Monday, March 31, 2008

Gotta Have Faith

Well, I guess it would be nice....If I could touch your body.
I know not everybody has a body like you.
But I've gotta think twice, before I give my heart away.
And I know all the games you play, because I play them too.
'Cause I gotta have FAITH!

One reciept from ticket purchase, $286.38.

One Seating Chart of the Xcel Center, Free.

One George Michael 25Live Concert Ticket printed out, PRICELESS!!!

Let me tell you why. I had tried all day to print these out.

{Yes, I said these. I got 2 of little sister Tessie and I are going.} It finally took me doing a Windows Update and another Restart before they printed. I went and uninstalled Adobe Reader and then reinstalled it. Nope didn't work.I even emailed Ticketmaster. They sent another email with my tickets. I was frustrated...kinda, sorta, but not really. I had tickets, I just couldn't print them out today.

No worries. I had Faith. And Freedom. I just kept saying, "Don't feel Blue...give it One More Try...there has to be An Easier Affair."

Perserverence pays, I tell ya.

This wouldn't be such a big deal, except that it's been 20 years since he's been back to Minneapolis and when he was here in 1988, he SWORE he'd never be back. So I had given up on ever seeing him again. He was and still is my Teenage HeartThrob. Ever since those big honkin' t-shirts that said Choose Life came out. We didn't know what that was, and we didn't care either. We only knew that George was sporting one in that Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go video. Yeah, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for George. I even cut my hair like his. And had highlights put in too in 1988 (thank God for Beauty School and the free pricing for students!) And had that Diet Coke ad hanging in my dorm room the WHOLE time I was in St. Cloud. Yep, he's been through life with me. Somedays, I don't think I could have gotten through it without him. He's still as hot as ever, as you can see from the above pictures. The first was from the 80's, the second from the 90's and the last one, from the 2000's. I have the last one as my desktop background.

He looks really good in blue, I might add. I love how the A and E share a line...He is Greek you know. AND he was on Eli Stone last week...catch that at

Yes, I am one happy Momma TT today. I get to see George again.

A real dream come true for me.


A not-so-Blue anymore TT

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