Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Collins, Georgia 2008
This was the scene on October 30. They had Trick or Treating on Thursday instead of Friday because of all the little goblins' safety. They didn't want all the drunks out with them.
We didn't get as much candy, but still a big bowl full of it.
On our way to the park. Erik didn't dress up this year. He couldn't find his camoflauge hat.
Or he would have. So we parked at Charlie's and walked the town. Big as it is. Heh.
Natalea in my prom dress.
Gabby in Erik's football gear.
Monique in Natalea's old costume.
They're such posers. Heh. Model material for sure.
Grade update...I have a 97% average according to my admissions counselor!
Go ME!
Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School Week 3

So far, I'm getting all A's.
100% Intro to Graphic Design
100% Success Strategies
92% Management
It's the quizzes I have problems with. I would rather take that test with a pencil than online. Ugh.
I'll git er done.
I want that Dean's List stature.
I need to make a list of to do's for the week, but it's half over already. I think I should do that every Sunday. I think I will.

Other happy news, I was going to turn on the heat last night, but I think our pilot light needs to be lit. I left directions out for Tom when he gets up. I did shut all the windows, but it's still cold in here. No use in building a fire at night or when nobody is home to enjoy it. Prolly Saturday we will though! Gotta clean that flue out first. Heh.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Halloween. For some odd reason (too many drunks out) they moved it from Friday to Thursday. From 6-8 we will go trick or treating in Collins. I don't get out of work early either. Kids will have to get themselves ready I guess, and have an early supper.

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Alesha!

It's hard to believe you're 16 today. Seems like yesterday I was feeding you and teaching you to lick your fingers and be all naughty. (Ha!) That's what mom's best friends are for.

Don't forget to send me a school picture, obviously I need an updated one. Hehehe!

You've grown up to be such a beautiful, intelligent young lady and I've enjoyed watching you grow. I can't wait to see what the next 16 years brings for you.

Happy 16th Birthday Alesha Mae Benzick!

Happy Monday, y'all!



Sunday, October 26, 2008


35 Curlers and Rods.
Sore-Ass arms.
One 12 Year Old Excellent Helper.
One Curly-Headed Happy Momma.
Lil's visiting Minnesota again for Alesha's 16th Birthday. It has been at least 2 years since the last perm, so I thought I better get one in quick. It'll be another 2 before I do it again.
Toodles..Until Tomorrow.
It's a VERY SPECIAL POST tomorrow, so stay tuned and check back!!
Curly-Headed TT

Art, Football, and Forts...OH MY!

Week 2's assignment...Pencil first, then Marker. Show Scale, Emphasis, Rhythm/Movement, and Proximity/Proportion. I am NOT a draw-er type of artist. I am a manipulative, move the paper around the canvas type artist. See that Life Artist post. Heh.
The only touchdown scored. We lost this game against Glennville 8-12. I think we would have won had the coach not been overly excited and called in a pass play. Such is life. The boys played a good game and had a great season. Season record was 4-2. Not bad for a bunch of southern boys and a Yankee. (Erik is 59)
Git Er Done!
At the Homecoming Parade on Thursday.
This is the Fort that Mo built. Between two vans and with the blankets from the bin I promised she could use. Oh and clothespins. That girl is gonna go far with her imagination.
This is the front.
This is the back. Nothing like having a Tweety and Scooby themed fort. Heh.
Happy Sunday and a special shout out to my aunt and uncle, Danna and Johnny.
Next time you're down this way, plan on stopping in. Heh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Smart One

I got a smart one out of the bunch. Heh.
Congratulations Gabryelle for making the "A" Honor Roll in the first quarter.
Go Gabby Girl!
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I submitted this to the Tattnall County Paper. We'll see if it gets picked up or not. Or if there is bias in Tattnall County. Heh.


Some kinda fun, right here. Those were the days.
Which brings me to this week.
Introduction to Graphic Design Class.
What will I draw? I have no idea.
I'm thinking M&M's. Or something. Easy. Who's got my Easy Button?
Please send it ASAP.
And I have to email my designers their interview questions.
And Happy Monday. I have all my stuff printed out for the week.
And newspaper clippings scanned in. Watch for those in your inbox soon, rellies.
Trump's in the paper. Heh. Not at the CrackMat.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photoshop Fun

Thanks to Cathy Zielske's blog link to The Pioneer Woman's website, I too can now have amazing photos. I downloaded some free Photoshop Actions from there. You can see the difference in these 2 photos...check out the color and sharpness of the grass!

