Saturday, March 29, 2008

Coming Up In April

A short reminder of a few things upcoming in April.

First, it's Autism Awareness Month. Please click on the Autism Speaks link to learn more about this crazy unknown phenom. We still need questions answered about this mystifying condition.

April 1--April Fool's Day--Also Mary Vela's Birthday...Happy Birthday Mary!!

April 3--Ashley's 18th Birthday--5 more days until then! I will be concocting up a special surprise for you Ash! I am your Fairy Godmother you know...I CAN and WILL make it happen girlfriend!!

April 6--George Michael Tickets on sale to the public! Fan Club Members (like myself) can get them March 31! {Don't bother me on MONDAY! I'll be in MISSION mode}

April 7--Pa Trump's Birthday...Happy Birthday in Heaven Pa!

April 15--TAX DAY! If you haven't done your taxes yet, now's the time to Git Er Done!
--Puppies are 6 weeks old and can be sold!! $250.00 per puppy!

April 23--We fly to Minnesota!!

April 25--Bruce and Irene's Wedding--SOOO looking forward to that! We have our plane tickets so all I have left to do is pack the suitcase and find someone to watch the dogs!

April 27--We fly back to home!!

April 30--33 days until Tommy and Erik come home for good! Let another Countdown begin!

And I plan on trying to find a job in between all that. Cause I can't stand to not so keeps me sane and grounded...and HAPPY!!

Happy Saturday everyone!
I'm off to get my scrapstuff organized...pure BLISS I tell ya!

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