Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love this special effect...manual focus.
Natalea and Mo hang their ornaments...notice the daylight coming into the window.
Erik hanging's now nightfall...he was outside puttering when the girls hung theirs up.
Marlar Tradition says the girl always puts the Angel on the tree...very last.
This year, was no different as Mo hangs Angel with some help from Brother.
This is without flash. I'll aim to get a better one tonight.
This was around 5am this morning. I like this shot, with the one light glowing in the background, slightly blurred. Sometimes, I amaze even myself. Hehe.
Now I'm off to complete my Snowmen and Christmas Trees.
10 of them, mass produced, assembly-line style even. arm is killing me from all the cutting yesterday.
Wish me luck.
Happy Sunday!

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dan said...

tt- this is pinarello- well i was just surfing around and you and your family are so beautiful. god bless all of you. and dont take my ftp