Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monday's Game

Sorry for the are pics from Monday's victorious game! We beat them 14-20 with 17 seconds to go in the game...I almost thought we'd go into overtime, as we were tied 14-14 with a minute left in the game!

Tomorrow's game is the last of the regular season. October 18th we start the playoffs! I had to cancel my crop that day, but Pam let me put that money toward November' all's good in my scrapworld too!

OH and the BEST NEWS of the DAY....Westwood received my Transcripts today so I shouldn't have to take that dang math and writing class! WOOOOT! (I hate reruns! HA!) I should know my schedule by Friday I think...and then I can order up books. OH and my financial aid came through today too...things are rolling along...I see the BS at the end of this tunnel!! Now...let me just get some straight A's...and make the Dean's List...then my momma and grams will be SUPER PROUD!

I won't forget to take the camera to work tomorrow either...and get those Crack Ho shots at the laundromat! See Susan Weinroth's blog to the right for details!! (Read the comments..and see her cutie pie baby!)

Happy Wednesday!
Sweet Dreams!

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