Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catch Up

March 4, 2008

The puppies were born. It was an experience for all of us. 7 were birthed, 3 lived. This was Peanut and Midnight's first litter and both did very well for first timers. Chubby was first born, then Blondie, and then Diamond was number 4. The number 3 puppy died in the night.

Chubby--Male--First born Diamond--Female--Fourth born Blondie--Female--Second born

March 8, 2008

Tommy, Erik and Gabby came to visit. Gabby is staying and having a great time catching up with her sisters. She'll start school tomorrow. We took Tom and Erik to the Atlanta airport today. What a mess that is. Glad I don't drive that everyday!

They had fun as well and already have a list of projects they want to work on when they come back in June for good. Both of them loved the house and the property and can't wait to be here for good.

They got alot of projects done in the 2 days they were here to visit. They fixed the dog kennel, put up the mailbox, burned the leaves and garbage, unloaded the trailer and chopped wood up. Not bad for only being here a couple of days.

Now he just has to bring the rest of our stuff. He didn't think he'd need a bigger truck. But then if he woulda packed only what was NOT garage sale, he woulda had enough room. But Momma is happy, she's got her Scrappy Stuff...and what's more important than that?? NADA!!

Ooooo....and I got my Pampered Chef Stoneware...no more burning the food in this damn gas stove! I swear it's of kilter or something! (I don't usually burn my suppers now...I DO have witnesses!). AND a toaster too!

Tom just called...they landed safe and sound.

Have a great night and I'll update more tomorrow morning!



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geemar said...

awwwww cute puppies........i want the female golden one lol....not!!!!! Looks like Erik was enjoying himself! love you mom