And some softness and kind of sepia toned for the girls.
While I use the sharp color boost on my boy.
Matt Blair would be proud. Heh.
Happy Sunday...I'm off to upload this batch of 135 to my Shutterfly Share for you.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Look

Well, I found a new look for my blog!
Thanks to Jen...and the cool link on her blog, I am able to update mine with a pretty navy blue scrappy lookin' like background. I just love navy blue! So THANKS JEN for putting yours on your blog so I could find this for mine!
Erik's game is today, rain or shine. It's raining now, at 5:30 a.m. so the field will be wet. If it's raining come gametime, I will spend my time in the press box taking pictures. Don't want Mack Daddy getting wet now!
Oh and I can't forget to write a note to the Fed Ex printer will be here before 1:30 today! I am thinking it will come while we are in case I have to sign for it, I will leave a note on the door!
Here is my Shutterfly Share Site:
Open that up, then add it to your favorites as I'll be updating it soon! (Like TODAY!)
Ok, I'm off to clean off my desk in preparation of the new printer...and to switch laundry!
Did you know...that Easy Off oven cleaner gets those football pants clean? Me EITHER!!
(Until Erik came home with the solution from another player!)
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Open Wide These Prison Doors

And let me out!!
Apparently, this is Bennie's.
If you look close at the top of the door, you'll see the magic marker.
Good times to be had here!
I'm off to study some more and finish up assignments.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CrackMats and Cards

CrackMat in Lyons, GeorgiaHappy Shittin' Halloween!
My Happy Boss's Day card for Lew.
And the inside....
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Ok we're having too much fun here at work today.
Good thing these girls have a great sense of humor.
Dontcha know I fit right in. heh.

Class started yesterday.
Whew. I think it'll be ok once I get my system in place.
I have to devise a checklist system for each week, then each class.
Then I'll get my groove on.
And remember it all more easily.

And start creating.
I have to create a memorial layout for Ashley. She lost her favorite paraprofessional this last weekend, Nancy Boatright.
Ashley will miss her greatly, as will her family and friends.

I did bring my camera to work today.
I will stop after work and get photos of the crackmat (Erik came up with that!).

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Merry Christmas To ME!!!

First...Here is the envelope that my friend will receive very soon.
And the card to go along with it.....HEHEHE!!!!
Here is the BOX that my art kit came in...HELLO!!!
How can Monique guard that with her life?
She damn near took a nap on it!!!
This was inside....My very own Westwood College Luggage!!
This is the right half of the table....I tried to merge the 2 together...but I can't do that in PS yet. I'll learn by the end of the year!!
Here is the left side....I just wanted to PLAY with it ALL!!!
My very own Tacklebox...Hands OFF Erik!!!
All my TACKLE!!! Wanna go FISHIN'?
I'm excited to be going into this field of work.
Afterall, my Grandpa was a Print-Press kinda guy.
Class starts tomorrow...I'll keep you posted!!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here It Is!

Here is the photo I tried to post earlier.


I'm telling you...I'm in AWE here. 

Wait until I can order poster-sized prints.

Okay, I'm done messing around now.  I'm off to clean my scraproom counter off.  That 38 pound art kit will be here tomorrow. Heh. More toys for me!




Edited to add:  I tried to post the same photo as below, only with words, but apparently I can't do that.  I did post it on my Myspace.



I am writing this post without even connecting to my blog. You see, with the Mack Daddy software, I got Adobe Contribute.  I can post and edit my blog and other websites right from my computer.  Without going to the actual website.  I can do a post now, and then post it later too.  So frickin' COOL!!  WHO dreams up this stuff anyway? 

Oh...I found this out exploring my software.  I am going to click on each part of the software to familiarize myself with it. 

There's a WHOLE LOTTA POWER here for one lil girl. Just wait until she learns how to use it. Heh. The world is in trouble now, sista!

Happy Sunday!



Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mack Daddy

How cool is this?
Erik--Double Exposed, so to speak.
I learned about layers today.
I watched the video twice and came up with this.
A professional looking intentionally double exposed photo.
There is over 13 HOURS of video tutorials with this software.
The Mack Daddy of ALL software.
There is no limit to my creativity now.
I have the Mack Daddy C&S.
(Camera and Software)
Oh, and Ashley's senior photos are up. They are awesome.
Please contact Tessie for the info on viewing them!
She had them done here:
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday!

Here's a few photos for you to enjoy.
My BookGuard...she guarded those packages with her life! Natalea didn't believe that she was to do that for me yesterday, so she called me at work to have me tell Natalea that she's the BookGuard.
Just a creative shot of my books....kinda cool how it reflects and looks like it's double exposed. Who knew I had such talent! Ha!
Ooooo....Ahhhhh.....My new books....
A bit overwhelming, but I'll get used to their formats this weekend before classes actually start.
Be prepared, I say.
I'll be taking Intro to Graphic Design, Success Strategies, and Management. I even got a planner calendar. AND.ADOBE.CS3.MASTER.COLLECTION! So much to learn, so little time!

Scooter...taking a snooze in the laundry basket. He's getting big. But not fat. Love that Purina Indoor Cat Formula.
That's all for today folks. I have books to check out and a scraproom to get together this weekend. I may even take time out to learn how to shoot Grandpa's gun. Tommy is off this weekend, so things will get done around here.
I will have to make a list of things to get done before Christmas too...11 weeks away!!
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Ok, it's not too wild around here. But only 'cause I don't feel well today.
I am running a fever..or's running me. I could sleep all day.
On a happy note though, I ordered my books last night and this morning.
They are shipping out today. They should be here tomorrow.
And my Art Kit...should be here by next Tuesday...just in time for class to start.
WHICH MEANS...LAST CALL to clean the scraproom as I'll have to find somewhere to put all that art stuff...paints, markers, pencils, canvas, art pads, paint brushes, yadda yadda yadda.
FUN for me!

OHHHHH...and I had to order software too!! (Which also arrives tomorrow.)
I will now operate digitally under Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection (for UNDER $1000!). What's that mean?
I will be editing my photos on the most-coveted BOMB DIGGITY MACK DADDY software in the scrapping industry. My photos (stunning as they are now) will be even MORE AWESOME!
{I still have to take a pic of the crack ho laundromat}

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two For Tuesday

I don't have any Two-Fer's. It just sounded good.

I did just watch the movie trailer for the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet flick.
It comes out December 26. We're going, I think.


Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

GameDay Pictures

Meet our newest relative....hahahaha...NOT!

A bunch of these guys are along the main street in Reidsville...part of the Fall Decorating I'm sure. They had some cuter ones, but of course I was too busy driving to take pictures. Maybe this weekend we'll venture over there for some more.
One of the many kickoff's. I had the opportunity to photograph this at the right time.
Line 'em up, I say!

Erik...hunched over on the end here. Hut, Hut!
Final Score: Bryan County=14, North Tattnall County=36

Happy Friday!



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bookmark It!

Ok Football's a link that will (by Friday) house all of the North Tattnall football pictures from the 2008 season.

Don't go there unless you have time to look...there will be over 800 pictures!! I will put them all up...remember the last home game is tonight...and then playoffs start the 18th...bookmark or put this link in your favorites for future use!

You can also order prints from Shutterfly I me if you have any questions, I can talk you through it!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monday's Game

Sorry for the are pics from Monday's victorious game! We beat them 14-20 with 17 seconds to go in the game...I almost thought we'd go into overtime, as we were tied 14-14 with a minute left in the game!

Tomorrow's game is the last of the regular season. October 18th we start the playoffs! I had to cancel my crop that day, but Pam let me put that money toward November' all's good in my scrapworld too!

OH and the BEST NEWS of the DAY....Westwood received my Transcripts today so I shouldn't have to take that dang math and writing class! WOOOOT! (I hate reruns! HA!) I should know my schedule by Friday I think...and then I can order up books. OH and my financial aid came through today too...things are rolling along...I see the BS at the end of this tunnel!! Now...let me just get some straight A's...and make the Dean's List...then my momma and grams will be SUPER PROUD!

I won't forget to take the camera to work tomorrow either...and get those Crack Ho shots at the laundromat! See Susan Weinroth's blog to the right for details!! (Read the comments..and see her cutie pie baby!)

Happy Wednesday!
Sweet Dreams!