Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farewell To Thee...HELLO GEORGE!!

Well, today I am Lowe's-less.
Yep, I quit yesterday.

While I'm not usually a quitter, they insisted on messing with my family life, so they had to go.
I didn't have any qualms about that decision either, as we can do this with one income for a bit.

I will pound the pavement and mail out resume's by Monday at the latest though. I do like to get out of the house sometimes...and I like to keep my sanity that way!

On a happier note, GEORGE IS COMING!!!

Yep, the concert dates for the USA were announced yesterday!

You can find all the details here:

While you're there, sit back and listen to some good tunage!
Now my big decision is...do I attend the Minneapolis show (July 7) or the Atlanta show (July 31)? I think I will try to talk Tess into coming here and going to the Atlanta show. Then we can get a hotel room too! I'll update you more on that later as it transpires.
Tickets go on sale April 6 to the general public.

Did I say I hate my new computer? Well, not the new computer itself, but Vista as a whole...SUCKS! I want my XP!! {Where is that song when I need it...I Want My MTV?}
I will have to get the $60 together to have Dude get all my stuff off the other hard drive. This really sucks having to load it all back up into a new system...who has time for that anyway??

Puppy Picture Updated--Blondie

Bubba and Peanut {A.K.A. Peanut and M&M}

Monique and Gabryelle...in the Fort That Trump Built.

I swear these 2 are Freaks! They built a fort outside from the table, an umbrella, some shelves and miscellaneous textiles. Gotta love Mo in her jammies...and Gabby with a towel around her shorts. They are definitely my girls...we all have a style all our own!

Happy Tuesday...and to each your own Freak!



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