Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School Week 3

So far, I'm getting all A's.
100% Intro to Graphic Design
100% Success Strategies
92% Management
It's the quizzes I have problems with. I would rather take that test with a pencil than online. Ugh.
I'll git er done.
I want that Dean's List stature.
I need to make a list of to do's for the week, but it's half over already. I think I should do that every Sunday. I think I will.

Other happy news, I was going to turn on the heat last night, but I think our pilot light needs to be lit. I left directions out for Tom when he gets up. I did shut all the windows, but it's still cold in here. No use in building a fire at night or when nobody is home to enjoy it. Prolly Saturday we will though! Gotta clean that flue out first. Heh.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Halloween. For some odd reason (too many drunks out) they moved it from Friday to Thursday. From 6-8 we will go trick or treating in Collins. I don't get out of work early either. Kids will have to get themselves ready I guess, and have an early supper.

Happy Wednesday.

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