Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy November

Sunday we did our bathroom.
I was lucky enough to go to Lowe's and find my discontinued pattern there on Saturday. And for $.68 cents a tile, well you just can't go wrong. 35 Tiles later (I bought 40), we have new bathroom flooring. I did the piece around the toilet...thanks to my thoughts of using a chipboard template and an xacto knife. I love scrapbooking when it can relate to my real world!

Saturday night found us the Street Dance for the Fall Festival in Collins. This little guy was dancing like no other 3 year old I have seen before. He really got into that dance!
Of course, the girls were looking forward to it. They were in the van well before 8pm...ready to boogie. We didn't stay long, and next year we'll know to go down earlier in the day and spend some time getting to know our neighbors. Gotta love small town living. Maybe we'll have to coordinate it with the Solano's too.
Oh yeah, I won a prize over at the Kim Kesti Blog. A buttload of Halloween scrappy stuff...which I needed! Thanks Kimaro!! Now I have to go buy that book she's drawing for this week...don't go lookin' there's a recipe might find one in your stocking!
On to a school update....
Friday night I had my Intro to Graphic Design Powerpoint ALMOST finished. I couldn't find it Saturday or Sunday. I had to start all over. It's saved in 2 spots now. I'll be damned if I am gonna start that over again. It's work 800+ points. Major gradage.
And how can you take a 10 question quiz with an open book and get some wrong? Ask me, I'm a PRO! Every quiz I've taken, I have done open book and got things wrong. How does that crap work? Apparently, I need some memory exercises, which is this week's topic in Success Strategies. appropro.
BUT...I'm STILL in the 90's for my grades in all 3 classes. GO ME! It's mid-term and I have 1 exam this forgive me if I don't socialize much. I REALLY want that Dean's List/Honor Roll status. I REALLY want some scholarship material gradage.
Happy Monday.

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oops i think that was remmy getting down!!!!!