Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Look

Well, I found a new look for my blog!
Thanks to Jen...and the cool link on her blog, I am able to update mine with a pretty navy blue scrappy lookin' like background. I just love navy blue! So THANKS JEN for putting yours on your blog so I could find this for mine!
Erik's game is today, rain or shine. It's raining now, at 5:30 a.m. so the field will be wet. If it's raining come gametime, I will spend my time in the press box taking pictures. Don't want Mack Daddy getting wet now!
Oh and I can't forget to write a note to the Fed Ex printer will be here before 1:30 today! I am thinking it will come while we are in case I have to sign for it, I will leave a note on the door!
Here is my Shutterfly Share Site:
Open that up, then add it to your favorites as I'll be updating it soon! (Like TODAY!)
Ok, I'm off to clean off my desk in preparation of the new printer...and to switch laundry!
Did you know...that Easy Off oven cleaner gets those football pants clean? Me EITHER!!
(Until Erik came home with the solution from another player!)
Happy Saturday!

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rmeyfe said...

You're totally welcome!! I am glad to have helped you out!! It is pretty cool site isn't!!