley Marie Marlar.
We love you Ashley!


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