Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Collins, Georgia 2008
This was the scene on October 30. They had Trick or Treating on Thursday instead of Friday because of all the little goblins' safety. They didn't want all the drunks out with them.
We didn't get as much candy, but still a big bowl full of it.
On our way to the park. Erik didn't dress up this year. He couldn't find his camoflauge hat.
Or he would have. So we parked at Charlie's and walked the town. Big as it is. Heh.
Natalea in my prom dress.
Gabby in Erik's football gear.
Monique in Natalea's old costume.
They're such posers. Heh. Model material for sure.
Grade update...I have a 97% average according to my admissions counselor!
Go ME!
Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

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